Farrah Abraham explains why Mitt Romney was the better choice

Farrah Abraham explains why she voted for Mitt Romney

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham caught a little backlash from fans earlier this week after tweeting her support and intention to vote for Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s election. So the multi-media momtrepreneur made a video explaining why she voted for Romney by breaking down each of the key issues. (Sadly, the clip isn not embeddable, so you will have to click here to actually watch it.)

First, here are Farrah’s tweets:

Can’t wait to #VOTE tomorrow #ROMNEY all the way !! Congrats:)

#ROMNEY thanks for a tax break & making life easier for parents! πŸ™‚

It looks like I have to post a YouTube video to explain my voting choice, so sad the world is that confused #Vote #Romney =WorldPeace!

* Farrah uploaded the Youtube video last night, but then deleted it and reuploaded it moments ago — perhaps to do some editing.

Walking in to vote!! #Romney

#Voters Ballot!!! #CHEERS to better economy!!:))

#VOTED got the sticker to prove it!!! like a champ πŸ™‚ #Romney

Sophia is soooo Happy her mommy #voted today :)#Romney

Mitt Romney won Popular vote. Sadly #Obama gets to completely ruin our economy Congrats!!!

And here’s what Farrah had to say in the clip:

“I think it’s super important to know that the strategy of voting is not about who is Republican or Democratic [sic], or who is liberal or, you know, strict one way or the other,” Farrah explains. “It’s more for seeing what is the best outlook for our future. And maybe you may not care so much or be concerned so much of your future, but think about others around you such as parents or children — and understand your situation could always be worse.”

“These are the categories in which you are looking at for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – who is for and who is against. So, I am going to answer them as we go down and you will see who I will be electing.”

Farrah Abraham explains why we should have all voted for Mitt Romney

Obamacare – “I agree with Mitt Romney on that. Obamacare seems to in some ways leave out elders or children or those who have serious health conditions.”

20% across-the-board income tax cut – “Sounds like a good thing, so yes, I will agree with Mitt Romney.”

Balanced budget amendment – “Sounds like a good thing because we are not budgeting accordingly and going more in debt, so I will agree again with Mitt Romney.”

Same sex marriage – “I am either way on that, so that’s not that important to myself.”

Cut Medicare $716 billion – “That could equal a lot of people not having the proper healthcare and that would be sad. So, I’m going to side with Mitt Romney and say ‘no.'”

Abortion on demand – “That’s something I feel is her choice, and so again those are the other ones that I’m not really looking at to decipher who I’m voting for.”

Cap and trade carbon tax – “Well I don’t think we need to be taxed any more on anything else, so I’m siding on ‘no’ with Mitt Romney.”

Tax payer funded abortion – “That is for – I’m kind of, you know, knowledgable about this subject, and that is for a different state level government, so state level needs to take care of that and not overall Presidential election.”

Mandated contraceptive coverage by religious charities – “Again, same cause, so those are both no so it’s Mitt Romney for me on that.”

Defense of Marriage Act – “I think so. We should defend marriage.”

  • :)

    She should try something called not talking. Nothing coming out of her mouth sounds intelligent.

    And omg, her chin.

  • CP

    Funny how the ones she doesn’t agree with Romney on don’t matter to her. No one cares about you Farrah. There was no reason for you to post a video on why you voted for him. It was in no way going to change anything. No one said “Farrah is voting for Romney, so I have to vote for him as well

    • dev

      I agree and also found it funny that she said, β€œIt’s more for seeing what is the best outlook for our future. And maybe you may not care so much or be concerned so much of your future, but think about others around you such as parents or children β€” and understand your situation could always be worse.” YET all of a sudden the issues that she glosses over “are not important” to herself.

      • CP

        She had to look at the paper to see which side she agreed with.

  • Sara

    God this girls a moron…

  • ohhhhno

    Oh my god I couldn’t hate her any more than I already do. Jeez.

  • ashley

    jesus. shes as ignorant as she is ugly!

  • Oh my. This is disturbing.

  • Karen

    Lord help her….scratch that, Lord help Sophia.If your going to talk about issues regarding our country atleast educate yourself about them first! Someone put a muzzle on her!

    • bri

      Lol, YES!!!

  • Paige

    I love how she says that when voting you need to consider everyone, but then says she doesn’t care about same sex marriage because it doesn’t apply to her. *smh* Oh Farrah…..

    • Emily

      Oh, and she wants to “defend marriage”. This girl….

