Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers head for divorce

Courtland Rogers and wife 'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans

Another Teen Mom couple bites the dust. Just 24 days after tying the knot at a North Carolina courthouse, Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers are headed for divorce. Last night, after telling fans she was “staying at BABS tonight with my precious baby boy, Jace Vahn,” she somehow ended up with Courtland’s “worst enemy.”

There isn’t much information about where exactly Jenelle went when she claimed to be spending time with her son, but what we do know is that she was with Tori for about 4 hours in the middle of the night.

In the wee hours of the morning, Jenelle (or what we thought was Jenelle) took to Twitter to try and explain what happened. “I just want to let everyone know that it is my fault that Courtland and I are going to get a divorce,” she wrote. “I left last night at 3 am to go hang out with his worst enemy and left him home sleeping and worried.  Now I got broke up with and I don’t even care cause o well right?? I love u tori.”

Jenelle Evans of 'Teen Mom 2' and husband Courtland Rogers

Courtland later vented his frustrations with his new wife. “Can’t believe she do this to me omfg. I feel like screaming at everyone that comes my way. ” Courtland wrote about an hour ago, then adding, “Leaves at 3 am returns at 730 am where the f*** did she go for four hours late night ??! yea I am done !!! F*ck this @PBandJenelley_1.”

Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend Kieffer even weighed in, telling Courtland, “She used to do that to me to sucks to have a sh*tty disloyal gf #usedtofeelyurpain.”

Then, Jenelle’s original tweet was deleted and she told fans that it was actually Courtland who hacked into her account and wrote the tweet. Other than that, Jenelle hasn’t had much to say other than, “I did NOT write any tweets on my twitter I haven’t been on twitter since 6am. I went to chill with @VKillemm at at 3am… That’s all.” Just a wife, leaving her husband in bed at 3am… That’s all.

Although Jenelle hasn’t addressed the looming divorce, Courtland, who didn’t sign a pre-nup, seems pretty disgusted with the whole thing. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise! As it turns out, these two won’t be divorcing. Courtland just told fans, “I am sorry on how this morning worked out !! We should of take it over before I jumped to conclusions I love u so much @PBandJenelley.”

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  • Ally

    LOL I knew it would end soon. Everything she does is f—-d up.

  • Kelly

    Wow. They lasted longer than I expected.

  • Her life is a TRAIN WRECK. She has so many problems and obviously is not addressing any of them. Long road ahead of her is she does not get help and start walking a straight line.

  • Sam

    Wow. I am in total and complete shock. How could anyone have ever seen this coming. -_- (bad poker face) cue loud obnoxious crying with Jenelle screaming “Everyone leave me alone!!! I didn’t do anything wrong!!!” K.

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    It’s getting really annoying that these girls get so much attention just for getting pregnant at 16. They are not good role models, they have done nothing good. They are where they are because of the money they made from being on TV. It’s sickening.

    • Courtney

      MTV should STOP filming girls the minute they get into drugs, get arrested or start displaying bad behavior and choices. Jenelle isn’t even a mom to Jace so why are they still filming and broadcasting her drama that has nothing to do with being a teen mom. Her story line is just about her mistakes and selfishness and that DOES NOT need to be part of the show anymore! I thought Teen Mom was suppose to show their struggles and everyday hurdles they have to deal with as a teen mom. All they show is their social life! They need to show more of the parenting responsabilties and the everyday things they go through AS A PARENT! NOT what their social life is like when they leave their kids with someone else!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Whoa people but dont jump the gun now he is saying”I am sorry on how this morning worked out !! We should of take it over before I jumped to conclusions I love u so much@PBand jenelley_1

    • Kelly

      It changes more often than the wind. I bet they’ll be married and divorced at least 2 or 3 more times before they’re finally really over.

  • Agnes

    They’ll make up and break up like 15 times before it’s over, so chill, everybody. She should leave Tori and her ‘friends’ alone and try to spend some time with her son, before she goes to Jail, like Amber. Jace is getting big and it’d be nice if he had a few memories with his mom, before she ends up in prison.

  • Courtney

    No one is surprised by this! Jenelle needs to grow up and learn to deal with her problems rather than give up the minute something doesn’t go her way. This is SOO immature to get married to someone she barely knew (cuz everyone knows she only feels worthy when she “belongs” to a guy) and then blasts her private life with out a mature thought, ending her marriage over one disagreement. Courtland is an idiot if he EVER thought Jenelle was wife material. Jenelle, GROW UP, the way you’re acting is SOO embarrassing! I don’t understand how she keeps making the same mistakes with out learning how to do things right next time around. Jenelle doesn’t know how to be responsible or mature and I’m SOO sick of hearing her air her drama! Why can’t she see how STUPID she acts?!?

