VIDEO Sharon Osbourne says “MTV lost all credibility” when it started airing Teen Mom

Sharon Osbourne talks about Buckwild and Teen Mom

Quality reality programming pioneer Sharon Osbourne was asked about the recent uproar over the new MTV series Buckwild and she responded by stating the network lost all credibility for her when they started airing 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

That’s funny, just the other day I found myself wondering at what point MTV’s original programming became unworthy of respect. I couldn’t remember if it was during Real Word, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, The Osbornes, Punk’d, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila… And now we know the answer, it was when MTV began showing the struggles of teen mothers on television, shining a light on a subject kept in the dark for generations — a darkness that propagated the problem because young people had no notion of the consequences of their actions when they have unprotected sex. Thanks for the reminder Sharon!

Here’s the actual clip followed by her exact quotes:

I do think that MTV lost all credibility for me (and I loved the network!) — the old MTV — but when they did the teen pregnancy, for me it was over.” She then added, “That was, like, OK, now this is…” “Too exploitative? It was just exploiting young people too much?” a host chimes in. “It was just so many ways it was so wrong, so ugly.”

“And that was your network, MTV,” another host added sympathetically.

“I loved them, I mean, when Judy McGrath was there. I mean, I bowed down to her. I idolize her. But the network’s not the same any more.”

The Osbournes Ozzy and Sharon in a bathtub nude from Blender magazine

I can understand the complaints about some of the ramped up drama on the two (soon to be three) Teen Mom shows, but there have been numerous studies that have shown the impact this show has had on America’s youth in not glamorizing teen pregnancy, but revealing it for the life-altering, high school social life ending, young relationship killer that it is.

I admit that there is some [guilty] entertainment value in watching Jenelle complain to her lawyer about not wanting to go to jail because she has Ke$ha tickets, or watching one of Farrah Abraham’s brutal brutal dates with an innocent, unsuspecting young man, but that is more than offset by watching Leah and Corey bawling there eyes out as they wait to hear from the doctor whether or not their child will ever be able to walk, Catelyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra saying goodbye to the daughter they decided to place with a different family better able to provide for her, or Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards discussing what hours of the day and days of the week each of them will get to see their son.

Ah Hell, I’ve ridden this high horse so many times I’ve got saddle sores. My apologies. I will hop down from my elevated station and ask you whether or not you think MTV lost its credibility when it started airing 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Don’t worry about making me angry, fire away! (You too Sharon!)

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  • Hayley

    For you to be defending this franchise so much is disgusting. im now 22 and even though i watch teen mom and 16 & pregnant the whole Chanel has gone down hill since they did start airing these stupid shows. just because i watch the show doesnt mean im going to be thinking different about my life or in the moment of having sex ” Omg, the teen mom girls have terrible lives, i better put a condom on my BF” Lol. And these shows are nothing. everybody has the problems, they have and we all know it. just because they are airing it on TV doesnt make people change their minds about having unsafe sex. it shows, if you get pregnant, you may get a TV show, Radio gigs, Nice cars, Movie deals, Spin off shows & nice houses. You may also not but girls in America may just have this mind set at 16? dont you think? I for one think they just need to stop with these stupid shows & get back funny shows that dont show 2 year olds and 16 year old mum.

    • RoseDawson

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!! This all the way.

  • Lindsay

    I don’t see how shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant degraded MTV’s credibility in comparison to a show about a family of a drug addled family like the Osbornes. Ozzy can hardly string a sentence together, and the kids have a massive sense of entitlement, and have done hardly anything to deserve their ‘fame’. True, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant have been guilty of over dramatising, or even having their cast re-enact key moments of the show, but I would much rather watch something that could potentially change someone’s life, than something like Tila Tequila, Punk’d and The Osbornes. There is something a lot more real about Teen Mom than there has ever been about any of the other shows.

    • Katie

      Right on! Totally agree with you. I think it really shows what a teenager is like when they have a baby, and all the hardships with having a kid young. With the immature relationships because they’re still kids themselves(i.e Maci and Ryan, Amber and Gary, Leah and Corey, etc.), the sacrifices you make, (Not including Jenelle the egg donor, I’m assuming she’s just there for the drama factor), and the responsibility with being a mom. Sure not all the girls on the show are perfect but no mom is.
      The ONLY hardship this show doesn’t really include is the financial part of things, because all of them are living off their ‘Teen Mom’ cheques, and rightfully so in my opinion. They’re young girls who made a mistake that society looks down on, and instead of feeling ashamed, they opened up their lives for the world to judge in hopes that they could prevent an unplanned pregnancy for other teenagers. Like I said, none of them are perfect, but I just hate how people say this show glamorizes teen pregnancy. It’s the media that glamorizes it because it’s such a popular show.

