Kate Gosselin upset over pictures of her kids with a pit bull posted by Jon’s girlfriend Liz Jannetta

Photo of Kate Gosselin's son witha  pit bull posted by Jon Gosselin's girlfriend

Sometimes compared to a pit bull herself by television viewers, former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is none too pleased that her former husband Jon Gosselin’s current girlfriend Liz Jannetta shared photos of two of her eight children playing with one of the controversial pooches.

The photos were shared by Jannetta on October 27, which is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and featured one with one of Kate’s sons (above) and another with one of her daughters. The photo above was accompanied by the tweet “Photography enables such devotion and feeling…

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Liz Jannetta's photo of Kate Gosselin's daughter posing with a pit bull

Jannetta responded to someone’s concerned comment about the image by writing, “@cesarmillan My kids r around pitbulls every day.. Frm Dobies, to German Shepherds to Rottweiler, now Pits- the desire 2 blame wil nvr fade”

The top photo spawned this conversation with an obviously pro-Kate Gosselin Twitter account:

Liz Jannetta defends photos of pit bull with Kate Gosselin's children

Kate Gosselin hasn’t addressed the photos directly, but she did retweet a couple links to walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com, a site dedicated to promoting awareness of the victims of pit bull attacks:

Kate Goseelin responds to photos of her children with a pit bull posted by Jon's girlfriend Liz Jannetta

So what do you think about children posing with pit bulls? What about posing your boyfriend’s children with your pit bull and posting the photos online?

  • ohhhhno

    I was raised with pitbulls and never saw any of my dogs in a fight or be violent with any other dogs or people. Kate’s overreacting and trying to keep herself in the spotlight now that no one cares about her. You’re gonna call out someone on for taking pics of your kid with a dog on Twitter? Pick up your phone and call if you’re that worried about it.

  • Kari

    I don’t get the pitbull fear (I’ve never owned one, but am not opposed to it). Didn’t people fear and blame German Shepherds and Rottweilers before that? Maybe people need to point the fingers at themselves instead of the dogs…

  • Piper

    The pets are probably less of a threat than Kate and obviously way more affectionate..

  • Drita

    Kate is very immature and vindictive . Re-tweeting the blog only assures me that she’ll try anything to get her name back in the media. The dog is adorable and I’m sure John’s girlfriend wouldn’t put the young children at risk if there was any chance of danger. Pit bulls are not the only dogs that have attacked people and other animals-so people need to stop taking it so seriously. This probably has more to do with Kate’s fan’s wanting John to be alone and unhappy forever.

  • Quinn

    So what does that fan expect?Are we supposed to get rid of and abandon all breeds of animals that have had issues with being violent and attacking in history? A lot of the zoos, pet stores, safari’s etc. would be pretty empty if that’s the type of idea she’s proposing.

  • alexstorm

    whats the diff pit bull puppy, pit bull Kate?

    • Snoopy

      The pit bull will lick, and Kate bites. She is such an idiot!! No wonder why Jon divorced her. I would never be with Kate. Her short lived fame has destroyed her.

    • pitbull is more loving and has more compassion and dignity ..

  • Sarah

    Omg that dog looks soooo dangerous…not. Seriously, any dog can be dangerous and attack people, it’s just less interesting to the media to write about a cocker spaniel attack than to write about a pitbull attack.

    • Nathan

      Actually, the reason why the media doesn’t report on cocker spaniel attacks is because cocker spaniel attacks practically never result in serious injury or death. I realize that pit bulls can be loving dogs but the reason why people fear them is not that they’re more likely to attack than other dogs, it’s because the damage they can inflict when they do attack.

      • Kris

        Check your stats again because you are incorrect.

        • Cate

          …very incorrect, in fact. The media has twisted the information to make it look like pits attack more than any other dog. The only reason they seem to be the “most likely to attack” is because they’re the most reported dog to be involved in attacks. People don’t report a dog bite when its a Labrador, Golden Retriever, Maltese or a Poodle, because they’re “family friendly dogs”. Its not about the breed, its about how well socialized and controlled by their owners they are. People need to start blaming the other end of the leash. ANY DOGS CAN BITE. ANY DOGS CAN BE TAUGHT TO BE AGGRESSIVE!!

