PHOTO Are Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards back together?

'Teen Mom' star Maci Bookout hangs with Ryan Edwards at a club

Maci Bookout has been enjoying the single life for months. And now, her ex-boyfriend (and Bentley’s dad), Ryan Edwards, has recently rejoined the dating scene as well. So when the two were spotted out together together this weekend, tongues began wagging with rumors of a reconciliation. Could this Teen Mom couple really be getting back together after all they’ve been through?

On Saturday, December 15, the two arranged to hang out together, along with a few other friends, and aย photoย of the two of them together (above – that’s Ryan cut off on the right) surfaced later that night. It’s the first time in a while that these two have hung out as friends (or maybe more?).

As viewers of the show know, they typically don’t get along, although things seemed to have improved greatly in the co-parenting area over the last year or so. Adding fuel to the reconciliation rumor flames is a recent tweet by Maci that read, “Its insane the emotions and feelings that have resurfaced these last few days…I think I’ve finally learned to feel something, anything.”

'Teen Mom' exes Kyle King and Dalis Connel hang at a club

Where did all that hostility go? Apparently it went out the window with each of their relationships. Now that Maci and Kyle King are done, and Ryan recently split with Dalis Connell, their tensions seem to have subsided.

Speaking of the exes, Kyle King and Dalis Connell were seen together over the weekend as well! Dalis shared a picture with the tweet, “Wonder how much s**t we will get for this! hahaha don’t currrr @joey_maracle @kyleking100.” Although Dalis has been quiet about what caused her split from Ryan, she is quoted by All the Teen Moms seemingly suggesting there is big-time story there. “Ohhh man I wish I could say the real reason Ryan & I broke up,” Dalis says. “Everyone, even his friends would be in shock ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I will continue to be the mature one in this situation while he tries to make me look like an idiot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ never been so happy & relieved in my life.”

She recently told her Twitter followers, “I feel sooo damn free! #finally.”

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  • RobertaCookie โ˜… โ˜… โ˜…

    Dalis AND Kyle. Attention whores bells and sirens going off all over the place!

  • Gayla Shreve Randall

    Cause hes GAY!! Thats why you all broke up and why his friends would be shocked!!!

  • Ayooo

    Kyle King also instagramed a photo of just him a Dalis with the caption “:-)”

    But to be fair to Dalis and Kyle, i think Ryan and Maci are only hanging out to get back at Dalis and Kyle. Dalis and Kyle were seen out together on Friday night and then on Saturday night Maci and Ryan made plans together to go out. Dalis and Kyle were also seen out Saturday night (thos picture is from Saturday), but i think that Maci and Ryan are only hanging out because they heard about Kyle and Dalis.

    But even if Kyle and Dalis are hooking or dating or whatever, who cares. She was dating a guy for a year and a half and he’s not there for her when she needs him the most. If Kyle is there for her than he’s a real man and once again proves he’s better than Ryan. I remember Kyle was trying to raise money for her mom a couple months back, so it seems they’ve been friends for a while and maybe there is an attraction. I think they’d be cute together and i think they were the two good and sane people from their relationships.

    Also, they’d look good at the beach together with their abs.

    • teddybear101

      Agreed I think Ryan and maci are both acting like ass. Right now dalis lost her mother. So I think she gets a pass and if Kyle is being there for her. As a friend that’s good thing maci probably loves the attention. But is negative and jealous attention. Really something maci wants.

  • Michelle

    yayyyy maci ryan!!! that would be soo cute!!! <3

  • whocares

    So dalis gets a pass cause her mom died? Thats stupid. Kyle and dalis are attention whores. There has always been sexual tension between. Maci and ryan

  • Sarah

    Well, actually, anytime that I saw scenes in the show of Kyle and Maci, the relationship always seemed totally one sided with Kyle’s full energy evolving around Maci and her happiness….Maci became a really self-centered person and he constantly continued to try to please her—even when they argued and she was really controlling and mean, it was always Kyle who would have to apologize. Being on this show took away any ounces of humility that Maci had and instead made her feel as if she was/is a superstar.

  • Starcasmer

    Ryan looks awful in that above picture, even if he’s half cut out lol.

