Meet Ana Belena, the girlfriend of Rodolfo Jimenez

Ana Belena, former girlfriend of Rodolfo Jimenez of Real Housewives of Miami

During a recent cast trip to Bimini, Karent Sierra was bombarded with a photo of her boyfriend kissing another woman. While the Real Housewives of Miami star didn’t seem to be that effected by the news of her man’s new relationship, they split shortly after. So, who is the mystery woman? According to a new report, it seems as though it is actress Ana Belena.

The 24-year-old actress allegedly began dating Rodolfo in early March, around the time that production on the second season of Real Housewives of Miami began. On March 30th, both Ana and Rodolfo addressed their relationship during an interview with TV Notas.

Rodolfo Jimenez and Ana Belena dating while he was with Karent Sierra of Real Housewives of Miami

In the interview, Ana claimed that when she met Rodolfo, 39, it was love at first sight. “When we met, something inside both of us sparked,” she said. Ana’s favorite thing about Rodolfo is that he is a gentleman and he treats her very well.

The couple were last seen together in public back in June and judging by their Twitter accounts, they don’t seem to be together at this point. Ana must have caught an episode of RHOM.. or have the web.

Last night after the latest episode aired, Rodolfo responded to a fan asking him what the story was. “I don’t know they just have me there for Ratings!!! It’s all I know for sure,” he said. There you have it. It looks like Alexia was right all along in thinking their relationship was fake.

This wasn’t the first scandal for Rodolfo on the show. Earlier in the season, Rodolfo was involved in a bit of love triangle between Karent and Ana Quincoces.

The Real Housewives of Miami season 2 finale airs next Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  • There are few things reason can discover with so much certainty and ease as its own insufficiency.

  • M

    There wasn’t a love triangle between him and Anna Q., he had recieved a text from the new Ana and covered it up with a story about it being from Anna Q. He’s a cheater.

  • katie711

    They dont have his their for ratings xuz he is NEVER ON… He adds NOTHING to the show.. He is a dog plain and simple. GO AWAY DUDE.

  • Saddie

    He is nothing but a cheater is all I can say. I feel bad for Karent so bad. I just felt so bad for her, she is so sweet and nice to him any time he was in town. And he lied to her face every time. What a dog indeed, but I am being wrong cause no dog deserves such disgrace to be called Rodolfo he is a maggot. I am glad she finally realized what a maggot punk he is. He is a soap opra actor I think I have never heard of him myself. But you know he uses his charm and money to get young women to fall for him all over. Go Karent you go find yourself a good man to have a life a husband, and children in time of course. Rodolfo grow up and become a man stop being a maggot! Your getting caught that means your game is sucking badly.

  • Shauna Lee

    Karent is 1000 times more beautiful. What an idiot!