          • Nathan

            Where did I say that pit bulls attack more than other dogs? I didn’t say that. I just said that WHEN THEY DO ATTACK, a pit bull is more dangerous than a cocker spaniel. That is an indisputable fact.

            • hmmm in LA a pomreanian killed a infant ?? Does that not count ? What about the 8 year old boy mauled to death by a golden retriever not long ago, OR how about the little girl in Calgary, Canada, that later died from injuries sustained by 2 huskies that attacked her…. Didnt hear much of that did you.. ?? NO of course not.. 1 single dog attack from a pit will get 2o-30 reports…. any other dog you only see 2 maybe on that other breed attack…

              • Looks like they DO report it then.

          • Haha, yea right. I don’t believe for two seconds that the media would have no interest in a ‘killer poodle’ story.

            • Snoopy

              You have much to learn about media bias. The media has vilified breed after breed for over 100 years. LEarn history and how the media works. A pit bull can bite someone, with very little or no damage, and rest assured, it makes the news paper. A lab can maul someone, which is actually more common than pit bull attacks, simply because there are more of them, and unless that lab kills, it will not make the newspaper. The media sells fear, and many people bite on it, and seem to believe there is a huge problem, but the fact is, they thrive off your ignorance, and you allow it. Understand, most of the time in the media, the attention a subject gets isn’t equal with how heavy handed the issue is, but how feared and attention getting it is.

      • Lauren

        Are you afraid of Great Danes? I’m sure they could leave a mark if they attacked too. It’s the owners that should be responsible for their animals. Pitt Bulls can be great dogs, just like any other dog.

      • GingerAnn1212

        The most vicious dog I ever met was a Cocker Spaniel, it had to be muzzled for the owner to bring it to the vet. The owner could not get homeowners insurance due to this dog. It would bite anyone and would not let go. Due to their popularity In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Cocker Spaniels were over bred and inbred, thus creating many aggressive dogs. On the other hand, I have never, ever met an aggressive pit bull. But then I have also never been around one that was taught to fight. As with the Cocker Spaniels, there are no bad pit bulls, just bad owners.

  • Kas

    Kate has every right to be upset. Thank goodness my ex isn’t that stupid to trust even any dog that is not used to being around our children every day. Sorry but those dogs have killed children,

    • Mimi

      Liz has 3 young children of her own. The dogs are used to being around children.

      • Courtney

        OOOH so you KNOW the girlfriend!?!….. That explains everything.

        • rtjones427

          Please stop abusing the caps lock button Courtney.
          And please, your ignorant rants about what you ”know” about Pit Bulls is sickening.
          The person you responded to above has actually read the article and saw that it includes the fact that this dog is used to being around kids.
          And I know I cant convince you to like Pit Bulls, I just hope that your children dont learn to be ignorant and hateful like you.
          How about you do some research about Pit Bulls and Dogs in general.
          Also if you have never owned a Pit Bull you really cant talk about how ”bad” they are.
          If a child is bad, do you blame the child? Or the parent? Who taught the child it is
          alright to act the way they do? Who encouraged the child to misbehave? Who does nothing to stop it?
          Do some research and be a bit more mature about issues, you are a mother correct?

          • You know what I love about the UP votes and the DOWNVOTES… Anytime we smart ones have made LOGICAL statements only one or two antipitbull turds downvote it while 20 others are up voting….

            Look at the other end of the leash for sure… trust me, if my dog did something, I would GLADLY take the beating for it… not her… Not the dog, its the owner….. And as many times pitbull haters want to quote us on that and make fun of us for it.. its the truth…..

