Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are officially engaged

Jenelle Evans announces her engagement to Courtland Rogers on UStream

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have only been dating for a couple of months, and they’ve already had quite the roller coaster with a break up, a reconciliation, a rumored engagement, and even an alleged kidnapping. Fresh off of what appeared to be a rather dramatic split, the two participated in a live Ustream chat during tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 and proudly announced that they are engaged!

During the Ustream chat, Jenelle declared proudly, “I’m engaged.” Her beau sat beside her during the entire chat and answered user questions with her. While some asked why they have gotten engaged so soon in their relationship, Jenelle insists there is a good reason for their quick decision.

“I’m not pregnant, but there is a reason behind why he got engaged to me,” Jenelle explained mysteriously. “If you knew the reason, you would understand why we are taking this step. I hope you guys are happy for us.”

UPDATE – Jenelle posted the following on her Facebook:

tomorrow we r going to start planning!! 🙂 OMG I’ve never been this happy in my life. It’s like a fantasy coming true. I’m going to be married to my best friend/lover/childhood sweetheart. He does anything for me and I do the same for him. I cried for 30 mins becuz i was so happy after i told him yes. then told him “thank u” he said “why” I said “now I will have that family who’s loves me for me that I never everrrr had.” I love u Courtland Rogers forever and always. I’m here for u no matter what the consequences.

In addition to their engagement news, Jenelle also revealed the couple’s plans to eventually settle down and have a baby of their own. “We do want to have a baby,” she said. In fact, they even have baby names picked out for their future children! But don’t worry, she’s not in too much of a rush when it comes to taking that step. Jenelle reassured fans that as of now, she is on birth control.

She then reposted it on her other Facebook wall and changed the last part to read:

I love u Courtland Keith Rogers. U r my soulmate. I can’t wait to spend everyday of every second with u. ♥

And here’s a video clip of the announcement:

For more of Jenelle Evans, be sure to tune in to Teen Mom 2 every Monday night at 10/9c.

  • Ashley

    She wants a baby to….what? Replace the one she doesn’t take care of. I give it two weeks before they break up again. This site will be shocked and then when they get back together, you guys will be happy for her. Blah blah blah. Boring and predictable.

  • awoman

    Yay! This is totally going to work out! I just love it when unstable young girls rush into big commitments!

    • Pharce

      It’s not like marriage means anything to her. Motherhood doesn’t mean anything, and that’s a much bigger commitment.

  • Emily

    Called it….

  • Aja

    A hot effin train wreck!

  • ANicole

    *bangs head on keyboard* MEANWHILE IN PALESTINE……

  • Yuuuup!

    She’s totally pregnant.

    • Ace

      I agree. It makes me so mad though. You shouldn’t be allowed to have another kid or even think about it if you don’t have custody of your own child in the first place.

  • jessica

    Please take her off teen mom she isn’t even a good role model and doesn’t even take care of her baby, Hell a baby sitter does more then her ughhh thankgod for dcf, i refuse to watch her parts on teen mom fast forward please >>>>>>

    • jessica

      Oops dcf*

    • Katie

      Lol I fast forward through her parts as well! I used to do the same thing for Farrah too.

      • tab

        i also record so i can fast forward through the parts of the story that are about jenelle.

  • ohmygeez

    You are a MORON. After watching you tonight and hearing you say that your son has to be “on hold” while you work out your other issues is TOTAL BS! You would not have those “other” issues if you’d pull your ignorant head out of your butt and focus more on being a GOOD mom/daughter/person and less on deadbeat guys and getting high. Your cries garner no sympathy anymore because you are like a broken record that just goes in circles with the same old, worn out song – Poor pitiful me. Grow up already, stay off Twitter and make Jase your #1 guy for once!

    • Bri

      Couldn’t have said that any better.

  • pregnant jenelle

    Yeah she’s knocked up

  • leavemebe

    As much as I would LOVE to see her get her s#@! together, we ALL KNOW, that train-wreck ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon!
    Hey Janelle! Why don’t you concentrate on taking care of yourself and YOUR SON, before you take on a husband!!!
    Go to school, get a job, do things RIGHT for once!!