  • Olivia

    Jace’s life could be happier and normal in an adopting, loving and caring family. So sad.

    • Ash-uh-lee

      Which is what Barbara suggested in Jenelle’s 16&P episode. I agree with you, poor little guy. I’m sure Barbara takes good care of him, but it’s not fair to him to see his mother dramatically enter and exit his life…. and I’m sure Barbara wasn’t planning or expecting to be raising another child in her later years.

      • Olivia

        I totally agree with you.

  • tab

    this girls life is just so sad.

    get it together, jenelle. jace is worth it and he needs his mommy.

    • Jae

      No he doesn’t; he’s got Barbara.

      • Harper

        Sure Babs is an alternative, but adoption would have been best for Jace. Look at all her children, not just Jenelle-they’re not the best examples of model citizens. Also Babs is an alleged drinker…but she’s more stable than Jenelle, I guess.

        • Sarah

          Yes, sadly enough while Barbara seems to have a good heart, the we have seen how dysfunctional she is herself in the way that she interacts with Jenelle and I believe that it was very dysfunctional for Jenelle while she was growing up……Jenelle is a bi-product of her environment/childhood……basically she seems to have boderline personality disorder which is something that is very difficult to treat.

  • ohmygeez

    HA HA HA HA HA! Such a joke.

  • Karina

    Have fun with splitting your Teen Mom money, brat.

  • ** Shocking ** Lol

  • HoardersFan

    #1. Just because you’re a pseudoceleb doesn’t mean you have to post every little event in your life on twitter for all to see.
    #2. If you’re threatening divorce over something so small and petty, chances are you never should have married in the first place.

  • Harper

    Chill people! She probably when to go score drugs or something. Oh, Jenelle…

    • Harper


  • Burkey

    I’m sure these two fools with make up and break up a million times before ever actually getting a divorce. Attention whores..

  • Kay

    I don’t think these two are getting divorced any time soon but its not because they are in love and meant to be together. Its a process to get divorced, file paperwork see a judge and all of that. They are going to be like every other relationship she’s been in, one hour I love you and want to spend my life with you and next hour I hate you and I’m going to tell all of twitter how horrible you are and it repeats a few times a week. They are going to be threatining divorce in every argument. Don’t see this really seriously ending soo, just a lot of back and forth.

  • jeff

    Shut up Jenelle

  • This is why those with the mentality of 14 year olds should NOT get married. Marriage is for life, if you want to play house and be married, act like a friggin adult. You don’t throw divorce out at every fight (you also don’t disappear at 3am, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…) and you certainly don’t bash your spouse on twitter! I expect another dozen stories like this one.

  • Steph

    Should I laugh or cry ?? This girl needs mental help right now!!!! Poor Jace.

  • Bohiko

    1. wasn’t Jenelle’s baby daddy Andrew Lewis ?

    2. Everyone knew this was coming, yet she still kept things together for 24 (!) days.give her props

    • HoardersFan

      Allegedly Andrew is not the father

  • Mickey

    I knew her marriage wasn’t going to last longer than Kim K’s 72 day marriage. This girl needs to get her priorities straight!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Maybe courtland isn’t on drugs. I assumed he was on them with her. He probably told jenelle to stop so she snuck out at 3am to go score. Too bad he woke up lmfao.

  • sammi

    Why does he tweet his every emotion and reaction to everything like some 15 yr old girl?

  • Part of the problem is blogs like this that blog about every little stupid fight they have. I guarantee they wouldn’t tweet half of the stuff they do if bloggers stopped blogging. They probably sit in the same room with their phones and laptops googling each other and reading all the comments.

    I truly feel sad for Jace.

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand the whole “just a wife leaving her husband at 3am…that’s all….” shade comment. I’m married, and go out at 3am and do random shit with friends sometimes. I am just a night owl, that’s all lol

    • Ace

      Sorry but I think it’s weird too, heck even if I wasn’t married I would be asleep at 3am. But I guess I’m boring and like being home. Plus I have kids to get up to at 6am in the morning, Jenelle doesn’t.

  • micro OP

    Could we get a timeline explanation of kailyns relationship w her mom?

  • Sweet Venom

    lol While I was reading this article I had a feeling that they would get back together…How can you almost divorce so soon after you tie the knot, that’s shameful.

  • Kait

    I think the most annoying thing about this story is that Kieffer called her disloyal. I’m sorry, is she a golden retriever? Hes a piece of shit, and its sounds like Courtland is too for acting like she’s his property. I dont know the story at all, but a friendship between two women should not get in the way of Jenelles “marriage”/relationship.. All of these people need to grow up.