VIDEO PHOTOS Meet the cast of MTV’s Buckwild: West Virginia!

MTV Buckwild cast photo

It’s Jersey Shore meets Honey Boo Boo as MTV announces a premiere date for it’s latest reality show venture titled Buckwild! Set in the mountains of West Virginia, the network describes the show as “an authentic comedic series following an outrageous group of childhood friends from the rural foothills of West Virginia who love to dodge grown-up responsibilities and always live life with the carefree motto, ‘whatever happens, happens.'”

Here’s the Buckwild preview trailer released today by MTV:

Set to literally replace Jersey Shore by taking the coveted Jerzday time slot of Thursday nights at 10/9c, Buckwild will premiere January 3. MTV further describes the show this way:

Money might be tight in their neck of the woods, but whether they’re throwing a dump truck pool party or building their own human slingshot, nothing stops them from making their own entertainment. Love and relationships come and go, but their bond with family and friends is always at the core for this eccentric group where anything goes!

The show sports a rather large cast which officially includes nine fun-loving youngsters, including the ratings-friendly ratio of six girls to three guys. Here are each of the cast members with photos and a brief description from MTV. We will continue to update this page with links as we find out more about them and share it with you (as we certainly will – start the countdown on the first sextape now!).

MTV Buckwild Shain Gandee cast photo
Shain Gandee
“Gandee Candy”
Everyone in Sissonville, W. Va. knows Shain. Sociable and loyal, he was the high school Prom King, but missed the dance because he had to work. He’s done every job from coal mining to being a garbage man but as long as he is using his hands, he’s happy. He loves mudding, hunting and four-wheeling but most of all he loves his parents, who live three doors down. [Click here for some serious country boy MySpace photos of Shain Gandee!]

Anna Davis Buckwild MTV
Anna Davis
“The Ringleader”
Even though she comes from the ritzier part of town, Anna would rather spend her time getting dirty with the crew down in the creeks and hollers. She’s a true wild child at heart who finds herself at a crossroads in life trying to decide between work and school. One thing is for certain: Anna isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

Ashley Whitt Buckwild cast photoMTV Buckwild cast photo of Ashley Whitt
Ashley Whitt
“The Tomboy”
Wild and carefree, Ashley is known for being one of the guys. She’d rather get down and dirty in the mud than deal with local drama — although she doesn’t mind starting it. She’s the bravest and most honest of her friends, but always the one to stir the pot. [Click here to check out Ashley Whitt wearing only body paint!]

Buckwild Shae Bradley cast photoMTV photo of Shae Bradley of Buckwild
Shae Bradley
“The Spicy Southern Belle”
Around town, Shae is known as the Southern belle. She’s been chased after by every eligible bachelor in Sissonville but somehow always ends up with the bad boy. Currently a nursing student, this college girl is also a country girl through and through. In fact, her first kiss was on the back of a four-wheeler. [Click here to see Shae in a rare candid bikini photo and one of the greatest random reality Twitter pics you’ll see.]

Buckwild Joey cast photoMTV photo of Joey from Buckwild
“Justin Beaver”
Shain and Joey have been best friends since they could walk. Once they learned how to ride a bike, it’s been bumps, bruises and hospital visits for these adrenaline junkies. With his Justin Bieber haircut and laid-back country attitude, Joey thinks he’s the biggest ladies’ man in town.

Buckwild Cara Parrish cast photoMTV cast photo of Cara Parrish
Cara Parrish
“The Firecracker”
Originally hailing from Morgantown, the biggest college town in West Virginia, Cara had seen her fair share of the club and bar scene. But when the drama of having an ex in the same town became too much, she decided to escape back to her Sissonville friends to get her mind straight. [Click here to see some eye-popping modeling shots of Cara getting buck wild in bikinis and lingerie!]

Tyler Boulet Buckwild cast photoMTV Buckwild's Tyler Boulet cast picture
Tyler Boulet
“The Pretty Boy”
Known for his innocent good looks, Tyler has a reputation for leaving a trail of broke hearts all over town. He recently finished up another semester in college but the flexible schedule of working at his dad’s company sometimes seems more enticing. Recently Shain and Joey have taken Tyler under their wing on a mission to make him less of a pretty boy and more of a country man. [Click here for mug shots of Tyler as he seems to take the concept of “buck wild” seriously].

Buckwild Katie Saria cast photoKatie Saria MTV Buckwild cast picture
Katie Saria
“The College Girl”
A well-rounded college girl, Katie loves to spend her free time away from school, back with her friends in Sissonville. She is afraid of anything potentially dangerous, which means the gang loves to push her to her limit whenever they can.

Buckwild Salwa Amin cast photoSalwa Amin Buckwild MTV cast photo
Salwa Amin
“Bengali in Boots”
A recent college graduate, Salwa lives at home with her strict parents. Whenever she’s able to slip away, she’s the first one at the party. The oldest of the group, Salwa is always down for a good time and everyone loves her “tell it like it is” attitude. [Everyone except perhaps the police, who apparently picked Salwa up on some misdemeanor charge back in July. Click here to see Salwa Amin’s mug shot photo!]