      • christee

        I think these shows started with good intentions, and maybe Mtv wasn’t expecting them to be as popular. So they were real with the first 16 & pregnant and season 1 of teen mom, but have become soap operas with non-actors. I think arguing that it glamorizes pregnancy would only be valid if the money was ever openly discussed. Several of the girls would probably still be living the same lifestyle without cameras following them, they just are lucky enough to have well off, enabler parents. Or supportive parents, depending on how you see it. Also, a point critics seem to always miss is that we’re shown that pregnancy can happen to anyone, bad choices aren’t the exclusive right of poor girls. We’ve seen girls from stable homes, chaotic home, loving families, fractured families, girls with mental illness, girls with no apparent issues, and whatever the hell Farrah is. Are these shows solely responsible for the recent decline in teen pregnancy? Probably not, but enough people watch them to count them as valid contributors. And to whomever it was saying that watching the show wouldn’t convince her to make her boyfriend wear a condom, please be joking, or get your tubes tied. Preferably around your knees.

        • Hayley

          Hahah, the last bit made me giggle a little as that was obviously pointed at me. If you read what i wrote properly, i was saying. DURING SEX i wouldnt be thinking about ” Teen Mom” going, oh, i better get a condom.

          • christee

            This makes me think, there should be psas everywhere with barbra evans saying “so uh, I seen ya bout to have sex widdout a cahndum, ya better be puttin on a glove if ya want some love. Ya pahrents can’t be raisin no out of wedlock babies!”

    • Agreed. It’s not like the shows have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

      • RoseDawson

        Umm yeah actually it is.

  • Cheermom

    I guess Jersey Shore is considered high quality TV entertainment by Sharon. Geez!

    • Katie

      Exactly! That’s what I would assume would first pop in people’s heads when it comes to crap on MTV.

  • I think the Osbournes had relevance! Come on! Ozzy Osbourne was still making decent music in the 2000s and Sharon started off as a music manager, let’s not forget. A big part of their show was him touring and Ozzfest. I think that has a place on MUSIC television, don’t you? I don’t think I feel one way or the other in regards to Teen Mom. I could see girls spinning it as “yeah, that doesn’t look too hard…these girls on tv create their own problems” (which is true lol) or “Well, Ryan/Adam/Gary is a jerk and my boyfriend would never treat me that way…” I don’t so much believe the supposed reports that we never actually see, that this show makes such a difference. Funny, because they’re also saying less and less married couples are having children as well. Its a sign of the times, not due to a tv show.

  • I wonder if she heard the story of the pot and the kettle…

  • jeff

    I think anyone who says this glamorizes teen pregnancy has never watched a single damn episode. Stop talking out of your ass about things you know nothing about lady. WATCH AN EPISODE! This is doing the opposite of glamorizing it. These lives are not glamorous! The babies fathers are jerks most of the time, the moms drop out of school, their friends leave them, their parents are usually either enablers or disablers and their lives are ruined! How can they say that promotes it? And for the argument ‘it will make teens want to get pregnant to be on the show’ there are always idiots out there. Just like Jackass attracted a few idiots who decided to do flips off rooftops. That can be said for ANY show so stop demonizing the damn show

    • Zazz

      It kind of does now. I would have agreed with you two years ago but these girls have no problems that real teen moms have. They all have tattoos, new cars, new phones, don’t even worry about school, etc. Half of my problems consist of not enough time and too much work to do. All my friends disappeared with the birth of my son, not because they’re bad people, but we’re in way different places. All these girls still have everything. You barely even see the kids on the show. It’s all about relationships. You never see the moms waking up at 12,1,2,3 to take care of a crying baby, or take a sick kid to the doctor with the exception of Leah. So these are the only kids in the world who sleep through the night every night, never get sick or cause any problems? Yea, no. They need to actually show the kids on the show for it to even remotely be about teen parenting. Because right now it should be called “People who make bad decisions and still have everything going for them.”

      • jeff

        You’re right. I think it has become way to much about the drama with the girls. Maybe 16 and Pregnant is a better educator. Once it shifts to Teen Mom a lot of the lessons are lost. We never hear about the kids anymore, it’s all about who is dating/breaking up with who and stupid decisions.

  • ohmygeez

    MTV lost credibility back in the day with Real World. Only thing good to came from that was Pedro and his gay/aids awareness. They jumped the shark looooong before Teen Mom.

    • ohmygeez

      to come from*

  • Angie

    The only thing I remember about the Osbournes was that their dogs were constantly pissing everywhere and Sharon went bats*** and threw a ham at the neighbors. Clearly THAT was a show of high quality. *eyeroll*

  • andiecohen

    If you watch Teen Mom & want to end up like any of them, then you already have problems to start with.

  • Yeah like the Osbornes was morally superior.

  • RoseDawson

    I agree 110% with everything Sharon Osbourne said. These shows with the idiot teenagers looking for an easy way into fame and a paycheck are disgusting. I can’t wait for the day these idiot teens deal with reality and are forced into the irrelevancy they always should have had.

    • Auntie

      Yes! I believe 16 and pregnant does show how hard it is but teen mom needs to go!!!