TLC’s “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” to showcase Southern trailer park life in Myrtle Beach

TLC Welcome to Myrtle Manor logo sign

TLC is set to unleash another show featuring a slice-of-southern-life and this time around the focus is a trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Welcome to Myrtle Manor.

Here’s the brief press release about the show via the network:

TLC announced today that it recently completed production on Welcome to Myrtle Manor, a new ten part series that provides viewers a window into a trailer park in Myrtle Beach. Each sixty-minute episode follows the daily drama of these quirky Southern residents with wildly different personalities as their lives collide in this proud, tight knit community.

Shellie Rowell Myrtle Manor
Shellie Rowell of Welcome to Myrtle Manor

A fanpage set up for Shellie via Facebook describes the show like this:

It’s a docu-soap following a cast based in Myrtle Beach as they have adventures and misadventures. We here at Team Shellie are all about “The Truest B!tch”!

That term “docu-soap” keys us in to the probability that we already have the makings of a show that might not be all reality. Here’s an acceptable definition of a docu-soap:

A genre of reality television in the style of a documentary in which an apparent plot is constructed by intention or editing in order to make programs in this genre resemble soap operas.

Here is another clue posted by Shellie’s fanpage when asked why she had a fanpage in the first place:

“This is the fanpage for Shellie Rowell, specifically her persona on the upcoming TLC reality show based in Myrtle Beach. Someone was going to make one it might as well been me.”

Myrtle Beach Online via The Sun News has a report about the commotion being stirred up locally by the filming of the show.

Reporter Dawn Bryant comments on how the growing chatter was, “much to the frustration of the crews, who wanted to keep the project under wraps until its broadcast debut.” More telling is the fact that the trailer park in question isn’t even called Myrtle Manor and the sign posted above, via a Facebook page for the show, was created by the production crew to have an authentic 50’s looking flair.

The real name of the trailer park is Patrick’s Mobile Home Park, which is located off of HWY 15 in Myrtle Beach.

Google map of Myrtle Manor
Street view of Patrick’s Mobile Home Park, the real location of Myrtle Manor.

In addition, it’s reported that crews were set up in the rear of the community with, “several decorated trailers” and a plastic pool, indicating that some things were set up at the trailer park specifically for the show.

Most fans of reality TV understand that you’re never fully seeing the realness of the subjects being covered. Thom Beers admitted to as much while discussing the popular show Storage Wars. What does matter for most viewers is the level of manipulation.

In an ad placed in “O” magazine they have the cast shown as part of a 2-page spread. A local promoter with over 1,300 Twitter followers by the name of Taylor J. Burt appears in this. He tweeted the image with the following tag, “Check out the January issue of opera’s [Oprah’s] O magazine. Welcome to myrtle manor TLC double page spread! There I am!”

Here’s a pic of Taylor with another reality star most of our readers will recognize.

Taylor J. burt of Welcome to Myrtle Manor
Taylor J. Burt of Welcome to Myrtle Manor with Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2

A short time ago Burt was asking friends via Twitter if they knew anyone who could come and clean up his condo (which I’m guessing isn’t located in Myrtle Manor – I mean Patrick’s Mobile Home Park) :


UPDATE: Even though he wasn’t living in “Myrtle Manor” when the show began, Shellie’s Facebook fanpage operator Soup told us in a comment that all the cast member did move in to the trailer park “between years and days as stated in the press release,” and still live there now. So it looks like they are genuinely living there!

I’m not sure how Taylor will be portrayed on the show but it looks like his dog Gus and his mom Anne Johnson will also be featured. Anne has set up a Twitter account labeled MyrtleManorAnn. She tweeted the following pic and tagged it #sons and #mommas.

Anne Johnson Welcome to Myrtle Manor
Taylor and Anne of Welcome to Myrtle Manor

And then we have Gus the Bulldog. Yes, Gus has his own Twitter account and appears to have the makings of being the star of the show. Since Gus brings it, here’s a photo of the HDIC doing the ocean justice.

Gus Myrtle Manor
Gus the Bulldog from Welcome to Myrtle Manor

I love the concept of an authentic look into the lives of the residents of a southern trailer park. I hope Welcome to Myrtle Manor comes close and isn’t over-cooked.

