Jenelle Evans marries Courtland Rogers in “shotgun courthouse wedding”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans married Courtland Rogers December 4 2012

First comes baby in a baby carriage, then comes love, then, ummm… something like that.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is married! The 20-year-old reality star reportedly tied the knot with her fiance Courtland Rogers on Tuesday in a courthouse ceremony.

Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson spilled the beans to Radar Online stating, “My sister got married this morning, it was a shotgun courthouse wedding.”

I’m not sure if Ashleigh fully understand what a “shotgun wedding” is, but it usually involves the bride-to-be being pregnant, something Jenelle has denied many times over the last couple weeks.

Jenelle hinted something might be up when she posted on her Facebook wall earlier today, “Omg this should be very interesting… :D”

UDPATE – We just spoke with Jenelle who confirms she is indeed married and expects to have a wedding later next year! OMG Can you imagine what that’s gonna be like? I’m sure we will get to see it all go down on MTV.

Radar Online also has a copy of Jenelle and Courtland’s marriage license confirming the two got married today, December 4, 2012.

The nuptials come just a couple months after the two started officially dating in October, and as you might imagine, the news came as quite a shock to Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans. “My mother was totally shocked and had to hear it from someone else,” Ashleigh says. “Our whole family is shocked because they have not been dating very long. I’m sure she did this to distract from all the drug accusations that have been flying around and of course she thinks it will help her get custody of Jace back from mom if she is married.”

In case you didn’t know, in addition to Jenelle having her three-year-old son Jace, Courtland has a one-year-old daughter named Jordan, so I wonder if he’s thinking the same thing.

I don’t think being married (especially to someone with an extensive criminal past involving multiple drug arrests) will help at all with any sort of custody dispute, but congratulations to Courtland and Jenelle… Rogers? Am I really not going to be typing “Jenelle Evans” any more?!? Wow.

So what did the happy couple do to celebrate their big day? Courtland took Jenelle to her favorite place in the world! A Ke$ha concert Olive Garden! She shared this photo on Facebook along with the caption, “Courtland took me out to Olive Garden and asked the waiter to take the pic, lmao. Don’t ask about my eyes… Weird”

Jenelle Evans marries Courtland Rogers, heads to Olive Garden

That does look like a wedding ring on Courtland’s finger!

On a side note, Jenelle recently posted on Sulia that she and Courtland were planning on taking a cruise together for the holidays, saying at the time it was to celebrate their birthdays (Jenelle’s is in December and Courtland’s is in January), but now I’m starting to wonder if it wasn’t supposed to be a honeymoon cruise all along!

UPDATE – Perhaps the “shotgun wedding” reference was accurate after all, or at least Jenelle’s ex Gary Head thinks so. After the announcement was made Gary tweeted, “Jenelle got married and she’s pregnate agian. I can understand the marriage but you got her knocked up to!!! Your F***ED bro #LifeMistake”

UPDATE – Seemingly in response to Gary’s tweets, Jenelle tweeted, “I’m not pregnant. Jesus, still only weighing 100 lbs over here… Lol”

But he didn’t stop there! Gary then threw yet another monkey wrench into the seemingly infinitely complicated world of Jenelle Evans by insinuating she may have gotten pregnant in order to get more money from MTV! “Wish MTV would pay me 20K to have a kid by Dec. 31 #JustSaying” Wow, so not only is he claiming Jenelle and Courtland are having a child, but that there was a deadline they were working under? As far-fetched as it sounds, it would explain Jenelle’s mysterious “there’s a big reason we got engaged so fast” remarks during her infamous Ustream live chat.

MTV has taken a lot of heat from airing the Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant shows, but I’m in agreement with a lot of experts that it has been an overall positive influence on America’s sexually active youth. But, if it turns out they had some sort of automatic payout for a pregnancy, that will change my opinion of the network for sure! (Although it will not change the positive impact of the show.)

On the other hand, this is a tweet from one of Jenelle’s ex – that has about as much value as used paper towel.

UPDATE – (What’s a Jenelle Evans Rogers post without six or seven updates, right?) Shortly before getting married, Courtland was formally charged with a felony! At the very same courthouse he and Jenelle were married in! Wh-wh-what?!? Just click the link.

  • I’m guessing it has something to do with custody. I know of couples that get married to look “stable” in the eyes of the courts, in order to get custody of the children from previous relationships- however, these people were NOT drug addicts, nor had they ever been arrested.

  • Angie

    …if this is true, one of them will be filing for divorce in 3 days.

  • Bri

    Tell me it isn’t so.

  • Jackson

    Is everyone who lives in that small town white trash and knocked up before they turn 18? Let’s see you have jenelle,ashley, courtland, courtland’s baby mama, and baby mama’s sister who shatter the mold of your stereotypical white trash.

    • Bri

      Not to mention her shithead friends.

  • Jenn

    I wonder whose marriage will last longer…..

    Jenelle and Courtland’s or Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries

    My vote goes to Kim.

  • Jenn

    Who wants to bet on how long it lasts?

  • have fun sharing your MTV money after your divorce you moron. idiot. idiot. idiot.

    • meg

      its probably already gone anyways LOL

  • She looks so thin. I’m glad they’re eating.

