Plastic surgery chronicles: Has Blake Lively had a nose job?

Has blake Lively had a nose job, rhinoplasty?

There’s A LOT of plastic surgery going on in Hollywood, and while some of it is flagrant and noticeable, a great deal of it is really good work. (If celebs can’t find the right doctors, what hope is there for anyone else?)

One of the most obvious good nose jobs out there is Blake Lively, a bright young starlet who had a noticeably larger nose in her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants era. She reportedly got her nose job after filming Accepted> in 2006.

The above pic is a side-by-side comparison of Blake back in 2005, and Blake October 2012. There is definitely a difference there, but her nose frankly looked great before.

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  • b

    Looks like she had her teeth done too. Oh well, I say if you can afford it and it makes you feel better then go for it.

    • okccw

      Good call on the teeth, you’re right! Also the nose job no secret, she’s never hid that.

  • It looks like a nose job because the nose looks framed. It could also be that she is wearing The nosesecret nose enhancer with some make up help.

  • Yoya2

    Nose looked better before…it’s too thin contributing to her overall pointy-face look