PHOTOS – Rihanna and Chris Brown spent Thanksgiving together in Berlin

Rihanna, who just completed her fast-paced 777 international tour, jumped on a plane again to party with Chris Brown on Thanksgiving in Germany, where he was for his Carpe Diem tour.

They were photographed Adagio nightclub Thanksgiving evening in Berlin. She tweeted while she was on her way to see him “All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover,” along with a pic of herself in the jet. On Thanksgiving she tweeted in reference to Chris’ tour “#Berlin #CarpeDiem.”

According to E! Online “Rihanna and Brown were spotted hopping into a vehicle together after they left the club.”

A few days ago Chris and Rihanna’s new song together, the aptly titled “Nobody’s Business” leaked. CLICK HERE to listen.

Yesterday it was reported that Chris’ December 26 Guyana show cancelled over protests about his 2009 violence against Rihanna.

What do you think? Is it okay for Rihanna to go back to Chris Brown years after he physically abused her?

Chris Brown at the Adagio in Berlin, Germany, where Rihanna (above) was also spotted on Thanksgiving

Here’s the only photo our photo service had of Rihanna and Chris together last night:

  • Leah

    NOT OK. And ewww he got ugly

  • Ghee

    If Rihanna forgives and forgets then so should society. There’s a lot worse things going on in ppls life but they choose to judge others instead of themselves

    • meg

      lol, then when she gets smacked around again then i will not feel bad for her and neither should u

  • BC

    Why is Chris Brown constantly getting slammed over his domestic violence case against Rihanna, while Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen, never have it brought up?

  • tab

    they are both complete losers that deserve each other. he’ll beat her again. he clearly has anger issues.