And just in case you lived in another part of the country and thought you might be safe from Buckwilditization, you should know that the co-creators of the show, Zoo Productions, registerred three domains in October of 2011:,, and! I’m not sure if that was because they weren’t sure which of the three they were going to pursue at the time or if they have intentions of growing the franchise in the future if the West Virginia incarnation takes off. Just a heads up for our Texas and Alabama readers :)

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  • Nicole

    Oh my lord. I’m from West Virginia (although right across the river from Ohio) but this is so embarrassing. Not everyone from WV acts, looks & talks like this.

  • steph

    I went to high school in west Virginia for my junior year, back in 2007, but all of my former classmates are more attractive and classier than this bunch. I don’t see this show lasting for long.

    • katiek009

      Thats what I thought about Jersey Shore.On the Shore they are all ugly.

  • pragmatic

    Actually, West Virginia, was founded on the exploitation of workers. Kind of the antithesis of freedom.

  • Jodee Martin

    Hell Yeah so excited…no not everyone from wv acts like this just the ones that like to have fun

  • Mandy Wheeler Farruggia

    Being from West Virginia this embarrasses me. We do not all act like this. We are not all hillbillies who are uneducated and speak like hicks. please keep an open mind while watching this. We have such a bad reputation already and this does not help!

  • WV Proud

    Sissonville is the biggest embarrassment in Kanawha County! Good choice for finding ignorant rednecks that are NOT representative of the state!

  • Jenn

    The only reason they are doing this is because so many people watched the movie “The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” ugh. Go back to playing music MTV. At least change you’re name to something else.

  • WV Proud and EDUCATED

    I was born and raised in WV. People are blowing this WAY out of proportion. I’m sure not all individuals from Jersey act like Snookie…..just like not everyone from WV acts the same. It is a show for entertainment. No one is saying “everyone from Wet Virginia acts like that”. You haven’t even watched the show yet, and already defending yourselves against nothing. If you feel that it is in someway going to stereotype you, don’t watch it. You’re going to be the same people on here bitching about things on the show…which means you are watching it. You don’t like it, change the channel. You’re judging the show like you say people are going to judge us. Get over it.

    • KelseyLovesWV

      omg I completely agree with you! I was going to say the exact same thing! whoever thinks everyone from jersey shore acts like the people on the show are just ignorant! it hasn’t even aired yet either so I have no idea why people are just assuming they know how its going to be! I love West Virginia and anyone who’s been here knows the majority of us are normal, everyday people! just like the stereotype about everyone not having teeth; no one on either side of my family is missing their teeth and we were all born and raised in WV! come on now guys…

    • TheSmartBlonde

      exactly. snookie isn’t even FROM new jersey, she’s a new yorker.

  • hellllooo

    Being from WV i know that they could have found somewhere a little more secluded than Sissonville to make a show about rednecks.

  • jen

    No not everyone in WV does but they’re a bunch of young adults having fun is rather watch them then jersey shore! I can’t wait to watch!!!!

  • Chad

    Needs more meth heads. Get your stereotypes right MTV! Lived here my whole life and trust me only the hilljacks act like this. Needs way more white trash SSI check recipients with 9 kids.

  • Stephanie

    have fun anyone from WV…all the opinions are gonna start coming your way, and your gonna get frustrated. Living in South Jersey all we get now are “OMG your like jersey shore?” and stupid questions about being like the another state is gonna get a bad rep, but now youll know what us in jersey go through all the time in the summer. i feel for ya. what is going on with mtv?

  • Monica Faucett

    Im from Charleston WV and ive never seen people act like this! LOL its all for show…and why they pick sissonville anyways….Charleston is where the real action is LOL

  • Monica Faucett

    of course no black ppl in sissonville LOL

    • tylerjake78

      Monica, get a life. You obviously are someone who is so dumb you couldn’t smell a forest fire if you were standing in the middle of it. It’s Bush’s fault there’s no black people there.

      • Teewye M

        I’m black and used to live in Sissonville and Charleston…Not everthing is like what you see on TV. Fine people in both places.

  • sissonvillegirl

    I am from Sissonville myself. I remember acting this way when I was their age. It was a blast. Now I am 28 have 2 kids and a good job. From the trailer it makes them seem redneck and crazy, but I believe as the show goes on you will get a view of how you can make friends that are closer than family and that will have your back through anything. Yes they are a little country and back woods, but if you read about them you will see that many of them are in college or they are doing some form of hard work to make a living. I will enjoy watching them. It will bring back good memories for me.

  • tylerjake78

    Where did they find such thin people in WV?!

  • ziggy

    I can’t wait to see tyler showing some skin…he’s soooo hot! I wonder if he’ll discuss his guy fans watching him and wanting to do naughty things to him.

  • nonono

    No, do not bring this crap to Texas.

  • Unae

    I hope they have subtitles because I understood only 1 word out every 10 they spoke.

  • J

    4 of the girls aren’t even from there and went to GW in charleston now that’s ironic

  • Larry P. Monstoner

    I only clicked this because I wanted to know who the fat toothless-beaver was. Turns out it’s a she and is called Ashley. Yuck, fugly.

