PHOTO Holly Madison checks into hospital due to extreme morning sickness

Holly Madison in the hospital suffering from extreme morning sickness

Holly Madison was checked into a hospital yesterday with an extreme case of morning sickness. The reality star posted two photos via Twitter showing herself hooked up to an IV stating, “Almost seven months and morning sickness took hold! Glad to be otherwise OK, though.”

This news comes on the heels of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement, which many believed was made public because she was suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a rare disorder characterized by severe and persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Because of Kate’s condition, she too was admitted to the hospital.

As Holly stated, she’s almost 7-months-along in her pregnancy while Kate is early on. Many of Madison’s followers and fans sent her well wishes for which she was very appreciative. She tweeted:

Madison is expecting her first child with Pasquale Rotella.

Image: Instagram | DJDM | Instagram

  • ohhhhno

    Just trying to jump on the bandwagon. Seriously never heard anything about going to the hospital for morning sickness until Kate went.

    • tab

      “morning sickness” is just a term. some women suffer from nausea and vomiting throughout the day and throughout their pregnancy, many have to visit the hospital weekly for IV fluids and/or zofran for sickness. i don’t think holly is jumping on any bandwagon.

  • As someone whose actually suffered from hyperemesis for the past several months- this pisses me off. Oh, you have a little bit of nausea ONE day? Poor thing 🙁 Those who actually deal with this do so for months on end with little relief. She made it to 7 months with no nausea? Well I’ve had unrelenting nausea FOR 7 months. Get over yourself Ms. Madison.

    • Areyouserious

      How do you know she hasn’t been suffering as you have? She might have chosen not to say anything until now

    • Sway

      No shit. 24 weeks here and still having morning sickness. I am still 7 pounds down from pre-pregnancy weight.
      And her taking photos and tweeting them makes it look like a joke.

  • ohmygeez

    She’s just trying to say relevant in any way possible, especially since Kate stole the baby spotlight. I had all-day sickness for the majority of mine and tweeting/posting pics would’ve been asking too much of me. She’s obviously not that bad off.

  • Mickey

    I mean, I love that she’s having a baby and all, but it’s just sooo convenient that this happened right after Kate went for her morning sickness. I had to go to the er with my first because I couldn’t even hold water down. The vomiting lasted until month 5. With my 2nd I was nauseous throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy. My dr was super worried because I was losing weight in months 4-5 instead of gaining.

  • Haley

    I had hg throughout my entire pregnancy. Was diagnosed early on; then at 23 weeks, was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia also. For someone to throw up a little bit and feel “horrible” and go to the hospital and proceed to tweet pictures and such is crap. When you have hg, you don’t even want to breathe because you’ll get sick. This is crap and she’s just trying to get in the spotlight with the dutchess.