Kim Zolciak’s wig line information: Where can you buy it? When will it be out?

Kim Zolciak's wig line

Find out why Kim started wearing wigs.

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to get your hands on one of those Barbie-hair extensions on top of Kim Zolciak’s hair for your next drag show, Halloween party, or secret agent disguise. Thankfully, Kim Zolciak told Essense that her wig line is a go and will be available through Pop Wigs. They come out in January, but you should be able to pre-order them by December! Christmas presents!

UPDATE: As of June 2011, Kim’s wig line still hasn’t launched, but she did put this vague update on her website February 2011:

As you know I have been working on my own Wig Line! My line will be launching soon but for right now you can get a wig by special order.

If you want to special order a wig please contact:

She has since launched a jewelry line, but the girl needs to hurry up with the wigs! The public demands it!

UPDATE: As of 2012, no wig line. It feel through!

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  • overthehousewives

    You should update this post. Kim does not have a wig line. The deal fell through according to POPWIGS website she never wanted to design her own wig line but do the same thing she is for the Moscato. Meaning she does not want to put up the money just put her face on it and call it hers and then have the company pay her for sales. She has this illusion that she is pretty enough to model. I thought she was told 10 yrs ago on the reality show Hot or Not.. that she was not. Having a little more money and still no class does not make you look better. She is at least persistent.

  • overthehousewives

    p.s. this is just another one of “the many lies of kim z”. That would have been a better/interesting reality show title/topic than the other snooze she did. She is boring alone. The only time worth watching when she is arguing with Nene…and that is just too much ignorance for any one person to watch in one day…I suggest you take it in doses.

  • Lol, what A BUNCH OF HATERS lmao. Lets see what you skanks look like 😉