  • manbearpig

    That makes me so sick that she is even THINKING about having another child. It shouldn’t even be legal for these deadbeat junkies to reproduce. You guys gunna give that one to Babs too? Sh*t, the last thing the world needs is more people like Jenelle.

    Jace is going to absolutely hate her when he gets older and the sad part is, she’ll be so far up some guys ass to even care.

    • Ace

      I wish I could like your comment a million times! And I like your username too lol

  • Jessica

    Awe yay another baby for Barbara to take care of! *rolls eyes*
    Unbelievable. She doesn’t even have her own life in order.. she thinks she is able to marry and co-exist with a significant other?? Don’t think so!


  • Ashley

    Did anybody else watch the Ustream? She’s clearly high. She’s also lost an alarming amount of weight, which this blog has decided to leave out.

    • ohmygeez

      I just watched it and yes she does seem high and her face is way thin. I don’t think this kid will ever get her s–t together.

      • ohmygeez

        And nice shot of the toilet in the background!

        • K

          Loved that detail! With the lid up and everything.

    • Ashley

      They are so both drugged up on something, and she looks awful like a drug addict. And to broadcast themselves when they’re clearly high or coming down from something….there are no words. So sad, but not unexpected.

  • Amanda . P .

    They’re Probably getting married so she can adopt His daughter

    • Jenn

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • Vy

    Jenelle still has a mind of a 14 yr old and is sooooooooooooooooooo addicted to weed, still cnt care for her own child lmao cnt even take care of her self (seein she had like 10 different dudes she dated) nd she wants a baby? Lmao, she cnt go a day w.out puttin 1 in the air. How could she possibly carry a baby 9 months nd not smoke since she addicted to weed. Grow up jenelle. ur BEYOND IGNORANT.

    • Bri

      I’m 14, but trust me, my mind is much more mature than this ignorant whore’s!!

  • Ave

    I don’t think she is pregnant I belive Courtland engaged her so he can have his daughter with him.

    • Karen

      Bingo! I bet this is a strategic move on his part to prove his home is more stable for his daughter. That’s if the court wants to believe that two potheads living off of mtv paychecks is stable. I hope Courtland will know that the court might not take to Janelle being a pothead, numerous arrests, lost custody of her OWN child and is also bipolar. Yep……real stable home there.

    • christee

      If that decision is up to any court then there’s no way in hell he’s getting that kid. And jenelle or no, he probably shouldn’t have her, either. Let’s face it, this girl isn’t exactly meeting guys at mensa.

    • tab

      like any court is going to look at the two of them and decide they’re a stable environment. she can’t even have jace, they’re not going to allow custody for his baby to them!

  • Jen

    I give it two days

  • Katie

    Pathetic. Disgusting. Trash.

  • Ellen

    welp, that’s one tactic to try and get viewers to not harass you endlessly for screwing up AGAIN and testing positive on a mandatory drug screening. If anything this is only further solidifying the fact that this girl cannot make a halfway decent decision for herself or her son if her life depended upon it. I just hope she has accepted the fact that she will most likely never get her son back and her life will continue to be a constant struggle until she can mature and make better decisions.

  • duh

    Isn’t the saying “every second of every day”? Every day of every second doesn’t even make sense…

    • Bri


  • Ace

    Luckily we all know she’s not gonna get married anyway.

    But IF they do, wonder who is paying for the wedding? Does Courtland have a job? And hasn’t Jenelle being claiming for years she doesn’t have enough money to get Jace back?

    Does anyone else get so effing annoyed seeing all the little fans on her page saying “shut up, she’s a good mom, you’re just jealous & haters” etc. How does anyone in the world think someone who doesn’t have custody of their kid is a good mother?? That isn’t even a mother. And no, no one is jealous. What is there to be jealous of?

