REPORT Kail Lowry’s husband Javi Marroquin to join the Air Force

'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin pose with Isaac after their engagement

Kail Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin have been busy planning their upcoming wedding (they reportedly got married in at the courthouse in September, but are planning something bigger) lately, even making a trip to Philadelphia a few weeks ago. However, their big day has been put on hold as Javi pursues his career aspirations. Although Kail and Javi have yet to confirm exactly what he will be doing, tweets from friends and family have implied that he is heading to military training to prepare him for the Air Force.

Javi will be away from Kail and her son Isaac for a reported 6 months which is sure to be hard on everyone, but luckily, Javi has stocked up on items which will make things a bit easier for him during his stay.

'Teen Mom 2' Javi Marroquin's desk at his military training facility

Yesterday, Javi shared a photo with fans that showed his new living quarters equipped with a Buzz Light-year figurine (Toy Story is Isaac’s favorite movie). Along with the picture, he wrote, “Let Isaac know he’s right by my side!! @KailLowry.”

Javi also sent a heartfelt message to Kail on the eve of his departure and boy, was it a tear-jerker. “You gave my life meaning again and you made me see what love really is,” Javi wrote. “We’re writing another chapter in our book. You are my best friend And I can’t wait to see your beautiful million dollar smile soon! I love you unconditionally.”

The next morning, Kail wished him luck with his new gig. “Kick ass at your new job today babe,” Kail wrote this morning. “See you soon!” He replied, “Thank you beautiful! Working hard for our fam.”

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  • Bri

    Go Javi! I just love these two together. Also, the picture above of all three of them is SO adorable 🙂

  • kristi

    It’s been reported that they are already married (javi has been seen wearing a wedding band on his ring finger) and if that’s the case and he is leaving for six months for the air force I’m assuming he is in tech school (basic is only 2 months) and when married if your spouse is in tech school and the length of tech school is over 20 weeks your family is allowed to live on base with you wherever you are .

    • Yay

      Maybe she can’t due to custody stuff with Jo?

      • Kristi

        It’s going to be one difficult marriage then if he does plan on joining. My husband is in the Air Force and we were told he will be gone A LOT and your country comes before family now . They have a lot against them if custody holds he back as well.

    • Charla

      The article says military training to prepare him for the Air Force. So I’m assuming he’s not in the Air Force yet. And I’m not sure what training is needed before enlisting….

      • Kristi

        He may have went to academy in Colorado .

        • Charla

          The academy is a 4 year college…

          • kristi

            And another article is reporting he is in texas for this training… Something is fishy about all this.

  • Karen

    Glad Kailyn got it right with Javi this time. He seems like a keeper!

  • Yup, I said it.

    Im tired of her and her storyline. Shes been through 3 guys and Issac’s only 2 yr old.

    • :))))))))

      i know it seems like she’s just searching someone for the security and the feeling of having a family but if she’s happy then it’s cool , but i’ll be really surprised if these two last longer then 10 years.

  • Deedles

    Your article implies he’s at a 6 month training and THEN he will be joining the Air Force. Last time I checked, you didn’t need to attend training to join the military, they gave it all to you AFTER you enlisted. So where he is at exactly, did he already enlist?

    • tiff

      it’s hard to know the exact details just by going off of twitter.

    • That didn’t make sense to me either. My brother is in the Air Force, he went straight in (8.5 weeks basic training), then almost 6 months of tech school right after. Tech school that long isn’t typical, it’s just that my brother went into the Environmental and Electronics field so he had to go longer.

  • hoardersfan

    Wait. She’s married?

  • Dag

    Whats with her and her fascination with Cholos?

  • yesisaidit

    I’m inclined to believe that MTV is paying these girls extra cash to married. It may sound crazy but when you look at it all with the exception of Chelsea and Farrah who’s parents are financially set are the only ones not screaming engagement or marriage. (makes ya wonder) guessing they don’t “NEED” the money so they don’t bother with the marriage ordeal. The emotional neediness of a man really shows with these girls. They continued to rush through life as if getting pregnant as a teen wasn’t enough. I really could care less about Kailyn obviously in this situation as she has shown that she is a complete user to get what she wants. I feel really sorry for Javi and honestly its a great thing he is away. He will have time to rethink this situation with her as well. She imo is trying to trap him for a since of security. I think once this so called “fame” is over so will the two of them. Kailyn better hope that Javi doesn’t have a change of heart as he embarks on his career plans. The poor guy is only 20 has no children of his own he should travel the world and live a little while serving our country. Kailyn chose to open her legs and denied a relationship with her son’s father who tried to make it work with her. Three men and her son is only two says a lot about her Javi is so young and naive.

  • Does Joe support this? Once Javi is done with Basic and Tech school, he will get a duty station, and it might not be so close……I hope Kailyn crossed all her t’s and dotted her i’s first, because a judge doesn’t have to let her move with Isaac

    • He’ll get to make a wish list of where he’d like to be stationed , but most likely it won’t be what he picks unless he scores high on tests and such. So I was wondering about that too, there’s a 99% chance he won’t end up where he wants to be, and what’s she going to do then?

  • Murphy

    Maci’s family is very well off also.

  • julissa_marie

    I actually like Kailyn! She was the best mom on this season 🙂

  • Frank Williams


    If you want to join the Air Force, you need to first dump Kailyn. We don’t need any more trashy families in the Air Force.