      • Go Liz!!!! Love you

    • Snoopy

      Those dogs have killed children. Um, many breeds have killed children, but the odds are slim to none. Extremely rare!! The kids have a much higher chance of getting killed by lightning on a sunny day. See, the issue is ignorant people like you and Kate, that think there is some kind of serious issue, because when something happens, it is plastered all over the news. Kate should be more concerned with the kids falling down stairs or drowning in a bathtub, because her kids are much more likely to die or become a victim of that, rather than a dog attack. People that fear pit bulls have obviously never met on and don’t know anything more than what they hear. Nothing more than ignorant people that jump the gun, without even properly educating themselves or doing research. You people are doomed if you don’t change your ways.

      • Courtney

        First of all Pit bulls have a bad rep for a reason! NO MATTER HOW THEY ARE TRAINED they have a gene in them that has proven they can snap FOR NO REASON and become violent. But YES not EVERY pit bull is bad and people get lucky but the issue is that this is a pit bull that the Mother does not know personally and it’s disrespectful to post a picture let alone put someone else’s child in that situation…. YOU’RE NOT THE MOTHER YOU DON’T GET TO SAY ITS OK! And second, if you read the article before “ignorantly jumping the gun” Kate hasn’t responded or wasted her time. And third you say “the odds are slim to none” that a child will get hurt by a pit bull…. You are OBVIOUSLY NOT A MOTHER! If there is a 0.0000001% chance that something or someone might hurt your child you DON’T just take that chance and hope for the best! That’s why so many children have been reported injured or dead due to the “family dog” … Their pit

        • Reality Bites

          Pit Bull Terriers were bred for dog fighting, bull-baiting and other bloodsports, so innately they are “dog aggressive” , if thye weren’t they wouldn’t be worth using for dog fighting and contrary to popular belief they were also bred to be “human friendly”. If a Pit Bull bite it’s owner while in the ring, it would be killed/culled on the spot. NO, WELL BRED Pit Bull Terriers are “human aggressive” those that snap are usually the result of bad breeding. With this breed being so popular bad breeding and indiscriminate breeding has destroyed them. Humankind would not breed a killing machine that could become a threat to them. Pit Bull’s have no ‘snapping gene”, it’s just bad breeding, period. Pit Bull Terriers are no more aggressive and prone to biting as tons of other breeds that are out there. ANY DOG with teeth can bite.

          • Nathan

            “Pit Bull Terriers are no more aggressive and prone to biting as tons of other breeds that are out there.”

            True. But when they do attack they are much more dangerous than most other breeds.

            • rtjones427

              There is nothing that says a Pit Bulls bite is worse than any other dog.
              In fact it is not even the number one dog on the bie list, the Golden Retreiver is.
              And the Pit bull scored better than many breeds of dog on a Behavior test. This breed is more piblisized when other dogs do the same thing, thats why they have a bad rep.

              • Nathan

                You’re confusing tendency to bite with strength of bite. Yes, pit bulls may not be more prone to bite than other breeds. But, to argue that they are not more powerful than a golden retriever is ridiculous.

                • GingerAnn1212

                  Seriously? I have a golden lab and she has a vicious set of teeth in her mouth. It’s a myth that pit bulls can lock their jaws. When I was a teenager I was bit by a German Shepard and I had 4 very large puncture wounds and it ripped my jeans from my thigh to my calf. Any large dog can do a lot of damage with a bite. When I was a little girl the neighbors daughter got her fingers bit off by a husky and it was their dog.

            • Cate

              The only reason that Pits get the blame for “biting more than any other dog” is because its REPORTED more. Most people don’t think anything of it when the neighbors Golden bites their kid, but when its a dog with an unfair reputation, (ie: PITBULLS) everyone flies of the handle and makes a big production of it. PEOPLE NEED TO BE EDUCATED ABOUT THESE TYPES OF THINGS BEFORE THEY OPEN THEIR MOUTHS AND SPOUT MORE LIES THAT MAKE PEOPLE AFRAID FOR NO REASON!!

        • Lisa

          Wow, they have a gene in them that is proven they can snap? Guess I missed that in veterinary school. What ignorance. Please keep your comments to yourself if you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • LMFAOOOOO !!! A gene?? Sooooooo Someone who has murdered a man has a kid, is that GENE in the kid to murder someone???

