Taylor Armstrong’s married boyfriend John Bluher speaks out about their courtship

Taylor Armstrong and boyfriend John Bluher who is still married

Taylor Armstrong has been linked to her boyfriend, John Bluher, since earlier this year. But, up until recently, neither party had confirmed the relationship, most likely because Bluher is still married with children. Now that John has officially separated from his wife, he’s opening up about Taylor and addressing the rumors that have been circulating about his and Taylor’s courtship.

“I can confirm that Taylor Armstrong and I are in a romantic relationship, and we are both very happy,” John tells the Sacramento Bee. “Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation and rumor as to the status of my relationship with Taylor Armstrong. There have been many inaccuracies reported by the media, some of which are deeply hurtful, to our families and those close and important to us.”

Taylor Armstrong on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

“The status of my marriage and pending divorce has come under huge scrutiny around my relationship with Taylor,” John continues. “Taylor was not involved in the issues that resulted in the dissolution of my marriage, nor was she the reason for my divorce.  I want to be very clear and, for the record, state that Taylor Armstrong is not a home-wrecker. I have great respect for my ex-wife, and of course our three children whom I love dearly.  This is a difficult time, and I ask that people respect our privacy.”

Taylor has also recently spoken out about their courtship. She told Hollywood Life, “I am in a relationship, and I’m happy, and um.. he’s a wonderful role model for Kennedy and I’m really thankful.” Taylor even hinted that we may eventually see John on the show, but, she won’t be quitting the show to be with him as it was previously reported.

For more of Taylor Armstrong, tune in to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills every Monday night at 9/8c.

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  • Sarah

    If you ha such “great respect” for your ex wife then why wouldn’t you bother to wait until you were actually divorced before starting another relationship?

  • You are BOTH GARBAGE……

  • ameliaBedelia76

    She looks absolutely nasty in that first picture!!!

  • Kim

    He must be a nut to date that train wreck.

  • Marla

    Another Leann Rimes

    • I was just thinking, Brandi is going tear her a new one over this.

  • Jenn

    He is a great role model for her daughter???? I didn’t know being married while dating another woman was criteria for being a great role model.

  • Please quit the show Taylor. Pretty please.

  • siriusthecat

    Shouldn’t she be in jail for the crimes she committed with Russell? She just got away with everything?

  • Antoinette_Mary54

    So, though she may not be the reason, they were having some sort of relationship while he is still married. Sorry John, separated or not, until you have a legal decree that says otherwise, you are still married. I guess she found someone with enough money to keep her in the manner to which she was accustomed; didn’t matter if he was already married.