Farrah Abraham says Maci Bookout is “attention seeking, insecure, and desperato!” (I think)

Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham together in Florida

Former Teen Mom Maci Bookout made headlines last week when she was photographed out partying with her ex Ryan Edwards, which was followed by Ryan tweeting a marriage proposal to her. Maci awkwardly avoided the proposal, but of course it (combined with the photo) sparked speculation in the blogosphere that Bentley’s mom and dad might be reuniting.

Yesterday Farrah shared a photo of an OK! magazine article with the headline “MACI & RYAN: REUNITED” on Sulia (It’s actually an older article from July — before these recent events), and with it she offered up her opinion on the possible reconciliation.

Be forewarned, Farrah has admitted in the past that “spelling is’nt my strong point when i’m passionate” because “spelling and punctuation take extra energy away from me!” As a result, her posts tend to read like they were originally spoken in Russian and then translated into English by a barely bilingual Russian fourteen year old.

Here is the tabloid photo followed by Farrah’s thoughts:

OK magazine story about Teen Mom Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards getting back together

Maci & Ryan why not (really not)?

So I heard the hopefulls buzzing of the reunite.

I do feel though it’s ODD

I do think that twitter proposals are not legit

I do know how to say “I DO” the right way

and lastly switching mates around doesn’t mean everyones getting married and dating, that just seems attention seeking, insecure, and desperato!

time will tell, tell me your onlooker thoughts??

xo Fan

My onlooker thoughts are that Farrah Abraham is the last person I would ever drive to Key West with because that girl burns more bridges than General Sherman! In the past she has crossed Teen Mom‘s Gary Shirley and Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, but Maci Bookout? Oh no girl, you do not want to go there!

I am reading what she wrote correctly, right?

Tell us you onlooker thoughts!

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  • Ashley

    I’m sorry but if you’re getting paid for Sulia, you should at least use spell check.

    I wouldn’t take crazy Farrah’s opinion on much. She just talks crap to stay in the public eye.

  • angie

    Seriously if anyone is “attention seeking.. or desperato”?… it would be Farrah… handsdown! Leave them alone and grow up spoiled bitch…

  • My Theory

    I think she was saying that all four of them (Maci, Ryan, Kyle & Dalis) are “attention seeking, insecure and desperato” because she made the comment directly after saying “switching mates around”

    I want to know what the hell she means when she says “i do know how to say “I DO” the right way” like wtf is that supposed to mean??

  • Katelyn421

    I think Farrah’s album alone has proved who is “desperado”. Farrah can’t be nice to ANYONE, can she? She will live a very lonely life.

  • Kelly

    I’m not maci’s biggest fan, but Farrah has got no room to talk. She’ll do anything to keep herself relevant. Frankly she just needs to mind her own business. She, along with everyone else, has no clue what is going on with Maci and Ryan. Everyone just needs to leave it alone and let them figure it out for themselves.

  • Chellen

    all the plastic surgery in the world couldn’t make this girl attractive. she is ugly from the inside out. Her life STILL sucks even with fame and fortune. No friends, no man, and her 15 minutes are just about up. Could this be karma for being an absolutely horrid human being? p.s. that chin implant makes her look like a man.

  • lucy

    it screams bitterness and jealousy Farrah ! Maybe they are together again, maybe they are not, who cares !!! Mind your own plastic surgery business girl. ha ha ha.

  • ohmygeez

    Farrah, go play in traffic.

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe

    I live for Farrah and her delusions…

  • GingerAnn1212

    I have never seen a more sad and lonely person than Farrah. She couldn’t even keep a friend or man that wanted to be with her to be on TV.

    • siriusthecat

      Did you see how she treated her dates? The Jersey Shore guys show more respect for their dates. I’m not sure who she thinks she is, but somebody lied to her.

  • Bev

    *taps the mic* Attention: Farah is still a self centered bitch.

  • siriusthecat

    Spelling any grammar don’t come naturally to a supposedly educated woman? How is that possible, English is her first language. I wonder if this has anything to do with the spin off show? For the record, the switching partners is great TV. No one wants to bridezillas farrah edition. You kind of need a boyfriend first, anyways. How some one who has no relationship experience knows so much about the way to get married is beyond me. She didn’t want her own parents to reconcile.

  • http://twitter.com/coffylover Caty C.P. :)

    Every time I read about Farrah, I feel more & more sorry for little Sophia. Poor kid doesn’t have a chance :(:(

  • Janie

    Hello, kettle? There’s a call for you from pot…something about black?

  • Miss Lisa

    She is a hater

  • micro OP

    I doubt that maci has been nothing but decent towards Farah. I’m not a huge Maci fan but I can’t think of one time in which she spoke badly of any of the other girls in public. Farah is such a jealous hater, it’s unbelievable.

  • andiecohenn

    I actually agree w/ everything she said! Maci has had more boyfriends or maybe boyfriends then most people put together. Yet, she gets paid to speak about Teen pregnancy.

    • micro OP

      I’m pretty sure Maci has only had two boyfriends to Farahs 5+.

      • andiecohenn

        Ryan, Kyle,the other Kyle, & the other guys she has around her son.

        • Lucy

          Farrah had more..and now when you have a child you don’t have the right to date..who you are ? King Jong Il ? EYEROLLLLL

          • lucy

            Kim i meant lol

  • ScrappieONE

    Sounds like a lot of jealous spewing from Farrah….

  • Jenn

    With all of the nonsense that Farrah has been spewing lately about anyone and everything it makes me think she is spiraling out of control fast. She is trying to do whatever she can to keep attention on herself but instead it is just making her look even more batshit crazy then Teen Mom ever did.

  • K

    Farrah, stick a sock in it already.

    Is that even a saying? I’m not sure, but it feels like the most appropriate thing to say in this situation.

  • Mickey

    Really Farrah? Who are you to judge? You’ve had ONE serious relationship that resulted in your beautiful daughter. You can’t keep a man to save your life, so how can you give “man advice”.

    This b*tch needs to stfu already, especially since she can’t spell worth a damn!

  • http://twitter.com/TwitNasty Jayson

    If spelling and punctuation take ” extra energy ” one should probably stfu until they’ve amassed enough to form a coherent paragraph.

  • Jessica NY

    After writing a horrible book to attract pity from naïve people worldwide but actually attracting negative attention instead, she really has no room to call anyone else desperate and she’s gonna bad mouth her only friends in the world? Smh I just wanna fly out west to Iowa and beat some f’n sense into her empty to get her to stfu! She has no sense and I never disliked any human being on this earth!

  • Isabel

    Farrah is a jealous miserable bitch! She looks like jafar!

  • Jae

    Farrah may be a bit of an idiot, but she hit the nail on the head with this one. Even if she wasn’t talking about Maci singularly, all those things are true of Maci.

  • angie

    I think Farrah is one of the ugliest people inside and out on the face of this earth.She can’t even keep a guy look at how they left her hanging all alone when she took that trip to Texas with one of her bf’s.She’s the one that sounded desperate with all the talk about marriage she scared the guy away,so ugly ass bitch has no room to be bumping them gums.One more thing she is jealous as hell!!!!!

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