PHOTOS Farrah Abraham gets $16,000 nose job and chin implant

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham In Touch magazine cover on plastic surgery

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham raised a few eyebrows (and a few cup sizes) when she underwent breast augmentation surgery and allowed MTV cameras to document it as part of the show. Now Farrah is revealing she has gone under the knife once again, this time shelling out $16,000 for a nose job and a chin implant!

“I’ve hated my nose since I was 13,” Farrah tells In Touch in this week’s cover story. But she insists she “wasn’t insecure” prior to having the procedures.

“There was pain,” Farrah admits, “But it was very worth it.”

Here are a couple Farrah Abraham before and after plastic surgery photos for comparison:

Farrah Abraham before and after nose job and chin implant photos

And speaking of “worth it,” Farrah reveals that her most recent procedures were performed October 7 in Bal Harbour, Florida, by Dr. Michael Salzhauer and cost a total of $16,000. Combine that with her $5,000 boob job and Farrah has spent $21,000 on plastic surgery procedures at the age of 21! “I hate that my surgeries cost this much, but it was worth it,” Farrah says. “I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again,” she continues. “I feel gorgeous!”

Farrah talked with E! News on October 23 and seemed to be hinting at some of her motivation for the surgeries when she stated, “People in my personal life see that I’m now a woman, not just a Teen Mom.” She then added, “Being in front of the camera is different than modeling, because now I feel more judged.”

So what do you think? Did Farrah make the right decision?

See more before-and-after surgery pics of Farrah and more stars who look like they’ve gone under the knife in this week’s issue of In Touch, on newsstands now!

  • Omg

  • Sara

    She’s going to be the next Heidi Montage…

  • this girl was so beautiful before. still is, but i used to think “omg, she’s so beautiful”

    • enjoythesilence

      She looked the “prettiest” in her 16 & pregnant episode. As the episodes came on and her “I’m famous” attitude came along, she got uglier and uglier, on the inside and out.

  • kt

    I hate to say it but the new chin implant makes her look like she has a double chin. Poor choice in my opinion.

  • Amanda

    She looks horrible now.

  • Kj

    This was a bad idea.

  • Sara

    In all honesty… Her face looks fatter than before.

    • Miss Lisa

      I agree that was the 1st thing I noticed.

  • K

    OH GOD WHY. The chin. WHY???????

    • Ashley

      Looks awful and fake.

  • farrahsoldface

    She looks bad :/ this new face is ugly and she looks fat

  • Jamie

    Does anyone notice that these two pictures are a little strange in that she’s wearing the same outfit? Would this be done on purpose? All of her features look different in the pics, even her hair. If this story is true, then it had to be planned to get the before and after shots, right?? Maybe I’m thinking too deeply into

    • posh

      thats actually exactly what happened. hence, free surgery from this magazine deal

    • AmandaKay

      Normally plastic or cosmetic surgeons have you wear similar or the same clothes in your before and after pictures. It helps with being able to tell the difference in your appearance. That is what the cosmetic surgeon i worked for did with his patients.

  • JTX

    That chin makes her face look SUPER manly. What the hell was she thinking? And her nose looked better before, too.

  • italiancouture7

    Ya that double chin is HOT haha NOT..WHY do people get plastic surgery?? I dont understand it! They always end up looking worse not better…learn from others mistakes people..

  • Laura

    She looks horrible! That chin implant is awful. Her nose was fine, her face was fine, she looks 10 years older now.

  • me

    You would think she would put that money away and pay for her daughters college instead of using it all on herself. She is so vain.

  • Murphy

    The nose is good but the chin was a poor choice.

    • Ashley

      Agreed. I get why she got a nose job, but she didn’t need the chin.

  • Whitney Loves Charles

    I think she looked better and more natural before. Just my opinion. People will change what they hate, or what people bully them about the most. Its sad. She was more real before.

  • Not to speak poorly of her but her nose now looks fatter! Her chin looks more broad! Is that what she wanted? Or were these photos while she was still swollen?

