VIDEO Farrah Abraham calls Jenelle Evans ‘very not intelligent’

Farrah Abraham has sounded off at some of her co-stars on the Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant shows after she was asked about comments Jenelle Evans made in regards to her plastic surgery.

A while back Jenelle expressed her opinion via her Sulia account about Farrah’s surgeries even though Evans has had her own enhancements. She wrote:

Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?! That’s insane if you ask me!

RumorFix asked Farrah about this and she didn’t shy away from a response or putting fellow sisters in her exclusive reality sorority on blast. Here’s the clip:

In case you are in a video unfriendly watching area here is what Farrah said:

Oh really? Because she got a boob job after I did. I’m not surprised. There are lots of teen mothers on MTV who are very not intelligent and I’m one of them who really works hard, really educates myself and really cares about people. And lots of the time they call me a b!tch or act like my friend. That’s normal I think. I think that’s what the world has become and it’s just not in my life.

Oh snap! I understand that Farrah was earnest about Jenelle’s direct statement but she lumped other stars of the shows in as well. What do you think about Farrah’s comments and who do you think she was referring to other than Evans?

  • Shelly

    …… Very not intelligent and you’re one of them? Sounds about right.

  • jeff

    My god I hate that bitch. I’m glad the series is over and I hope she goes down in flames. She’s an idiot, she’s blind and she is nothing but a snobby, self centered, blame deferring sub-human.

  • Jenn

    “very not intelligent”….sounds like she got top notch education.

  • mocsnotcrocs

    I don’t understand how she can question someone’s intellegence while sounding so unintelligent herself! She won’t get anywhere in life until she stops blaming all her problems on others (Derrick’s death, her mom, Michael, etc.). I hope for Sophia’s sake she learns to take responsibility for herself and her actions.

  • ohmygeez

    Oh just shut up and sit there. Open mouth and remove all doubt!

  • Yeah, Farrah really should stop talking now. (Pretty please??)

  • Jenn M

    “very not intelligent” … way to go farrah. i have coached 7 and 8 year olds who have better grammar skills than you. i guess she will keep hanging on to the threads that are left of her 15 minutes of fame as long as she possibly can.

  • She just allowed herself to be pulled into unnecessary drama for the interviewer’s and the public’s amusement. The way she reacted “oh really?!?” God Farrah, take the high road for once! Jenelle’s actions speak for themselves anyway.

  • Tonya Marie

    She is the one that sounds unintelligent.. wow…Farrah thinks that she is the “best” teen mom and that she has been the most successful, which I think all the girls have.. other than Amber and Jenelle becuase theyre in the situations theyre in because they never changed their behavior. All the other girls are taking care of their children, going to school, have a job.. just because Farrah did it faster than them BECAUSE of the help of her parents, which in the beginning she gave no credit too.. and she still treats them with disrespect… All the girls are doing things their own way, they dont have to do it Farrah’s way. As long as their children are happy and are being raised in a good manner, I dont think she has the right to bash any of them.. she should just ignore Jenelle’s comment or be mature about it and say that its my body and I wasnt happy with my chin, b00bs and my face; so I changed it.. lol.. Grow up!

    • micro OP

      That’s true most of the other girls don’t have the same sort of financial and physical support she has from not only her parents but her grandparents as well. She also doesn’t have to deal with any drama from the other parent and can do absolutely everything regarding sophia on her own schedule

  • Sweet Venom

    Wait…Farrah said she cares about people? Who does she care about? LOL This girl just needs to die already. I actually like Jenelle more than her (I know, right?), but I really just can’t stand Farrah’s ugly face and better than thou attitude any more.

  • J

    Honestly, they’re both idiots.

  • k

    That’s the kind of grammar and intelligence you get from someone who went to cooking school :p

    • christee

      Wonder if she’s a good very cook? Because I doubt much very that.

      • Rachel

        No, she’s a great cook. She has YouTube videos that teach you how to make simple salads and kale. Because no one can figure that out…

  • micro OP

    I get so annoyed with Jenelle’s choices, but I really dislike Farrah much much more then any other teen mom. She is such a self-righteous brat, her speaking out against anyone just makes me like the other person more

  • Jessiemoon

    “There are lots of teen moms on MTV that are very not intelligent, and i’m one of them.” Sentence should’ve ended there!

  • Rachel

    What hard work does she do? Make her parents move all of her items when she moves into the apartment THEY pay for, has her child cared for by her parents, etc. Sounds like she has a pretty sweet life of sitting on her ass and complaining.

  • Bev

    Well, Farrah, that is because you ARE a bitch.

  • -___- They’re both stupid.

  • Jay

    “Very not intelligent”? And exactly what does that make HER?