          • Nathan

            Alex – You apparently do not understand genetics. Yes, we have genes and those genes influence behavior. The child of a murderer is statistically more likely to be a murderer himself.

            • Well, I disagree with that seeing as I come from a family ( a man) in my life that did terrible things… Im perfectly fine and have no psychological issues… UNTIL YOU ARE that person whose gone through what ever… you cant have an opinion without knowing 100% from experience…. PERSONAL experience.. Not what some fucktard over the internet .. there was even a story made about how most dog attacks ( they happened, indeed, but they werent even “pitbulls”…. People like you that have so much hate for something so small, are causing this world to spin out of control. GET REAL PAPER TRAIL PROOF of things before repeating things you have seen on the internet… EVERYTHING anD ANYTHING can be made up…. And the thousands upon THOUSAND who defendd the dog, out weigh the stupidity of those who hate on what they dont know..

              AGAIN, Compassion and understanding…… Thats all the world needs.. not UN BIAS HATE … AGAIN !! This story.. THANKS TO KATE…. HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DOG… it was a TOOL to use to erect HATE

              • accidentally hit post.. And as well <— Psychology student, DO NOT TELL ME I DO NOT UNDERSTAND…. EVERYTHING in life is a choice.. You choose a road and you will take it be it bad or good. To say something is BUILT in to a dog … A PUPPY for that matter is outrageous.. UNTIL you have a PHD to prove that these dogs are a COMPLETE RISK… every one of you haters need to stfu… and stop ruining other peoples lives who are responsible….. All pitbull owners and bully breed owners are NOT the same thats for sure…… And to classify all of us as a generic type of person to own one is like saying all Muslims are terrorists…

              • Nathan

                Again, Alex, you do not understand genetics. Nor, apparently, do you understand what the term “anecdotal evidence.” The fact that you come from a messed up family and are not messed up yourself does not disprove genetic science. Our dna has a huge impact on our personalities. This is a scientific fact.

                • Snoopy


                  Actually, genetics only make about 5%-15% of a person’s behavior. Most behavior is learned, and based upon perceptions and upbringing. For example, if we cloned Hitler 100 times, and raised him is loving families, do you think that any of them would try to rule the world? Most likely not. If someone inherits a medical condition through genes, that is not controllable but personality and most behavior is learned, not inherited. You have a lot to learn, but you probably will not, and will most likely continue to make assumptions, of very little knowledge.

        • What is these gene?

    • JustMe

      she sure does have EVERY right to be upset. if this happened to the people bashing her they would be upset too…and if they say they wouldn’t…they lying.

      I don’t understand how jon continues to get girlfriends…he is a LOSER…gross…some women have NO taste.

      But as for Kate..yes, she does have a right to say something…jon isn’t the best parent…so I would NOT trust his judgement.

    • And so have people. Keep your kid a away from every person in the world….educate yourself. Idiot

  • Katie

    The ONLY reason Khate is mad is cuz the DOG is giving the kids more affection then she EVER WILL. She is a nasty vial beast who gave away her kids pets.. she is disgusting.

    • CuriousCat

      Just curious since by how you are writing you are implying this but…do you acutally KNOW her? Or are basing this on other people’s opinions or what you read or saw on TV? I realize this is something we all do BUT we have to remember the “shoe could be on the other foot” and someone could do the same thing unfairly to us.

  • Katie

    Don’t see the point in getting mad over the dog. The kids obviously aren’t scared. I would be more mad that she posted a picture of my kid in general. It would be different if she were the children’s stepmother, but she’s just a girlfriend.

  • Kyla

    It’s not pits that are the problem, it is how the owners raise them. I had a pit bull and it was the sweetest dog I have ever had.