    • michelle

      I was thinking the same thing about her still being swollen. That nose looks like she’s been popped in the face.

  • She looks horrible. Fix all you want on the outside but on the inside
    you are a rude, spoiled, good for nothing bi*** and you treat your
    parents like crap. You’ll be ugly no matter what you do!

    • Ya know

      Jealous Much??? Sounds like you are young, immature and JEALOUS.
      Everything you said about her, from your comment, could say the same about you. Disgusting! You are judging from a TV has been edited..use a brain!

      • Im NOT a teen mom, I DIDNT have surgery done, I DONT treat my parents like crap and im NOT a spoiled good for nothing bi*** so NO the same cant be said about me, use a brain!

        • may

          Agree and farrah u look old and disgusting

    • lovebuzz2345

      \farrah not only treats her parents like crap but everyone!! You are UGLY Inside and will always be UGLY No matter what!! It is going to be a lonely life with no friends, etc.

  • Rayray

    She looks like jay Leno with that new chin. She should have left well enough alone. She looked better before. My personal opinion.

  • slynn

    I thought she looked way better before looking the chin implant was a crazy bad idea her face looks awkward now

  • cecilyd

    this girl has some serious issues…the chin was a bad idea, horrible, its so sad that she has such low self esteem

  • manbearpig

    WOW. She just ruined her face.

  • michelle

    She looked better before. That nose is fat and swollen looking.

  • Sunshine234

    Waste of money that she could have saved for her child. In my opinion she looked better before when looking at her straight on….from the side I see a small diff in the nose but the chin is no improvement.

    Since most people look at you straight on and not from your profile, I think she should have left well enough alone and gotten a personality transplant instead of a chin one.

  • Lizzza


  • enjoythesilence

    Her chin looks worse! And who would willingly give a magazine a picture to post on the front cover of you bandaged and looking ridiculous?! She’ll do anything to make a buck.

  • Bohiko

    Ok, I ll try to understand the nose job, but chin implant ? wtf

  • Miss Lisa

    Her Chin makes her look fat in the face. The nose is standing at attention now. But it must be nice to have that money & use it for useless stuff instead of investing in her & her kids future

  • Steph

    wow! she ruined her face! she looked much better before.

  • daisy rodriguez

    NO SHE DIDN’T! Wow She looked better B4! She looks like a man in drag! She is a very rude, ignorant and disrespectful to that poor lil girl and her parents! she needs an attitude adjustment! If u r ugly inside ur fugly outside!

  • This might sound mean but I never thought Farrah was as pretty as others seemed to think. I think a large part has to do with the fact that Farrah is such an ugly person on the inside, I just couldn’t think of her as beautiful in any way. I couldn’t stand looking (or hearing) her then and I can’t stand looking at her now! I hate talking mean about people but she just seems like the rudest, most disrespectful person. I honestly don’t know how anyone can stand the girl.

    • Bobbi-Jo

      I totally agree. She is a lousy on the inside. Some of us wish we had just one more minute with our parents she walks on hers like trash. I wish I had her father. He is such a great father. Poor Michael!!!

      • lovebuzz2345

        I agree with you that she is UNGLY on the inside… she should use money to see a therapist and change the Inside!!!!

  • Miranda

    I think her face looks fatter with her new chin, I like the nose though. Overall she was definitely prettier before the surgeries. She should love herself for who she is.

  • Piper

    The “I’m not insecure ” comment is a complete contradiction. She should ask for a refund and invest the money in a attitude adjustment.

    • daisy rodriguez

      LOL!! I sooo agree with you!

  • Sara

    How many times does someone else have to completely eff up their face before people realize you are fine the way you are?

    • Sara

      Seriously..the more I look at it the more she looks like a caricature of herself.

  • tab

    she is still pretty swollen, so i don’t feel like her photo is accurate of what her new face looks like. i thought she was fine just the way she was.