  • Rachel

    OMG, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I was born and grew up in Morgantown, WV. I left a few times to attend school and even worked in the New Jersey/New York City area. I live here now and love my hometown/state. After watching this trash, I see why West Virginia has a bad reputation. I can assure everyone, we do NOT act like this in my hometown. It looks like this is hick-heaven at its finest. MTV must need money, that’s why they went to Southern WV and filmed this crap. They should have shown the decent side of our great state. This is why we will forever be sterotyped. As for Buck Wild, I will NOT be watching.

  • Alyssa

    Hmm, this new show definitely sounds like it’s going to be pretty controversial and hopefully a bit entertaining. I can see what the gals I work with at DISH are saying about it being a mix of the Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo now though. I’m not too sure if I’ll like the southern mix that it has, but I guess I’ll just have to give it a try and see for myself. I’ll keep an eye out for that premiere date and setup a timer for it to record with my DISH Hopper DVR. I have a 2 terabyte hard drive to work with now when it comes to my DVR, so thankfully I’ll have no problem recording this new series and all of my other favorite shows coming back in January as well.

  • Cheri

    There are decent, hardworking people who live right here in Sissonville. Really? The decent side of our state?” You all might not know this but Sissonville is ONLY 15 -20 minutes to Charleston which is the CAPITAL of West Virginia. To say that this side is not decent is ignorant. To many people worrying about what everyone else is doing and “it’s ohhh so embarrassing” really need to get the stick outta their butts. There are teenagers in every state who will act like this given the chance. Not just WV. And the ones complaining will have their noses so close to the TV when it airs, they will be cross-eyed by the time the first commercial comes on. People have seen ONE trailer and already it’s going to be all about meth and drinking. Why don’t you wait and see before assuming. Lighten up people. It’s entertainment. Do you think MTV didn’t spice things up? And yes, they are kids..easily influenced and like to have fun. Kids die on our roads and highways every day,die from overdoses, gang shootings…I could go on and on. Life is to short to worry what others think of you. And I hope that the day never comes when you are out on your boat and it runs out of gas.. or God-forbid..sinks ..that one of these kind hearted, hell let me lend a hand, with roots that come from family and love which is richer than the biggest house and fake -ass life could ever be, kids will jump in the water and save your condescending ass when everyone else is to scared or afraid to get their shoes wet, to jump in and help. They will do it and not event expect a thanks you because that is how people in my hometown roll!!!

    • KelseyLovesWV

      I love this post! like I said in another post, anyone who has ever been here or has family here knows we are not a bunch of stupid toothless rednecks. just like everyone from jersey shore does not get wasted everynight and see how many people they can sleep with! it makes me so mad that people are saying that this is the worst embarrassment our state can get. in my opinion id wayyyy rather be stereotyped as the people in buckwild than an idiot that marries their cousin!

  • Yuckyuck

    My god Ashley is fugly

  • deathgoat

    Squeal like a Pig…

  • Kristen

    Guess what MTV…your show is gonna flop… no one is going to watch this shit, besides white trash..

  • julissa_marie

    I really can’t wait to watch this!

  • Kilolo

    Omg everyone is getting all riled up. Clearly this show is for entertainment and anyone watching can see that. Personally, I think it looks like they have a lot of fun. I hope this show lasts because I LIKE IT.

  • Mike Xalon

    Katie is AMAZING!!! Her friends are cool and all are cute. But I have NO CLUE why the guys like Cara. I dont get it at all. Katie #1 and Shae #2 (though I dont like blondes anymore)
    If Katie was a bit older, I would fly down there and spoil her rotten :) Sooo adorable!

  • DrBobNM

    lets hope Salwa’s parents aren’t into ‘honor killings’. She could be in great danger.

  • Merrick Knibb

    I am a 56 year old man from Jamaica,West Indies and was eagerly anticipating the premiere of Buckwild and after finally viewing it I definitely have no regrets because I think it is all just great fun and much better than Jersey Shore.Buckwild episodes are being aired repeatedly and I watch them over and over again because of the daredevil fun factor and especially to see super cute Cara,Salwa,Katie and Anna who are my favourites. All the people who are bitching about the show and complaining about stereotyping should just simply change the channel and let us fun-loving people enjoy this great production from MTV. I know nothing about Sissonville,West Virginia personally,but from what I have seen I think that it is a great place to be and to be proud of and the Buckwild cast definitely brings new meaning to having wild fun. I am looking forward to seeing many more episodes of Buckwild because I LIKE IT and I hope it will never end. These people are definitely not boring, are VERY creative and really know how to have good fun with whatever they have wherever they might be. I love the cast of Buckwild and I also think that some of the haters might just be jealous and envious of these fun-loving,exciting young people who provide great entertainment (and the haters might really want to be in the show themselves too)** I say,” Long live the Buckwild show and MTV!!!!!!! “

  • tricia3223

    The only reason watchin the show is because it reminds me of my younger Wilder days! Not because the live in west Virginia. Not why I’mwatching all. So stop being so conceded west Virginians its not all about you! Ha