  • Courtney

    I can FULLY understand why anyone, especially Kate would be upset by these photos for 3 VERY good reasons! #1 if you’re JUST a girlfriend, especially less than a year, it is extremely disrespectful to post photos of another woman’s children (EVEN IF they are your boyfriend’s children) on social media sites! The mother doesn’t need “flavor of the month” girls taking pictures of her children and posting them online to strangers. I feel the ONLY reason girlfriends post pics of their boyfriend’s children (knowing they are wrong) do so to either cause jealousy for the mother or to name drop and brag/pose like she’s some great mother figure to the kids. It REALLY makes me sick to see a “girlfriend” post pictures like someone else’s kids are hers… (cough)Leann Rhimes(cough) #2 Pitbulls don’t get a bad rep for nothing! They have been proven to snap and get violent NO MATTER HOW WELL TRAINED the dog is! #3 if I saw a picture of my kids face right up to a pitbulls and I didn’t know the dog personally I would FREAK TOO

    • They snap no matter how well trained huh ??? So… 5 years of having a pitbull, and IVE YET to see any sort of snap? Where are you getting your facts from ??? Online? from people who PROBABLY know jack diddly squat about much of anything ?? People will believe anything nasty on the internet.. Go meet a great owner of a great pitbull… Cause people like you need your head removed from your lower region. My roommate has a 6 year old daughter who Loves and Playes with my dog…. Ive been sent pictures upon pictures when im not home and my PITBULL is sleeping on top of her and cuddling… My dog, HAS NEVER been in a fight.. Ive had countless dogs approach her and try and start, and she drops to the ground and submits ( which isnt good cause a dog who submits is not one to protect its self…. ) And explain, if my dog and I HAPPENED to be in a park one day and ( MY DOG IS ALWAYS on a leesh when im not in a offleesh area) Someone had a collie or another breed of dog that wasnt on a leesh and attacked her and MINE retaliated in protecting herself and seriously harmed the other dog.. Is my dog still bad because she defended herself???

      I will agree, (being that I was in foster care as a child and posting pictures of kid whom arent your own is an offence in Canada when they are under the care of someone else, and the legal guardian HAS NOT consent.. Its a no no… But What is she more mad about… THE DOG ?? or the the fact that the girlfriend totally disregarded Kate ? Kate is using the dog as a tool to use against…. Shes not making it about the Kids… Shes making it about the dog…

      • Talk to the Hand

        You sure do like to see yourself in “print” don’t you? You just go on and on….blah blah blah…

        • HMmm you sure like to open your trap when no one cares about your ignorant responses… People such as your self, prove the hate in this world. Take your own advice and ” talk to the hand.”

    • booyah

      You are an idiot. It’s called a GED….get one.

      • Bri

        More like a high school diploma. Her ignorance is just about the equivalent of a G.E.D.

    • Ohgoshthedreadedex

      courtney….people like you are unstable. When the relationship ends ..MOVE ON.. Those pics are so cute and I think that is why she posted them I dont think she gave Kate any thought at all. Jealous of what? The ex is the ex for a reason and they have been apart awhile now. Kate is old news nothing to be jealous of. Those two pics showcase the dog more than the kids so really what was the harm. If kate didnt say anything you wouldnt have known those were her children. ITs not like she is post pic like “me and my kids at disneyland” kate needs to be happy that the person in her EX’s life enjoys her children as she may be their step mom. And freaking out over a pics of your kids loving a on a puppy is just silly. No you dont know it personally and guess what you dont need to. In this case the puppy lives with the children FATHER and girlfriend. You really think he would put his children in harms way with a dangerous animal? Exes calm down and move on. kate should stop stalking john and girlfriend she would be a happier person

    • I work at a vet clinic and in comparison to every other breed of dog that comes through, I’m the least nervous about pit bulls. Chihuahuas are the most common breed to try to bite me and dachshunds are second, even when I’m just trying to pet them. A well trained/adjusted dog won’t try to bite anyone even when they are in pain. Pit bulls have such a bad rap because people train them to be mean, not because they are just mean dogs. Just like people, don’t judge the dog before you know it.

  • go away kate

    the puppy is so dangerous its giving the kids hugs and kisses i would understand her being upset about johns girlfriend posting pictures of the kids but kate is the one who exploited the kids all over tv so what’s a few pictures?