  • She looks worse than before. It looks like she ran into a wall with her nose 😐

  • Jackie

    Her nose looks wayyyy bigger and her chin…disgusting. Doesnt go with her…her face actually looks big like arihead candy kind.

    • Bri

      Airhead candy….LMBO

  • yobitch

    She should’ve gotten her eyes done too, they look wonky.

  • micro OP

    Farrah has some serious issues much deeper then this stupid plastic surgery. Her awful personality is #1.

  • Katie

    Holy faaack she has a double chin!!! She looks disgusting.

    • Katie

      Reminds me of the wicked witch of the west lol

      • christee

        ^this! Too bad there’s not a surgery for “miserable bitch.”

        • setie

          guess you are sad then there isn’t a surgery for you.

          • christee

            Yes, I am devastated. It’s tragic. But at least I can sleep at night knowing I don’t look like I was repeatedly hit in the face with a cast iron skillet. Oh, and that I don’t speak to everyone like the world revolves around me or have a sense of entitlement the size of the milky way. Life’s good! I feel so bad for me!

  • daisy rodriguez

    you look horrible!! like a man with that big, wide, thick chin! This girl needs to invest in how to be a loving mom classes because she’s constantly speaking to that poor child like she’s an adult and can understand when mommys on her bitch mood! And how she speaks to her parents is horrible! Sorry but that was a horrible surgery, Good luck n if her “friends” r reading this; BE HONEST WIT THE CHIC N TELL HER TO GO GET THAT CHIN REDONE! eewwwwooo

    • christee

      You assume she has friends?! I doubt this will be her last time under the knife. Maybe next year, she’ll get new cheeks. I won’t be satifsfied until she’s in a full-on Cruella DeVil face. To match her *sparkling* personality. Seriously, someone should have confronted her therapist and shook the woman, the sense of entitlment and overall shitty attitude with this girl is unreal. But at least now her face is catching up with it!

      • Bri

        I almost died laughing at your comment!!

  • lara

    I see a different with the chin, but not the nose.
    And its not a good difference either, looks like she’s gained weight in her face.

  • Lisa

    She is still very swollen. Nose’s can take many months for the swelling to go away completely. I don’t understand why she would agree to have “after” pictures taken so soon. The nose may end up looking ok however, the chin was a horrible idea.

  • sanoga

    Why do pretty girls do this to themselves? There was nothing wrong with how she looked before… but when people start messing around with plastic surgery, they turn into cartoon characters. Hopefully this will look better with time, when the swelling goes down!

  • a

    If she gets anymore surgeries, sophia won’t know what her mother truely looks like unless she looks at old photos!

  • Laura

    she looked better before

  • Tricia

    Why?? Why did she do this??

  • Her profile is very witchy looking now with that new chin. I thought her face was looking fat lately…I had no idea it was due to surgery. Such an odd thing, I honestly would bet money she did it to look less like Debra!

  • Sarah

    She reminds me of these movies where the thin person dresses up as a fat person and he/she where’s a slight mask over his/her face to make the face look proportionate to his/her new fatter body.

    • Tooooooootally good description. Along with whoever said it looks like she walked into a wall.

  • RT

    That Leno chin has got to go. I can’t believe her surgeon’s name is published! That said- I had my nose done and the main swelling takes 2 months to go away. She shouldn’t have gone public with pics 2 weeks later. No one accused her of being intelligent!! Now she’s almost as unattractive on the outside as she is on the inside :-/

  • claire

    she was so gorgeous before.her face looks like a potato.why farrah why.

  • ashley

    I’m sure the magazine paid her more than 16k so she essentially got free plastic surgery. Same with her boobs….the storyline was that she was getting a “bank loan” to pay for them….from the bank of MTV!

  • sammi

    Her nose looks fat as well as her face. That chin looks big and fat too. No bueno Farrah. She doesnt look good at all!!!!!

  • sammi

    Her chin or nose job does not soften her features at all. She has a fat, caked up look to her. This was def the worse plastic surgery of 2012….and 2013 for that matter lol

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Farrah is a sad sad girl. No amount of plastic surgery is going to make her happy.