    Ryan is aging terribly and he’s going to be bald soon.

    Ryan is going to be 25 in the beginning of January and he still lives with his parents. I know in the catch-up special he had his own place but that lasted about a month, he’s back living with his parents again. Kyle is an upgrade. He treats women right, he has his own place, and he’s there for her while someone who said he loved her and wanted to marry her is acting like an a**hole on twitter since her mom died.

    I actually think Kyle and Dalis would make a cute couple. They’re both huge into fitness too so they definitely have thins in common.

  • J

    I alway thought Dallis was way too into the fame. Long before she made her debut on the show, she was promoting herself on twitter, and quickly created a blog to promote fitness. Why doesn’t she just come out with why her and Ryan broke up? What’s stopping her?

    • Starcasmer

      Probably because of either Maci’s spinoff or because she’s not out to ruin his life.

      And she’s getting her bachelor’s in fitness & wellness, why not create a fitness blog? Hundreds of fans had been asking her for tips, instead of getting back to each one individually it’s easier to make a blog. That must mean every personal trainer in the nation is looking for fame. Promoting herself for her future career is smart, it has nothing to do with fame.

  • tab

    ryan and maci have always loved each other and i hope they do get back together!

    • ameliaBedelia76

      always loved each other? Umm how about Maci can’t get over the fact that Ryan dumpeed her and did and conts to treat her like complete garbage…way to go Maci…great relationship that was. Psycho Maci cant even let Ryan go on vacation for a week with his family b/c she has to be with Bently then she calls him a leech, real nice.

    • andiecohen

      Maci only loves herself, same with Ryan. If they get back together, it will be for the cameras.

  • Jay

    And where is Bentley in all this madness..?

  • Bri

    I don’t even notice Ryan. Either way they DON’T need to get back together!!

    • lucy

      why not ?

      • julissa_marie

        I don’t think they were meant to be together. Just me!

  • Allison

    Please let this be true… I know Ryan made himself out to be a complete a**hole, but people can change; it is possible. I feel like they never *really* stopped loving each other.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    So sick of Maci. So what she has been single for MONTHS. How about cont her education and caring for her son instead of partying? Normal parents don’t go out and party as much as maci & Ryan. Their parents are such enablers.

    • Sarah

      And the irony here is that being a teen mom in the end actually enabled Maci to party more than a non-teenage mother because of all the money that she made/makes off of MTV…..the whole original concept of the show was to illustrate how hard it is to be a teenaged parent. Being on the show really cancelled out the true difficulties that a true teenage parent goes through as it actually made all of the teenmom’s lives so much easier than that of people who actually have planned pregnancies at a more appropriate age because they don’t have to endure through all of the stress and strain that comes with raising a family while having to work and make ends meet.

  • andiecohen

    Maybe Ryan is gay. Maybe thats why his friends would be shocked.

  • Unreal!!

    Whoa… I never expected her to hang out with Ryan again! WTH!! He’s an abusive arrogant ahole and if he has broken up with Dalis while going through such a horrible time in her life then he is beyond evil. How can Maci take him back? They are both dysfunctional people of the worst kind if that is the case. I can understand being his friend again but relationship wise? I feel for Bentley. It’s not healthy and she knows it. OMG, I’m just shocked.

  • micro OP

    If they are hanging out as friends then its probably a positive thing.

  • Jenn

    Of course, Dalis is done with Ryan now that she used what “fame” he had to get some pity from a charity to get her to Cali to see her mom. That girl tries to play so innocent, but she loved all of the attention that she got by being Ryan’s girlfriend. Now that they are no longer together lets stop mentioning her and Kyle in posts.

  • Jayson

    Is it just me or does Kyle look like a young Ron Perlman, the actor from HellBoy? Either way, Dalis and Kyle come off as trying to stay relevant.

  • Jackie

    Lol Ryan didnt dump her she dumped him cause of him being so disrespectful and rude and not helping with bentley. There prolly only doing it for the cameras. Dalis and macie were trying to form a friendship for bentley and ryan couldn’t be mature about it like the girls could

  • Katie

    Someone offer Dalis a huge amount of money for that story!