    • me

      let me guess is the loser jon?

      • go away kate

        no i think they are both losers

  • LolaBro

    If I had a choice between Kate and being with a pit bull, I’d pick the dog. Since when has Kate ever shown any concern for her children’s welfare?

    • me

      you are full of….sh*t

  • Sam Wadd

    That ghastly creature is worried about a sweet doggie kissing her kid? That dog is more unconditional than she could ever be and demonstrates so right here. Pits are one of the most loving and human friendly dogs I have had. If you are feeling down these dogs will lift your spirits. That witch would ruin my day.


    Hatred is not something that is from a certain breed of dog, it is taught. This goes for any dog, not just pits. German shepherds and dobermans were once a hated breed as well. Good dogs come from good owners.. Period!!!.. Stop blaming the dog for your own inconsistencies. It’s b.s. how they even have a site for pit bull attacks. There should be site for the responsibility incurred for the people who let their dog get that way and didn’t take responsibility for their pets

  • Ams

    I would maybe..maybe..maybe.. understand if it was an adult dog, but come on it’s a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J

    I’m a believer that dogs are a reflection of their training. Yes, some pit bulls are mean or aggressive, but so are some labs, some yorkies, and some huskies. Most of those breeds don’t have reps as being “aggressive breeds”. It’s not the dogs fault, it is the persons. Personally, I have known more small dogs that are prone to biting or snapping (especially towards children) than large breeds. Maybe they can’t do as much damage, but any bite can still cause pain and future fear.

  • Jenn

    Pitbulls can be GREAT with children. People have created monsters in their dogs, but if you raise it right and give it the proper training then they are some of the best dogs you can own. They weren’t called “nanny dogs” for nothing. She probably just wanted the attention since her career is now over.

  • teresa sigler

    How precious. That pit would fight to the death to save that little girl if someone broke in the house at night, which I pray never happens. Glad there are 2 pits.

    • ohhhhno

      They both sleep in the same bed as her every night. Very sweet pups.

  • CynSP

    My Grandparents had a Pit Bull for years! My Grandmother rescued him as a puppy when she was 88 and had 12 wonderful years with him until she was 100. She had to put him to sleep to spare him from the agonizing pain he developed suddenly one day due to a ruptured tumor that had been growing undetected for some time. Both Grandparents adored that dog and vice-versa. He loved to play with the Grandkids, whose ages were from toddlers to teens,,for hours and hours, year after year and never so much as snapped at any of them.

    It is not the Pit Bull, or any particular breed. It is the dog, big or small! Does the child really appear to be in any danger? Their Dad was always their basic hands-on daily caregiver from the start and then later when their mom was hopping all over the country with her purse carrier/bodyguard, grifting away while living on a million dollar-plus estate. Would he really allow them anywhere near anything potentially harmful,and if so, proceed to post photos of it, knowing Kate scrupulously seeks out daggers for him so she can go on the Today show and whine even more?

    I have seen plenty of breeds snap/bite, both large and small, the same as with many so-called gentle, docile dogs of all breeds and sizes. I was attacked by a random German Shepard on the beach when I was about 5 or 6 after trying to get my sand castle bucket and shovel out of his mouth after he snatched it, dragging me by my face for several feet until my Dad could get him off of me, It could have been almost any breed, not just a German Shepard.

    By the way, isn’t Kate’s dog a German Shepard? So what injustice has occurred now? All dogs have the potential to attack/bite the Gosselin kids, except for their German Shepard? Is she the only parent that can post pics of the kids with the family pet while in her (joint) custody? How about all the the others she posts of them on her site? Better yet, how about those others online or filmed for posterity on their reality show while the kids were on the potty outside in the driveway, or the one who was in agony, constiptated & impacted in back of the family van while she shopped for free beds?

    A few pics of the kids looking very peaceful (rare) and relaxed while in Dad’s (joint) custody with pets loving on them and an adult (the dog’s owner) basically less than an arm’s length away shows the kids are unsafe and in danger? Anytime or only if it happens when they are with their Dad? Right, whatever, Kate. knock yourself out (literally, please)!

