Report: Jenelle Evans didn’t make husband Courtland Rogers sign a prenup

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans recently married Courtland Rogers at a North Carolina courthouse after dating for only four months. While the Teen Mom 2 star claims to be happier than ever with her new husband, many are concerned that she may have jumped the gun a bit and forgotten a key detail of her marriage — a prenup.

“Jenelle didn’t get a prenup with Courtland mostly because she didn’t think she needed one,” a source close to Jenelle tells Radar Online. “She’s totally in love with him and thinks their marriage is going to last forever.”

In addition to being head-over-heels in love, Jenelle also didn’t feel that her income level was grounds for such an agreement. “Jenelle doesn’t really have too much money and she didn’t think she would need to keep it from Courtland,” the source says. “She’s going into this marriage believing that they’ll always be together so she didn’t care enough to get a prenup.”

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers

Jenelle shouldn’t have anything to worry about either way. Courtland works for a roofing company and his family is well off because of their KFC restaurant in NC. Jenelle even previously stated in her blog that they take care of him. Who knows? Courtland could have more money than she does!

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  • a.

    ohhh jenelle.

  • part of me thinks this makes her dumb….but the other part of me realizes that they are going to blow all their money on dope anyway so it doesnt really matter

    • awoman

      Dope and bail.

  • t3ward

    they won’t have any money left when they’re over anyways. So, it doesn’t matter.

  • Vy

    Lmao. Y’all making it seem like jenelle nd courtland are famous when they ain’t. Jenelle still lame and wack as fck. And courtland is a buster!! They both bums still

    • Geniya

      this is a black person from the 80s.HERE IS A TRANSLATION! I am laughing my butt off from this enticing story.Many of you make it seem as if Jenelle and Courtland have fame when they are nobody that people care about.. Jenelle does not have a useful brain. Courtland does not live up to the standards of a normal human being . They have no form of money in their pockets or bank accounts.
      This is my best translation of this guy with a time machine.
      PS I wish i knew English better, so that I can give more accurate translation.

      • Vy

        I’m not a black person u Racist bastard. Lol

        • Geniya

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      • Di

        Thanks for the translation!! Couldn’t read the first post 🙂

      • Bri

        Lol. We all appreciate your translation.! Just seems more professional.

      • Jenn

        You can troll on a better site……(not saying this isn’t a bad troll)

      • mickey

        “this is a black person from the 80s”. You ASSUME that because said person responded as they did that they are black. That’s racism. Get over yourself

        • Geniya

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          • get over yourself

            wow. you have too much time on your hands to respond a story….you must sit behind a computer all day since you dont have a life.. haha

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        • Geniya

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        • Geniya

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  • tab

    even if she has some money now, it won’t last long. TM2 will be coming to an end shortly and hopefully jenelle will just drop off the radar.

  • Bri

    And we care? Hahaa!!

  • Megbabe

    These girls are making a lot of money. She needs to be responsible fiscally… But this is Jenelle we’re talking about. -__-

  • Jenn

    I got 40$ on 4 months. (I know, I know, I’m pushing the limits)… who wants to bet with me.

  • Mandy

    His family does.. and how do we know it wont last? be postive geeze

  • She’ll be broke and fat in 3 years.