Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are reportedly headed for divorce, insiders deny

Bethenny Frankel on 'Watch What Happens Live'

This isn’t the first time we’ve read that Bethenny Frankel and her husband Jason Hoppy were heading for divorce and it likely won’t be the last, but this time things appear to be much more serious. Bethenny has allegedly already met with divorce lawyers and has even been spotted out in New York City without her wedding band.

In Touch Weekly claims that Bethenny has already broken the news to Jason and is actively “meeting with lawyers and just figuring out the next steps.” One source claims that they have had an “exit plan in mind for months” and at this point, “It’s really just a matter of when they’ll file.”

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy on 'Bethenny Ever After'

On December 9, a somber-looking Bethenny hit the streets of New York City to run some errands with her daughter Bryn and no wedding ring.

A friend of Bethenny’s says that split has been looming since earlier this year and seemed to be imminent after they spent the summer living separately. For 6 weeks, Bethenny and their daughter lived in The Hamptons while Jason stayed back in NYC. “Bethenny will never show it, but she’s devastated that it didn’t work,” the friend says. “She wanted it all — the career, the husband and the family. Bethenny puts Bryn first and Jason is a great dad: They love that kid and will do anything to make her happy.”

Last week, a different source told press, “It’s pretty much over between Bethenny and Jason. They are already living separate lives. She purposely spent Thanksgiving without him, bringing [their daughter] Bryn to Miami. He wasn’t happy about it, to say the least. She is really focused on her career and her product line right now, so it sort of consumes her, which is probably why the marriage starting falling apart in the first place.”

On Sunday, Bethenny was spotted at an airport in NYC, sans Jason.

A rep for Bethenny would not comment on the divorce report, but a friend of hers told The Huffington Post:

“Bethenny is the first to admit that she’s not the easiest person to be with. She has had a very difficult childhood and finds it hard to totally trust and love, but Jason is the exception. He adores her and won’t let her throw this away because she fears getting hurt.”

Another insider told the site:

“She is an extremely independent woman. But do not mistake that for trouble in the marriage. She was independent the day she met him and hasn’t changed since they said ‘I do.’ Being Mr. Bethenny Frankel isn’t easy, but Jason doesn’t mind being in her shadow.”

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  • lisa

    He deserves much better as she always mistreated him and Jason is a good man n cute too…..

  • Cathi Henry DiDonato

    who didnt see this coming? Sorry to say but it seems Skinny Girl is more important to her than Married Girl , Family Girl, Mommy Girl, is too much too soon perhaps?

  • Sandie

    I’m not even surprised, this poor guy took it too long from her. Women like her always end up alone. At least she was able to have a child like she wanted.

  • Bebe

    I felt Jason was just as aggressive. He woud say mean things when he didn’t get his way, she couldn’t let go of anything…They really weren’t compatible. Its sad, because in the first season of her show, they had so many sweet moments.

  • Sylvia J. Mckinley

    Move on Jason! Find that beautiful woman that will put her family and marriage before her career.Most of all who will appreciate you as the good loving man and father that you are. Bethenny will live to regret not working to save her marriage and putting her life in the proper order. If her talk show goes belly-up then she will not have her marriage either. How sad she just came across as so ungrateful for her blessings.Poor Jason couldn’t do enough for her. He can do better, get a younger, prettier and more gracious woman next time Jason!!