  • Mimi

    After magazines posting pics of her new surgery, she will get her money back what she wasted on the surgery or perhaps double!

  • LaDy

    She looks like an old Greek woman.

  • Jenn

    She ruined her face….now that cry face she makes it going to be even worse then before.

  • Hailz22

    What is wrong with this girl?!

  • amy

    Her entire face looks fake, like she’s wearing prosthetic make up.

  • Amanda

    Not only is she totally stupid for even thinking about getting plastic surgery but that surgeon should be sued! He made her look WORSE. He gave her a chin implant that she clearly did not need and her nose even looks weird. She ruined her face! She needs to realize her ugliness does not come from her appearance. It comes from the inside. That is what she needs to change! If I were her I would go to a surgeon who knows what the heck he is doing and get that chin implant removed and fix the nose. Because now she looks like Jay Leno’s sister!

  • caysiemarie

    It really looks like a bee stung her on the chin and its about to bust or she’s a drag queen. Very manly and a horrible choice! Poor Farrah should have use her money to buy a clue, she was very pretty before 🙁

  • yeahyeah789

    ew her chin is horrible why did she ruin her face -.-

  • Jenn

    OMG She looks like a witch from the side!! Huge nose and chin!! Ewww!

  • Jennifer

    She looks horrible. And this is the after math of teen mom!! This show is disgusting already, they should film true teen moms who really show struggle and don’t get paid a dime to be on TV then girls really wouldn’t want to get pregnant. Teenagers are purposely getting pregnant just to get an application!

  • Helen

    She should ask for a refund it looks pretty bad.

  • Sara

    I don’t want to be mean, but she looks so much uglier now…

  • truthteller

    I’m sorry that looks aweful!
    She was much prettier before! Idk why she is getting all these surgeries! I always thought she was pretty before all this! That chin implant does absolutely NOTHING for her. What a shame.

  • Sara

    Looks too fake now.

  • Ella

    I don’t like to be rude about people’s physical looks, but she has really ruined herself. So she didn’t have the perfect nose.. but it looks much stranger now. And as for the chin, she didn’t need it doing, the surgeon just wanted her money, just like the producer wanted her money when she made that awful cd. It seems like she can get talked into anything if it boosts her ego. Quite frankly, she actually looks like somebody who has undergone a sex change, the chin is very manly.

  • michelle

    OMG..awful. why why why?!!!!

  • Brem

    She looked WAY better before.

  • Lindsay Leigh

    Now she’s got a big chin to match that (still) big ski slope on her face.

  • DUMBA$$

    She looked MUCH better BEFORE!

  • Sweet Venom

    She still looks ugly. Especially on the inside. Maybe she should get a personality transplant?

  • Allison

    She looks fat & uglier now. WTF

  • Sam

    Ewwwww!mShe looks like she gained 30 lbs. She was prettier before!

  • Arantxa

    her chin is huge.!! The nose looks better but the chin u_u Super ugly.. Greets from Holland XD

  • sammi

    Im pretty sure the surgeon convinced her to get that chin implant. Clearly she did not need it. He saw her coming lol. She actually looks manly now. Her nose was not the best looking to begin with but it looks a helluva lot worse now. That chin was a no go. Looks like she’s wearing a prosthetic face now lol

  • Her chin was feminine and pretty, it went well with her jawline. Now the thing protrudes obnoxiously and she appears far older than she is. Reminds me of “my big fat greek wedding”. Her nose looks bigger and is uglier. Where is a matching hairy mole while she’s at it? REMOVE THE CHIN IMPLANT!

  • taramarie

    she looks like absolute CRAP, she looked much better than before. shes a good mom, but a horrible daughter to her parents

  • bigmomma1974

    it didn’t do anything for her

  • She looks TERRIBLE! Her face was fine the way it was. She looks older now, and not in a good way.

  • cate

    why does she think that this new look is a good one?!