    • tab

      her mtv paychecks will pay for the wedding.
      and i’m sure she’ll still continue to only give her mom $30 a week for jace.

    • Bri

      The comment about her fans just makes me wanna hit them with the “stupid stick.”

  • tab

    she just oozes desperation. it’s extremely sad.

  • Jean

    What do you all think is the reason for her quick engagement. She said it herself, there is a reason. The only thing I can think of is she is pregnant. I don’t see how it could possibly have anything to do with having either one of their kids back…no judge in court is going to be like, “Oh you’re 20 and engaged now? You must be so mature…” Especially when both of them have criminal histories and a history of drug use. It just isn’t going to have an influence on a judge if they are married or engaged.. So whats the reason?

  • blessyourheart

    If she is knocked up her new hideous French tattoo (which is wrong) is going to look even worse on her stomach. Gross

  • Rhi

    There shouldn’t be ANY reason behind having to get engaged. The reason should be you have established a Long, loving, trusting, secure relationship and getting married is the next step. It’s just craziness, and we all know it will be over in 2 weeks.

  • panda

    Does nobody realize how high on opiates they are?? Check the slight nods every now and again. Please people, they’re dopeheads now.

  • Rabidope

    That guy looks high as a kite in that picture.

  • Callmesilent

    Either she’s pregnant, or they’re getting married so he can get his daughter from her mother. & Trust me, in Brunswick County that just might happen. They’re both on drugs, end of story.

  • Sarah

    My main question is, if questioned about this engagement, would Janelle see how crazy it is that she has run through so many different men in such a short time period and planned to either marry or live with each of these men even after breaking up and getting back together with each one? There seems to be no ability to take a look at her life as a whole and realize how crazy all of her back to back relationship activity is.

  • Bri

    I wonder how she would feel if all of America attacked her, slapped her with a stupid stick, and made her life a living hell?

  • Bri

    I can’t believe she’d really think that she could take care of his child when she can’t even take care of her own.

  • Bri

    Hey everybody. I’m Jenelle (like we didn’t know that) Btw I’m referring to Ustream.

  • yay

    They are engaged cus they both have herpes lol, so yea. But srsly she is a train wreck

  • SomeThought

    My guess would be that Andrew was never Jaces father and this guy is.. But only time will tell I suppose

  • tracey

    I luv jenelle but its way to early to be engaged

  • Jenelle is going to have another baby when she doesn’t even have custody of nor take care of the child she already has!!!

    I also found it HILARIOUS on last night’s episode on how she’d pick a Kesha concert over probation and jsut go t jail after because she’s her “idol”

  • Debz

    I bet that ring is made out of tinfoil and crack rocks…

  • Seriously

    Everyday of every second? This girl is too stupid for words. Thank god for Barbara, without her, poor little Jace would be living a life of neglect. I have a 3 year old and a 22 month old and I can’t ever imagine choosing pot (and it is a choice, it has no physically addictive properties) over their precious hugs and kisses, over being the center of their worlds. She seriously makes me sick. My 3 year old has moderate Autism and is completely non verbal and I did everything the right way. My sister in law is on her 2nd donor cycle of IVF after 6 failed IVF attempts with her own eggs. She and her husband are amazing selfless and generous people who own a beautiful home and have all the love and money to provide for a child, and yet they can’t. Then there’s people like Janelle who could care less about a child they brought into the world but will continue to pop out babies she will ultimately neglect and turn her back on. People like her should be forced to submit to sterilization. Judging by her current state though, she may be dead from an overdose of heroin before she can have another kid. Just what she needs, a druggie husband to take her to places even lower than she’s been previously.

  • Seriously

    She’s got a real knack for choosing the biggest doucebags she can find.

  • kayle

    people were right. they DO look high! REALLY high! wow….no wonder people think she is on heroin…

  • blablablna

    they are both high as hell

  • hazeleyes

    looks little high to me…..

  • ameliaBedelia76

    they are both HIGH! looks at Courtlands eyes