Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin “just married,” friend reveals new wedding details

'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin 'Just Married' wedding photo

Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin have tied the knot. While there had been plenty of rumors circulating the web since the two became engaged in September, there wasn’t much confirmation of the news. But now, a photo has emerged of the two posing by their car which reads, “Just Married,” and one of Kail’s close friends is dishing about their nuptials.

“They wanted to get married before Javi left for the Air Force,” Kailyn’s friend Toni Ziegler tells In Touch about the couple’s small Pennsylvania ceremony. As fans can see from the photo, their attire was quite simple, but Kail and Javi look as happy as can be to have just tied the knot.

“She couldn’t be happier in her relationship with Javi, things have been going great,” an insider adds. The couple offiically tied the knot back in September but are currently planning on a bigger wedding this fall.

“Javi has a huge family,” Kailyn recently said, adding that Javi has already started planning for the upcoming event. “He already has seven groomsmen picked out!”

Javi proposed to Kail in early September of 2011 by taking her on a romantic scavenger hunt that led her to a diamond engagement ring.

While the two had only dated for about a year prior to the engagement, Kail knew that he was the one for her and his willingless to take on a single mother has stood out for Kail as one of the main reasons she was so attracted to him. “He gave up his youth to be with someone who has a kid,” Kailyn says. “That means a lot.”

Fans will be meeting Javi on Teen Mom 2 very soon so stay tuned!

Photo Credit: In Touch

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  • OttawaAsh

    I feel like he proposed in September of 2012 rather than 2011…I don’t think, based on where she is in the show now, that it could have been 2011 (given that it it stated above that they were together a year before the engagement).

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    I’m guessing Kail had Toni ‘spill the beans’ about the wedding instead of telling everyone herself. pathetic.

    • Amber

      She’s bound by contract, she can’t tell everyone, but Tori on the other hand is able to.

    • m

      not a fan and yet you comment? and how does this effect you — will your bills no longer be paid? will you lose sleep? no!

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    why do you delete comments that are the truth? Playing favorites with the teen moms Starcasm?

  • Space Needle

    His tie is a tad short..

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe

    There’s no real reason for them to get married before he left except her wanting to collect his paycheck. Just sayin’. I think its great if she found a steady relationship, but whyyyyyyy rush it?

    • carsyn

      You know she makes enough money to not need his paycheck? There are definitely other reasons to get married quickly, like love for instance. My parents married after for months of knowing each other and were married until he passed away.

      • HoardersFan

        Actually she’s one of the lower paid Teen Mom’s. She used to work at Forever 21. Not sure if she still does.

        • amanda

          She works at a pet store now

      • tiff

        yeah but it’s a girl on teen mom we’re talking about. they’re pretty impulsive and don’t make the best decisions. kail kinda bounced around dating-wise right around when she met javi.

        • jorge

          clearly you don’t know the military. men of the men get married immediately before they start training to UP their paycheck. have a nice day tiff.

          • tiff

            how does that have anything to do with what i said? whether they got married to up their paycheck or not, it’s impulsive. chill out.

  • julissa_marie

    Aww, so happy for them <3

  • Jayla

    He did propose in 2012, that must be a typo.
    Anyway an I the only one noticing a trend for both Kail and Leah. They both sell their personal business to the tabloids and collect the cash but have a ‘friend’ or ‘source’ do the actual quotes. Ppl are saying its about the contract but I call bs on that, they just don’t want to look like sellouts. Jenelle talks to tabloids all the time so that contract is just an excuse so Kail and Leah don’t have to admit they themselves are pimping their weddings/unborn children out to magazines. Yawn.

    • Jenn

      Yeah I don’t understand how Janelle can tell everyone everything she’s doing, but no one else can

  • Jenn

    TYPO…September 2012, not 2011

  • brittany

    I honestly don’t see why they felt the need to rush… I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years… no plans on marriage yet!

    • Sarah

      Every relationship is different

  • Burkey

    It may be rushed but I hope they end up being happy together. Kailyn is young and makes mistakes like any other person but I commend her for the way she handles her life. She has no family to lean on and has been a strong, independent mother since her son was born. She works and goes to school and is pretty much one of the only teen moms that I’m not constantly seeing stories about their partying and drug usage all over the internet.

  • Danielle

    These girls get married way to quickly. I was with my husband for 7.5 year before we married and I still learn new things about him. I know for sure after 1 year I didn’t know enough to marry him even though I was in love with him. Most rushed marriages end in divorce but I do wish these kids luck because marriage is hard especially when your young. I will give her credit though she has her life together and Javie seems great. Their more stable then Jennelle and her marriage that will never last.

  • Truth

    Her twitter does say wife you know!

  • m

    its sad that if this was that annoying child, maci, people would be a whole lot happier for her. and you do realize that kail isn’t 16 anymore, right? she can make whatever decision she likes.

  • http://twitter.com/TwitNasty Jayson

    Did this fool watch any of her seasons? Chick is the most emotionally bankrupt person I’ve seen in ever. She never has an expression on her face regardless of circumstance. Cheats on Jordan = blankface, sleeps with Jordan while living with Jo = blankface, reconnects with Jordan = blankface with hints of a smirk. I just don’t see this lasting at all.

    • Courtney

      You totally said what I’ve been thinking for a LONG time! She seems and acts like an emotionless robot and the ONLY time she EVER shows emotion is when it has something to do with ONLY her and its always a selfish reason. (But to see her cry or even show empathy is VERY rare) I can’t stand people who don’t feel empathy! She is not very good wife material.

    • Courtney

      Also she is the only teen mom (well besides Jenelle but she’s not really a mom) that doesn’t ever seem to get emotional when she drops Isaac off or leaves him with Jo. She always seems fine with getting a break from Isaac! SMH :(

      • Ashley

        I would think she doesn’t get emotional leaving him because she knows that Jo and his family love and take good care of Isaac. And she probably does need a break. ALL moms need a break sometimes. The other teen moms all have a lot of help and support from their families; she doesn’t. When she is caring for Isaac, it’s all her, with no help. Courtney, I would be willing to bet that you either don’t have kids, or you have a LOT of help (which is great) if you do. Otherwise you’d understand this.

  • Sarah

    Y’all need to get a life instead of getting in other people’s business bc they are famous, I’m sure girls all around are in the same situations as these girls and don’t get this much harassment. Besides MTV shows you what they want, they film over a period of time and then cram it into a shot segment on TV. They are human and make mistakes get off their backs for it. If you don’t agree with them or like to see them. Don’t comment or watch the show. Your opinions are not going to change theirs.