PHOTO: Miley Cyrus cut her hair even shorter

Maybe she was tired of being told she was copying Pink, but Miley Cyrus has cut her platinum blonde hair even shorter.

After a while of going out wearing hats, she was snapped out November 19 sporting the new look.

Miley shocked fans this August when she completely separated herself with her Hannah Montana days by dying and cutting off her hair. Then it kind of backfired when she showed up the VMAs with the exact same mohawk-type hairstyle as Pink.

After that initial change, she told ELlen that it was “more than a fashion statement” because it was eco-friendly. Why eco-friendly? Because she doesn’t wash it that much, and in fact, prefers it dirty. Think of all the water she’s saving!

“When you wake up, your hair is done. It’s so easy. And the dirtier it is, the more I like it, so it’s great. Showering has cut down, I’m saving water… This is more than a fashion statement; it’s eco-friendly.”

  • Melz

    Shes a shitty singer and actor so what else she gonna do to get attention…..

  • Bri

    She just….uhhh. I DON’T LIKE HER!!

  • A

    I know she doesn’t want to be labeled as hannah montana in her adult life, but thats exactly who she will be remembered as. Getting tattoos, changing your hair color and wearing skimpy clothes will NOT make anybody see her as an adult. To me she’s acting like out like a spoiled 4 year old…

  • ohmygeez

    That style does not suit her at all. I’m all for self expression but sadly this look fails.

  • Patti

    Hope she wears a wig on her wedding day! They might confuse her with the groom!

  • shade

    Justin Beiber, is that you?