VIDEO PHOTOS Chelsea Houska, Aubree and Randy Houska visit Hollywood

Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree Skye from Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is taking a break from the cold winter weather of South Dakota and enjoying a vacay in the sunny state of California. But Chelsea didn’t make the flight out alone, she brought her daughter Aubree, good pal Landon, and everyone’s favorite Twitter pop, Dr. Randy Houska!

As you might imagine, Chelsea and pop tweeted up a storm on the trip out. “Cali bound tomorrow with my princess Aubs and my 2 favorite dudes @PapaRandlicious and @landiduhh” Chelsea wrote on Tuesday.

Randy then shared a couple photos of Aubree along with the accompanying tweets “Here we go” (left photo) and “Despicable Me saves the day.”

Chelsea Houska's dad Randy houska with Aubree Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree watching a movie

He later added an additional comment about Aubree, writing “Once [again], Aubs gets my noise canceling headphones…..” And the tech-friendly Aubree continued her media fest later as Randy shared this picture of her along with the tweet, “I am guessing no sleep til iPad goes dead.”

Chelsea's daughter Aubree watching an iPad

Chelsea seemingly agreed when she responded with, “I told her to come snuggle with me and she didn’t want to.”

Earlier today Chelsea shared a fun photo of Aubree in a swing and explained, “We got in a little park time.”

Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree in a swing in California

Then she shared a photobooth style triptych of her and Aubree at the top of this post with the affectionate words, “My love ❤” Meanwhile, Landon chimed in his excitement after they arrived, tweeting, “Loving LA right now & it’s only the beginning.”

So it seems the foursome have been adjusting pretty well to life in Cali, which includes lots of things South Dakota doesn’t have, like warmth, cell phone laws, and the paparazzi! That’s right, Chelsea and the gang got snapped by some real deal, straight up legit Hollywood paparazzi as they accompanied Aubree to Santa’s workshop in West Hollywood Thursday.

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree in Hollywood

Apparently what is awesome and cool in South Dakota is awesome and cool in California, at least as far as little girls go! Aubree Skye Houska seemed perfectly at home in the spotlight and looked ready for her closeup in some stylish pink shades as a once-again brunette Chelsea pushed her around Tinsel Town in a stroller.

But don’t think for a second ol’ PapaRandarazzi wasn’t gonna get in on the photography action! Chelsea’s pop had the grandpappy strut going, too!

Chelsea Houska her dad Randy Houska daughter Aubree and friend Landon in Hollywood

I can’t tell you what great pleasure it brings me to see a paparazzi photo of Dr. Randy Houska. ***Pauses to wipe a tear*** Ah, but enough about Paparadlicious…

Chelsea participated in an AfterBuzz TV interview with Jessica King yesterday as well. In the interview (included below) Chelsea talks about her trip to California, seeing Dierks Bentley, Aubree the Princess, Adam Lind, going to therapy after her break up, avoiding public drama, getting her GED, and what she wants to do for a career among other things in the rather lengthy clip:

UPDATE – The original embed said it was the Chelsea video but then it would flip to a clip about The Vampire Diaries. It has now been corrected – our apologies for not catching it sooner.

Though Chelsea confirmed she and Adam are dunzo, and have been for some time, she was also quick to point out he’s not quite as bad as he looks on the show. “He’s not mean 24/7,” Chelsea explains. “People don’t get to see all the good times,” she adds.

She also addressed the recent rumors that she is dating or looking to date Maci Bookout’s ex Kyle King, but she explained that it was all a simple misunderstanding after she heard a club near where she lived could potentially book him for an appearance and she tweeted that he should come for a visit.

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  • Brandi

    pretty sure south dakota has warm weather…..its called summer idiots

  • Kiki

    Yes because winter happens in December in the mid west. . .

  • Bri

    Aubree is so cute, but Chelsea looks a mess! Just saying.

  • andiecohen

    This girl is the biggest joke out of all the Teen Moms, Because she had both her parents in her life, was raised right, has a huge suppurt system & still can not manage to active anything in life. At least w/ Amber & Janelle you can look at their family dynamic, the way they were raised, & see why they turned out the way they did. But, Chelsea is just lazy.

    • tab

      that’s an awfully big presumption to make about someone based off what you know of them from a reality tv show.

      • Jenn

        well it is “reality” isn’t it? If I’m not mistaken reality t.v. is “unscripted programming that documents actual events” sooo……yeah. She’s lazy.

    • Jenn

      Don’t forget to mention how loaded her father is. He paid rent for her to stay in a house WAY bigger than then 1 bedroom apartment i’m currently renting while working a 45+ hr job and volunteering. Wish my dad could give me a easy way out.

      • Goldie Treasure

        That is the problem. She is spoiled and knows she doesn’t have to get off her lazy ass and do anything.

    • sammi

      I had been saying since we met Chelsea that she was a slazy slob. All she did was lay around in her PINK sweats, play with Aubree, and whine and text Adam all day. Its pathetic that she is as old as she is and her baby is 3 and she still hasnt accomplished a damn thing viable to life. Her dad is the biggest enabler ive ever seen. Here she has everthing handed to her and never has to work for anything, cause daddy hands it to her with no reward to work for. Its no way my dad would be footing the bill for me and my son and here I havent held up my end of the bargain in what im expected to do. Its one thing to help someone get on their feet but Chelsea never worked hard for anything. Giving birth was the closest she ever came to real work.

  • Christina

    I wish Chelsea wouldn’t wear such oversized clothes all the time. They make her look much bigger than she is.

    • tab

      and the fake tanning! it’s awful. she just looks orange all the time.

  • tab

    i just love aubree. she’s such a beautiful little girl and always looks so happy!

  • Melanie

    She makes herself look so much older (and not in a good way) with the way she globs on the makeup. She looks like she’s in her 40’s in the top picture. Less is more, Chelsea!

  • A

    This is a minor change and everything but chelsea never went through with aubree’s name change. Her legal last name is lind, not houska. Mtv portrayed that she did, but in reality she didn’t. She’s admitted it on twitter and her fanpage

    • Jenn

      Thank god you told me this, I was up the past few nights worrying.

      • RoseDawson

        I see what you did there and I like it.

  • Allison

    Does anyone else think the interviewer is kind of awkward, or is it just me? lol

  • brittany

    Chelsea may not have achieved a college degree or a GED at that, but she has accomplished something… she seems like she’s a great mother and that is definitely an accomplishment.

  • VG

    What she needs to do is become a singer. She has a beautiful voice.