  • Katie

    For Jenelle to even try get Jace back now would be selfish. He knows Barbara and she gives him a good life. Jenelle is a sh!t leopard who can’t change her spots. I predict prison or death within the next 10 years at the rate she’s going.

  • What a joke.

  • Nikki

    This will end well, I’m sure.

  • angela

    Its crazy from watching the show she’s a mess an a bad mom she should be worrying about her child an staying of drugs.first

  • Jean

    First of all..This picture proves that Jenelle is the devil (just look at those eyes!) Haha…just kidding. But really, Jenelle is the most stupid, ignorant, white trash disgrace to women everywhere. I’m sorry but there is no doubt in my mind that not only is she bipolar but has antisocial personality disorder. She is just living on one impulse after another, caring about NO ONE but herself. Come on Jenelle, you know you don’t love all these guys. I hope her *big day* was everything she dreamt of growing up. WHAT AN IDIOT. Can’t wait for the divorce next month when he “puts his hands on her”. You’re gross…just go away!!!

  • glk900

    they are not getting married to get custody of Jace..married for money from MTV to buy more drugs..she could care less about Jace..I think by now that should be pretty obvious to everyone..Also, Kieffer’s mom mentioned MTV offering money to JE if she was pregnant w Kieffers child and I think she would know first hand. She is disgusting. Everyone needs to unfollow her off twitter asap. That is how she measures her morality..”have half a million followers of Twitter, therefore a good mom” You can hear that audio clip on Jace_Evans on twitter if you do not believe me

    • Ashley

      If it’s true that MTV was offering Jenelle more money if she was pregnant with Kieffer’s child, that is absolutely disgusting and appalling. There is no way anyone with an ounce of sanity or responsibility would think it would be a good idea or okay for Jenelle to have another child right now.

    • Katie

      I bet all the ppl following her are sh!t moms too.

  • Sweet Venom

    Stupid girl. That’s all I can say at this point.

  • There’s going to be some kind of annullment. The drama never ends with this girl, so I’m not surprised.

  • Sarah

    You wonder if she reads all the comments that people write in order to gain some sense of understanding of her own extremely sick and dysfunctional behavior….I know that she must be curious and probably enjoys all of the attention so I am guessing that she must read such comments but fails to actually put any stock into what others are saying.

    • Burkey

      I’m pretty sure that any time she hears or reads anything negative about herself that she automatically chalks it up to people not understanding her, or that they don’t know her so it doesn’t matter.

  • Apryl

    First of all, why are you guys always so supportive of this girl? She married this kid after 2 months of dating. She clearly has a drug problem.She doesn’t give a shit about her son. Her “husband” also has a child that he could care less about. How do they expect to have another if they cant even take care of the ones they have? MTV should be ashamed to have this trash on their channel. & starcasm should be ashamed for being so positive and supportive towards her.
    Second, how has this helped teen pregnancy at all? Half of the girls on these shows are pregnant again. If they cant learn for themselves, how do they expect to teach other teens about teen pregnancy prevention? I love this site, but you guys really need to rethink what you post sometimes.

    • Ace

      Yea it annoys me how Starcasm acts all positive about everything she does.I love imbringingbloggingback, wish they would do news too. He tells it like it is.

  • Ace

    I don’t even have words to explain how much I hate this POS. Get your priorities sorted, I had a courthouse wedding too but my 2 year old was there, actually he came up and held our hands as we were saying our vows. I would never have gotten married without him there, and especially not without even having custody of my own child. And on top of that, I would not want to be with any man who also does not regularly take care of his child and push you to do the same. Well I hope she feels all grown up now. But please god don’t let this f**k up have any more kids, I’m sure her mother doesn’t need another one.

  • And they lived happily ever after. The End.

    • tanya

      More like happily NEVER after! Lol

  • Ashley

    “Jenelle…expects to have a wedding later next year! …I’m sure we will get to see it all go down on MTV.”

    You must mean we’ll get to see their divorce before they have that second wedding ceremony go down on MTV.

  • ohmygeez

    And let the countdown to their divorce begin in 3..2..1..

  • Burkey

    I think something even more so than being bipolar has GOT to be wrong with this girl. Plenty of people don’t learn lessons until something happens directly to them, and you have to just wait for that to happen. But with Jenelle, not only has she made millions of mistakes that any normal person would learn from but she has it all on VIDEO! How can someone watch all the footage of the various mistakes they make in their life and of how much they hurt their son and NOT feel like the biggest piece of garbage EVER. How can seeing all of this not make you want to change yourself. I don’t think there’s much hope left for this girl, I’m thinking as bad as her life has been it’s only going down hill from here.

    • Sarah

      I have always thought the very same thing about her—between the written words and video of herself I have such a hard time grasping how she can’t see how crazy her behavior is and have a true desire to true and be different…I mean I know the key word that everyone will use in response to what I am writing her is: “denial”, but geeze, when you are staring at yourself right in the face I would think denial would be a harder defense mechanism to hold onto.

  • meg

    top photo she looks like the chrimson chin.

  • AByy (:

    Who is gonna want to marry jenelle? Poor guy..

    • Bri

      Poor guy? You’ve got to be kidding me. You make it seem like he’s a well- rounded respectable guy. He’s not. Assholes deserve each other and that’s exactly what they are.