Rob Kardashian launches high-end sock line Arthur George

If there’s any certain truth in the land of “reality” TV it’s that the Kardashians will try and sell us anything. And hey, I ain’t hatin’, they’re pretty freaking good at. This time around it’s brother Rob as he’s finally achieved his long-term business goal of creating a line of designer men’s dress socks.

The dude has been promoting these foot covers long before they’ve even existed but now us, the purchasing public, can head over to Neil Marcus exclusively and get a pair of sweet ballerina or horseshoe print high-end socks from Rob’s line called Arthur George. They currently sell for $30 a pair.

What’s that? I think you’re callin’ me out. I hear you sayin’, “Come on starcasm, I want to see every single pair of socks in one big ol’ long image.” Well, you asked for it!

Arthur George socks by Rob Kardashian

Rob pics: DJDM/ | Ivan Nikolov/

  • Miranda

    30 dollars a pair he must be nuts.good luck to him.

  • Nikki

    Oh wow! These socks are SO original. I simply must have every single pair! Whatever. This is so lame, even for a Kardashian. You can buy socks that look just like this at the dollar store.

    • Pat

      totally agree, they will go nowhere, it won’t be ‘a line’ very long! Sad! He’s a USC grad, and this is what he comes up with, idiot!

  • Joy

    Those are all fugly!

  • J

    This article needs more socks

  • Courtney

    To: Starcasm This was a great layout and execution for an article! (Notice I’m not praising what exactly the article is about because I can’t stand anything Kardashian) But I really enjoyed how all the information was right there and I didn’t need to click on links or search for anything to see everything. Just thought it tell you 🙂

  •’s a wig

    I can go to Walmart and get 8 pairs for like $10. No thanks.

  • ashley

    These are men’s socks?? Seriously? What kind of man would wear those? Awful.

    • Joy

      apparently a kardashian. He should carry a purse and wear heels, in fact I think i’ll send him a box of tampons because that should be coming soon for him.

      • JJWW

        He’s have a better chance of selling these designs if they were on tampons – at least then they would be out of sight.

  • nat nat

    maybe im a hater? but i strongly dislike the kardashians…why do we give them so much time/attn? someone come make a sextape w me

  • JustMe

    So he’s making socks for clowns? Shouldn’t they be in larger sizes? Honestly, I don’t know any men who would wear these ridiculous looking socks. Lol @ Rob K

  • L

    High-end socks? for MEN??? I was definitely curious where he would take this idea, but had no idea it would be in this direction… horrible! “High-end” socks should be sophisticated and not an eye sore when worn with dress slacks or suit. Maybe a few that look like that for the eccentric but… wow!

  • JJWW

    First, I can not imagine a situation in which I would wear any of these. Second, and more important, $30?? He’s out of his mind. Top retailers such as Barney’s charge $22-26 per pair. Just wait, in time they will be available at K-Mart along with his sister’s extremely discounted make-up.