  • Thank you, Farrah. Not that I doubted my vote for Obama for a minute, but if had, this would have quelled my doubts in a heartbeat.

  • mallomar

    Romney did not win the popular vote. She tweeted that before the precincts from the western US had reported their numbers. Not that anyone expects Farrah to be knowledgable anyhow.

    • JustMe

      That is what I was thinking too..Obama won the popular vote…he won it all.

      Geez…is she trying to rub salt in the old wounds reminding us when Gore ACTUALLY won the popular vote..and we ended up with…well we all know.

    • mmmmm….ooooooKay Farrah

      However, she like every high school student, knows about the popular vote and the electoral college vote. If you don’t know ….then be quite. Yes, I am talking to you Farrah.

  • memyi

    she’s a spoiled brat, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and shouldn’t be attacked for that. that’s why we live in america, we have the freedom to believe our own beliefs.

    • And we also have freedom of speech to speak out against idiots.

      • :)

        Exactly, Farrah definitely has all the freedom to spew her ignorant bullshit – but that doesn’t prevent anyone from pointing it out.

  • name

    so ignorant

  • Bri

    Romney? This bitch is ignorant, ugly AND dumb. C’mon Farrah, seriously though!!!

  • OMG. THE CHIN. BAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s even worse in action!

  • Julia

    Farrah is such an idiot. Everyone has the right to vote as they choose, but she clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. She definitely didn’t clear up any confusion about the issues. A few of the points she made were just completely wrong and she contradicted herself constantly.

  • Kelly

    Hey Farrah, Romney didn’t win the popular vote. She just needs to shut up.

  • I agree with her though.

  • Mel

    I can’t. I just…can’t.

  • Lisa

    I’m sure Fox News has a position waiting for her. Oh wait, she’s not blonde…or attractive.

  • This is just sad. Poor Sophia. I wonder if Farrah realizes that she would be singing a different tune if she were an average teen mom without the benefits of two t.v. shows behind her. She clearly has no understanding of how these issues work. And Obama did win the popular vote.

  • Burkey

    This girl is so annoying. First of she’s preaching to people as if she’s come political expert meanwhile her knowledge seems to have come from reading a few quick articles here or there and not actually doing much research. Secondly, she says we have to consider everybody but doesn’t care about the things that don’t affect her directly. She is so extremely ignorant. And what the hell would possess her to get that chin job. She looks WAY worse than she ever did.

  • Burkey

    I don’t think Romney or the republicans would even be happy to know they have her endorsement. Like who is she? Does she really think people are gonna listen to what she has to say about politics? She goes to culinary school for christ sake..

  • Ashley

    There are so many stupid liberal people in this world..it’s so sad. I actually am proud of Farrah for standing up for who she believes is better. Anyone would be better than a guy who gives handouts to minorities and takes money from hard working people. Hopefully in 4 years more people will wake up and a Republican (someone with morals) will get in next time!

    • Mel

      But taking away gay rights and women’s rights is so much better than *gasp* your paycheck. Get a clue. You “republicans with morals” are brainwashed and ignorant. But I’m just a stupid liberal person, so what do I know?

      • My God were barely climbing outta the mess the Republicans(Bush) got the US into during the last 8yrs they ruled office.
        You can’t be so dim as to forget who was in power,when our country was brought to the brink of a 2nd Great depression?

        Republican endorsments for Big Bank Bailouts & the decission to let Americas Auto industry crumble & what of the Republican legislation,or lack there of, which allowed the housing fiasco to occurr?

        Have people lik You really forgotten the last Republican rule(Bush).
        Get the facts straight.
        God please help people like you to see the truth. It was Bush(Republicans) & their Agenda that took The USA to War .
        Look,grab ahold of Your balls & say what You really mean. Your another racist who wants minorities & Obama out & to hold on to as much of Your money as You can.

    • Hopefully you won’t wake up & have developed some awfull illness that consumes all your insurance,cash,home & any other $ecurity you may have accumulated over the years. Leaving you with nothing to survive on except the SSI & Medicare that you bitched about paying into.

      People like You make me sick.
      You get this straight
      You don’t pay a Damn thing for Me,or anyone else. “You pay for You & Yours” & thats its !
      Just as I paid for me & mine.

      How far do you think your lil taxes go anyway? Do You think You pay for everybody on aid ?

      Look,You make money,you pay taxes just like all the rest of us. Because one day You will need it & if by some miracle You don’t,then surely one of Your kids will when they get strung out on dope.