  • Kara

    Ok, so she is pissed because pit bulls are around her kids? Um didn’t they have two German Shepard as pets? Don’t they have the same bad rap as pit bulls?Seriously she is such a hypocrite. She probably felt she wasn’t in the news for awhile and needed to start something.

  • Booyah

    WOW! Genuine, undeniable warmth and unconditional love….Possibly for the first time in their lives….and from a dog! The most dangerous thing is these kid’s lives is their tragic, money-driven and morally bankrupt mother. I’d leave my kids alone with a pit bull (who happen to be phenomenal with kids ) before I’d leave them with some cold, classless, and tragic media-whore like Kate Gosselin. What a simple, fugly woman, No wonder John left her ass after having a litter of kids with her.

  • booga

    More children die at the hand’s of their mother’s boyfriend’s/step-fathers than all animal attacks combined. You probably are busy worrying about dogs attacking your kids while you are booty-calling some low-life that is an ACTUAL risk to your child’s well-being.

  • maribel

    Man ppl need to stop tripping about pitbulls!!!!
    I have a pit bull and I’ve had him for 7 years and he
    never barked at a person he loves ppl and he loves to be loved from strangers he is scared of little dogs its so funny cuz he is so bigg lol best dog ever……so Kate don’t be mad that the dog and the girlfriend are showing the little boy sum love..get over it….

  • Taja

    “The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act states that any identifiable
    information [even something like pictures] that is posted on the internet must
    be posted by the parent or the person must have obtained VERIFIABLE CONSENT
    prior to posting identifiable information about any child under the age of 13.
    The operator of these websites are held legally accountable for verifying that
    any publications made by a person other than the legal parent or guardian is
    done so with consent from the parent. The failure for the operator of the
    website to do so, is punishable by law.”

  • Taja

    If Kate is really upset,I don’t think she is upset that the kids are playing with Pit Bulls.I have met a very friendly Pit Bull that did nothing,but lick my hand and let me pet her.That changed all of my views on Pitt Bulls.Pit Bulls can be as friendly as a golden retreiver if you train them up right.
    If I was Kate,I would just be mad that this woman,who is not even a step mother to my kids,is posting pics online of my children,without my permission,and using the pics for whatever she wants to use them for.People need to learn that if you are not the mother,father,or a family member of a child then you should not be posting pics of them up on social networking sites.
    I’ve even heard of one woman having a baby at the hospital,and when she got home and went on Facebook,there were a ton of pics of her newborn already up there,and posted by family members.Even family,members need to ask permission,because it is very rude.That is why now,if someone wants to take pics of me and others at a big event,I just assume that the pics will end up on Facebook.

  • Taja

    Also,why are you people Bashing Kate so much.Yes,she acted like a diva for a while,spending money on a limo,getting her hair done all the time and nails,which caused people to lose interest in her show.But,behind all the smiles she does live a hard life.Before the show,her and Jon were broke,and were only expecting to have one child.Instead they got 6! Then her husband cheated on her,causing a divorce,and now she is stuck taking care of all 8 kids by herself.Yes,their father see’s them and has visitation rights,but he pays $0 in child support.Kate was making money from the show,after the divorce,and she still had the house.Jon started working a regular job,and both Kate and Jon know that if Kate enforces child support Jon will go to jail,because he simply can not afford to live on his own,and pay child support for all 8 kids(I don’t feel sorry for him.)Also,Kate decided that her kids seeign their father was more important than her enforcing the child support,so that is why he doesn’t pay.I wouldn’t have done what she did,and if she is bitchy sometimes,then let her be.If you were raising 8 kids on your own you would be too.

  • What’s wrong with pitbulls?

  • MrsTlliv

    I am sorry but Kate is a castrating shrew that drove her husband away. That it took as long as it did is a testament to Jon’s stamina and patience.

    That dog is in no way threatening those kids. Everyone needs to calm down.