Gabriel Aubry releases black eye and injury photos, claims Olivier Martinez threatened his life

Gabriel Aubry got into a brutal fight with his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry’s current fiance on Thanksgiving Day, and now she’s releasing photos and giving out details in order to obtain a restraining order against Olivier.

According to Aubry’s lawyer, the day before Thanksgiving Gabriel and Halle’s four-year-old daughter Nahla was in a school play. At the play Olivier Martinez allegedly walked over to Gabriel, and whispered in his ear in French “I wish I could beat the s**t out of you right now. You’re lucky we’re in a school right now. We’re going to take Nahla right now and you’re not going to follow us.”

The next morning when Gabriel dropped Nahla off at Halle and Olivier’s house, Olivier met Gabriel instead of the nanny and, according to Gabriel, immediately attacked him. He reportedly screamed at Gabriel that he had cost them $3 million (in the custody war over Halle’s failed attempt to take Nahla to France,) and bashed his head into the sidewalk.

Then Gabriel says Olivier threatened Gabriel’s life twice, first saying he would kill him if he didn’t move to France so they could take Nahla there, and then threatening to kill Gabriel if he didn’t claim the fight was his fault when the cops showed up.

Of course, Halle and Olivier’s side says that it was Gabriel who started the fight.

  • ginger

    There’s 2 sides to every story. And if you read this guy’s, somethings don’t add up. Damn rights Halle’s man is gonna scare him away. I think ‘Gabrielle’ is being a bitch.
    So the 2 guys FOUGHT in front of the girl??

  • tiff

    olivier martinez is a former boxer. usually the person with the most damage is not the won who started the fight, all olivier got was a damn bruised hand.
    it just so happens that gabriel won the battle and halle can’t take off to paris with nahla? i think this was a set-up, this woman has done everything in her power to make gabriel look like a terrible dad and FAILED.

  • Lassie

    Why don’t you all forget about these men and this woman.
    THINK PEOPLE, how little Nahla must have been traumatized at seeing this. This is not on!
    I am glad the CPS are gonna get involved. I also think Olivier will finally get what’s coming to him – JAIL TIME!

  • Bohiko

    Even though Olivier Martinez is a former boxer, if Gabriel initiated the fight and was the one who hit Olivier, he would have some kind of bruise on his face, and the fact is that Berry’s beau doesn’t even have a minor “damage”.