      Bottom line,people like You are in love with Your money & You want to keep as much of it as You can. Thats why You agree with Farrah,not because the two of you want to better America.If You did Your words would reflect it,Instead Your words reflect hatered & greed

      Did You forget that:
      “It’ll be eaiser for a Camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than it will for a Man in love with his money to enter Heaven”.
      Where’s Your humanity?

  • ugh

    She is such a moron. It’s baffling.

  • GingerAnn1212

    And we care what she thinks why? She is a child and hasn’t a clue what she is talking about. Wish she would just go away.

  • Jenn

    So her reasonings are a whole lot of “i think that sounds good”…..oh yeah that sounds like GREAT reasons to vote for someone. This girl needs to step away from the internet for a while because it only results in word vomit.

  • tab

    luckily for her, the swelling in her face went down and she looks halfway normal again.

  • Kristina

    She needs to check her facts. Romney did NOT win the popular vote (it was roughly 60 million vs. 58 million). Also, she sounds so credible on each topic being prefacing them with “sounds like…” Clearly she is ignorant, misinformed and an embarrassment to herself. Why is she so happy about tax breaks? So that she can afford more plastic surgery instead of caring for or investing in her daughter’s future?

    LOL @ Defense of Marriage Act – β€œI think so. We should defend marriage.”

  • A

    Awww, she wants us to think she’s actually knowledgable of the election… EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Mouse

    I hope no one would ever take any type of political advice nor and type of advice from her…

  • I’m sorry, I know it’s mean, but please…. Shut. Up. Farrah. This girl’s opinions come off as nonsense to me πŸ™

  • Amy

    Instead of spending all that money on facial reconstruction, she should have bought herself a new brain. The one she has clearly doesn’t work. I don’t think she read anything other than the card she is holding about either candidate.

  • Rachel

    Well I’m glad she doesn’t want equal rights for her daughter. πŸ™‚ And if it wasn’t for MTV, she would be poor. #ignorance.

  • :-)

    She would not be getting this much backlash if she had voted for Obama. You guys are all a bunch of close-minded idiots.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Why are so many of you taking The Lords name is vain? You all sound disgusting and ignorant.

  • Maria Hernandez

    I think she is a dumb ass. obviously she has no knowledge about the president!

  • micro OP

    Farrah is a genius and her opinion matters on everything. Thank goodness she’s always giving it because I don’t think the general public would know what to do otherwise.

  • Megan

    This was an election not a coup d’Γ©tat. We live in a country that gives us the opportunity to vote for our choice of candidate. It is disgraceful how many of these comments are hateful and condescending towards a woman executing her civic duty.

    YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. Not Farrah or anyone who voted contrary to what you believe.

    Several other candidates were on the ballots, including Gary Johnson, yet for some reason only people who voted for Romney are being blasted. Was he that much of a threat to you that even now that the election is over you still feel the need to slander him?

    • Sam

      Beautifully said Megan. I especially loved your last paragraph, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Minerva

      The reason she is an idiot is because she is reading a sentence then saying “sounds good!” Without reading and researching the consequences of a policy how can you do your civic duty?

      I’m sure she researched doctors and procedures before her plastic surgery and didn’t just read a sentence on the Internet and go “sounds great, where do I sign up?”.

      This is not an Obama or Romney thing, this is a “do your homework” because its important.

  • Mickey

    Jeez this girl is a piece of work! “oh this doesn’t apply to me so I’m going to disregard that”. >:l if you don’t understand the politics of ALL of it, then you shouldn’t vote

  • mmmmm….ooooooKay Farrah

    Note to Farrah: If you are going to tell the difference between the candidates, and why you are voting for one over the other, you must put BOTH of their views on each subject, and NOT just one you are voting for.

  • enjoythesilence

    I bet most of her followers voted Romney. Shudder.

  • Tracey

    farrau kno ily but u diisagree team obaama! Romney sux

  • Sweet Venom

    Farrah just go die already.

  • ocbeach

    Oh no, she looks awful. I don’t like her chin at all, she looks like 30 at least. She has aged so fast, what happened?

  • livvie

    She is truly uneducated….”abortion on demand…well that’s her choice???” The whole point of Romneys team is so women dont have a choice….she is beyond dumb.

  • You know her ass is a non factor because this is the first time I have heard of this lol. That chin…..yikes.

  • jess

    She is so vapid and immature, I can’t believe that she would put this out for the public to see. She sounds so dumb!

  • Bri