Editor’s Note, February, 2013: This story was first posted before very much was known about the show, click here to find out more. Almost all reality shows have some degree of “production” going on because it’s an impossible task to to fix a camera on someone, and expect to have an entertaining half-hour, or hour-long television show. Even the most critically acclaimed documentary films require sit-down interviews that “steer” the direction of the story, tons of editing, and even arranged situations. It looks like there is a degree of production and direction going on with Myrtle Manor, but if that part is done right, it can actually make the end product more “real,” because they are better able to capture the genuine and authentic nature of the people involved.

Shellie’s Facebook Fanpage (yes, the same page referenced above) owner Soup puts it best:

It’s entertainment. Being entertained is subjective. It also takes a willingness to allow yourself to be entertained. If you can’t handle the fact that real people with real personalities are being put into situations they wouldn’t have beenin if not on TV, then it’s time to throw the thing out the window and take up bird watching. That’s a hobby that is in real time with no editing, a total immersion in reality.

  • enough

    What ever happened to The LEARNING Channel? This is just another crap show which is sure to be chock full of ignorant rednecks.

    • Cheermom

      I guess the Learning went out the window with “music” from MTV

      • duh!

        “music” on MTV ended way back with Martha Quinn, so what are you gonna do? New generations, new shows…. maybe give the show a chance? I love that everyone is judging this show before even getting a chance to watch the first episode???? What up people???

    • duh!

      well, i know that my big redneck vacation was funny as hell and more entertaining than 1/2 of the stupid sh*t on tv so before you pass judgement, why don’t you wait and watch an episode first? huh? then tell me what you think, k?

  • Jenn

    was Jenelle picking up a sack or something?

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    this show is funny as ***t just watch it, dont be all buttsore untill youve seen it.

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    WTF the fanpage is by a GUY.

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    Just to clear this up: the fan page isn’t set up or maintained by Shellie. It’s a fan page, made be a fan. Any info or quotes attributed to the fan page shouldn’t be credited as official or from Shellie / TLC, it’s merely restating what is already available from other sources.

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    I know without a doubt that this shoe is completely fake – 100%!!!

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    Taylor Burt has been arrested in the past for illegally piercing minors! If it was white trash hey were looking for they found it in him!

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    If they were really looking for true myrtle beach rednecks why wouldnt they have just gone to oceanlakes?

  • I have lived in Myrtle beach my entire life and I am 100% positive that this is not reality. Smh

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      what the hell is smh? at the end of your comment?

  • Roman

    I was eating in a restaurant the other day an overheard a guy claiming to be a producer on the show brag about how they found all of the characters, told them “who” they would be – moved the trailers into place – made up the name of the park and have semi-scripted story-lines for the episodes. Do not be fooled, but it doesn’t mean it will suck, I mean, Reno 911 was fake and funny as hell – but it is all about the writing and production. We’ll see…

  • justsayyin

    It isnt real. half them people live NICE luxury condos…. i know them people. i live here. my friend use to live in that trailer park and it was quiet as sin back in there, no pool, no crazy people no nothing, it is just another soap opera type show.

  • chibi youkai

    i was in/a part of this series and its gonna be hilarious! watch some special behind the scenes footage on my channel, public march 3rd! youtube . com /demonsparkx

  • falsereality

    I live in Myrtle Beach and I have for many years. I have known Taylor since I was 7. I have never known him to live in Patrick’s. I mean he may live there now, but I never knew of him living back there ever. Yes Taylor is a club promoter around here. I think this show is completely fake and casted. Patrick’s is a dirty trailer park located off of hwy 15-behind Coastal Grand Mall-first left before you enter the airport-go down a little ways and probably the 15th street on the left you will see a green sign that reads “Patricks”. The trailer park is run down, use to be filled with hispanics and blacks, but I guess they kicked all of the real residents out of their homes so that they could move in all of the people who they thought would make a better cast for a television show. This is such a joke. People are not going to be watching this show and thinking of y’all as celebrities, but better yet watching this show and laughing at y’all because the producers are portraying y’all as redneck trailer trash. I mean seriously? Way to make Myrtle Beach look like trash-oh wait that is what it has became anyways. Are there ever going to be any REAL “reality” shows ever? How can you call a show a reality show when it is all casted and tweaked??

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    Being from the neighboring state and often going to myrtle beach I have yet to see stuff like that . The trailers there are nice

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