  • Bobbi-Jo

    Why would you do that to your beautiful face? It does not even look good. It’s awful. She looks like a washed up soap star at 21? Wow!!

  • A

    She looked way better before! What happened yikes!

  • j.

    i dont think she looks good at all, much more beautiful before, but it looks like she is still swollen. Time will tell, but she shoulda kept her natural looks.

  • todd

    lmao. now her exterior matches her interior. ugly. shame on her. the way she talks crap about kourtney kardashian/ scott disick and the way she talks to her parents. disgraceful.

  • L

    I’m hoping that this is just a bad picture… Her face was perfectly fine the way it was. I can understand the nose job to get rid of that (small) bump but why the chin implant? She looked so much better before.

  • Allison

    she has the profile of a witch now! Honestly, what was she thinking?

  • m

    I think she looked better before – i liked her features. But whatever, she’s a grown woman and can make any decision she wants

  • ss

    she was pretty before, but now she looks weird with that big chin. i know she was trying to even out her face but her chin is weirdly big now. =

  • What a waste of money. She was really pretty before…now…meh.

  • Stephani

    She looks like a man now from the side with her new chin and nose. OMG.

  • W

    Her chin was totally fine before – wtf was her doctor thinking (more dollars?). There should be more regulation of plastic surgeons…

  • Her new chin looks awful !!! And is very sad that she is wasting her money in such unnecessary things instead of saving for Sophia’s future.

  • Sarah

    her chin is smaller I find, & her nose doesn’t have a bridge any more, still looks kinda big though.

  • deaner23

    Superficial and spoiled brat. Her ugly new chin goes with her ugly personality….the most uncomfortable moment on Teen Mom 2 was when her boyfriend Daniel took her to Texas to meet his parents. As they were having dinner, Farrah called her a “Lone Bird” because she didn’t have any children of her own. Was it just me, or did she seem high as f**k?

  • people

    Farrah if your reading this, since you felt that you really needed the surgery you should of made your nose smaller not bigger your nose looks swollen and super fat celebrities usually go for a smaller nose not bigger. You look fat and bloated from your face do another surgery and fix that shit either go back to how you use to look cause you looked great or make it smaller

  • Rachel baby

    How does she thinks this looks good she was prettier before now she just looks gross she should get a refund on the surgery.

  • jess

    She was so pretty before! She made her nose and chin bigger? So strange.

  • yvonne lambert

    Totally ruined her face!!! I agree with all of you about her ugly on the inside, a horrible mother and a spoiled brat! I feel her though, because I think she was sexually molested as a child and has never healed from that!

  • ohmybobbert

    Okay. I’m going to effin throw up!!! She looks effin hideous now! Omg. She is going to so regret getting that done. Her face looks so distorted now, and she looks like a freaking ugly duckling now. Hahaha. She’s HIDEOUS!!! She also looks like she has MAJOR wrinkle problems and a HUGE DOUBLE CHIN!!!

  • alyce horan

    even uglier than ever

  • mslady

    looked better before. but shes evil on the inside.. more surgery wont help

  • Km

    she looks so bad now she has a witches chin and her nose looks so bad…. why do people ruin their faces o well at least her bad look will suit her bad personality.

  • pearldiamondMD

    Farrah, you looked sooo much better before. That $21,000 should have been spent wisely, on something else.

  • Jenswippy

    The proportions look the same as they did before. Whats the point? Whatever makes someone sleep at night. I guess.

  • I preferred her before the surgery; she wasn’t perfect, but it was HER. Now she is prettier but her unique looks are gone. Plus, she’s so dumb that even her 3-year-old daughter seems a lot more intelligent than her.

  • Heather

    Aw, I think she looks better before the surgery but to each his own. If having surgery makes her feel better than so be it. I’m not opposed to having surgery to enhance your self esteem but she really did look so much better prior.

  • Lisa

    Homesly, I think she looked better before the surgery. JS

  • chanel

    EW she looks like an old witch now! She was so beautiful before, how sad.