Denise Richards is taking care of Brooke Mueller’s kids during her 19th stay in rehab

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has entered rehab for the 19th time to address an Adderall addiction (she was reportedly found unresponsive in her home,) and while she’s away Denise Richards, another ex-wife of Charlie’s will be taking care of Brooke’s twins for “an indefinite period of time.”

Charlie isn’t able to take full-time care of the children because of his Anger Management schedule, so Denise is stepping up care for 3-year-old Bob and Max. They’ll get to spend some quality time with their sisters Lola and Sam, Denise’s children with their dad, and Denise’s 1-year-old adopted baby Eloise.

This isn’t the first time Denise has stepped into a full-time mom role for Bob and Max, she also took care of them earlier this year when Brooke spent some time in a wellness center.

Denise spoke to Access Hollywood about always being there for the kids because they are her family.

“This is not the first time I’ve had all five, they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers. It was a full house, lots of love and life. Brooke knows anytime, and Charlie, that any time they need help with the boys, that I’m there.”

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  • lovelila

    denise is awesome. i always felt bad for her when she split with sheen and the fallout after, people were so harsh to her. at least the little kids are safe away from the drama with their siblings and denise

  • alexstorm

    After what Denise went through w/the backlash over divorcing Charlie while pregnant, and her show on E, her taking in his kids shows just what she is made of, and so far out of Charlies league. and yes she is awesome!!!

  • Honeybear

    She’s a good woman. God bless her.

  • Kara

    How wonderful of Denise I hope Brooke gets clean and stays clean this time.

  • MeOhMy

    Good woman???? Seriously???? I guess people forgot about what she did to her BEST FRIEND, years ago. (Heather Locklear)….Denise sent nude pictures to Richie Sambora when he was MARRIED to Heather (again, her BEST friend)….That is something I sure can’t forget.

  • Sara

    At least the boys have someone familiar taking care of them and get to be close to their sisters.