Drug bust: Woman tried to smuggle almost three pounds of cocaine in her breast implants

A 33-year-old woman from Panama named Yeraldina was stopped in Barcelona, Spain on a flight from Bogata, Colombia to investigate two bandaged and bloody wounds under her breasts. She told authorities that she had recently had breast implant surgery, but they didn’t buy her story, or her explanation for being in Spain. She was in a terrible condition so they sent her to a hospital to be further evaluated where doctors found 2.9 pounds of cocaine in her chest, worth about $130,000.

Because of the state of her wounds, and the large amount of cocaine in her body, she may not have survived if she had not be stopped. This arrest may have saved her life, and hopefully changed it. This was the first instance Spain had every had of smuggling cocaine in breast implants, and it doesn’t seem like a smart way to do it. Major surgery is involved twice, and if the smuggler ends up in the hospital (which sounds inevitable to avoid death) the drug is found right away.

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  • jess

    Ummmmm ouuuuccchhhhhhh!

  • She did that for a $130,000??? Not me, not ever but if I were going to it’d be a hell of lot more then that measly amount of cash!

    • starcasmnet

      Less than that. She was transporting, so she would have probably only gotten a small cut.

    • sanoga

      Easy to say when you don’t live in a poor, corrupt country run by drug dealers and criminals…

  • Noneya

    So she or someone else cut her breasts and drained the implants and stuffed the drugs in them?!? Wha?

    • Ace

      Yea I was also wondering how the heck she got that in there? Some drug-dealing plastic surgeon?