Leah Messer-Calvert is pregnant with her third child

Leah Messer poses in the pool with husband Jeremy and twins Ali and Alleah

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert and her husband of just over 6 months, Jeremy Calvert, are preparing to welcome a new baby! Yep, Leah is pregnant!

“Jeremy and I are excited to be adding a new addition to our family,” Leah tells Us Weekly. “Being a teen mom was difficult, but I’m older and in a different place now — married to Jeremy and excited for our family to grow.”

“Ali and Aleeah can’t wait to meet their new brother or sister,” Jeremy adds. “We feel incredibly blessed and look forward to this next chapter in our lives.” Leah and Jeremy tied the knot back in April.

So far, there is no word on when Leah is due and all is quiet on Leah’s Twitter account. UPDATE – Grandma-to-be Momma Dawn tweeted this message after getting an outpouring of positive comments once the story broke: “THANKS SOOO MUCH EVERYONE! #PositiveTweets makes this momma soooo happy!!! [Leah and] @Calvert505 are in such a good place! Love all of you!”

The news comes more than nine months after news broke that Leah Messer and her then-fiance Jeremy Calvert had suffered a miscarriage. Congratulations to mom and dad, and of course Grandmomma Dawn too!

Fans will meet Jeremy and see their journey of love on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 which debuts on Monday, November 12.

  • Katie

    To each their own, I suppose. Good luck with that.

  • Sara

    Not surprising… Needs to have a baby before Teen Mom 2 ends so she can get some more money from the magazines. Pathetic.

  • Ashley

    Why did they insist last time that she had an IUD, and that it slipped and she isn’t irresponsible, etc, etc. I mean, congrats I guess….

  • Jenn

    God I hope this isn’t true.

  • MommaJahama

    So she’s gonna be divorced with children from two different fathers all before the age of 25? Niiiiiiice.

    • You know something…It don’t matter if she is or not…She takes care of them girls…I was married once and divorced just like her….I have 4 children with 3 different fathers…My marriage, divorce, and 3 kids were all before I was 25. Her age and everything has NOTHING to do with how she parents, please realize that…

      • Ashley

        No one commented on her parenting skills. Just that getting pregnant with a third so young, without an education in her first year of her second marriage, all before she’s 21 is not the wisest path.

      • Pau

        Michelle, I’m really sorry to hear that. While I do not doubt that you may be an excellent parent, I disagree with the whole having kids with different fathers before a certain age, I think it is self denigrating for a woman (and a man for that matter). But with Leah, the case is different. She expressed on twitter that people who receive government assistance should work and basically gov’t assistance shouldn’t exist. Well with her MTV paychecks I’m sure I’d be sitting at home happy not working. MTV is not an employer and she is glamorizing teen pregnancy and marriage.

      • Pau

        Please don’t take my comment as offensive. It’s just my point of view. I’m sure parenting has nothing to do with the amount of people that have fathered your children, but it does not set a good example for your children when they grow up.

      • “Them girls”…. That’s all I needed.

      • Guest

        Bet you are on government assistance. Republicans all the way. Do we really have to support people like this one?

        • Brittany

          Maybe she doesn’t believe in abortion which fits with the rebuplican of the hour. Take your pick: overturn Roe vs Wade and increase the amount of people on welfare, or allow women to choose.

      • MommaJahamma

        Yeah, I never said she wasn’t a good parent. She obviously loves her girls a great deal and will love her new baby just as much, I’m sure. I just think it’s sad she’s 20 years old and has another baby on the way, married or not.

  • It needs to be said – WHY? She has 1 failed marriage under her belt, a new marriage, 2 young babies already, one having special needs as it is. Why was this a good idea? And when do these girls start seriously considering the clinic?! Does she aspire to be nothing else than a sad case for MTV to exploit? And hey, I’m not hating on MTV….but Jesus, girls…make lemonade out of lemons and set a flippin’ example.

    • I have a failed marriage as well…Her “fans” if thats what you wanna call you guys have no say in what she does. I have 4 kids and thats what I wanted was my kids…So evidently she wants another one

      • No shit. I don’t even know this girl. I hope for common sense for everyone, but obviously that’s a rarity.

    • enjoythesilence

      Honestly, I think Catelynn and Tyler are the only two who have set a relatively positive example out of the TM franchises. They gave their daughter to a wonderful couple, and they moved the heck away from their enabling parents (minus his Mom) and are living life.

    • L

      Some people don’t consider the clinic because they don’t want to terminate the life of the children they CHOSE to create. Sad that you think people should just get an abortion instead of being more responsible and not getting pregnant in the first place.

      • Areyouserious

        You can get BIRTH CONTROL at the clinic as well, moron.

  • Laura

    Oh God… Just what she really needs…

  • noname

    Took longer than I thought.

  • Jamie

    It’s her life to live, but with a special needs child and no education to fall back on, I don’t understand why she couldn’t wait a little longer. What exactly is the purpose of teen mom if the girls on the show don’t set an example to viewers???

    • Exactly.

    • okiemom

      she is older and happy now in her life ..what is it our bussines to judge her???

      • Danielle

        She is getting paid to put her life on tv… on a show created to prevent teen pregnancy. So yeah, people will judge her. Get over it.

  • christee

    Oh, good! Another reason for leah to bitch about how bored she is! Has no one ever told this girl, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should?

  • It’s only been one year since she was officially a teenager. It will be just as tough with three kids at 20/21 as it was with twins at 17/18. They haven’t even been married for a year yet. I don’t understand what all the rush is about.

    • christee

      She has a highly accelerated vagina is my guess.

  • Pau

    Leah, you’re a very inconsiderate person. You said last week on twitter that government assistance should be eliminated. What would have happened to this girl if she wasn’t getting paid from MTV? She would be using government assistance.

    • Danielle

      Pretty sure she will need welfare 5 years from now, when Teen Mom will be over (no more MTV paychecks) and she will be divorced again. Child support won’t be enough to pay for the trailer, food, medical bills, fake tan, ugly horse hair and horrible nails.

    • Bailey

      I agree with her point of view, there is a difference between people who need it and people who abuse it. Unfortunately the people who abuse it out weigh the people who need it. Maybe read all her tweets before judging and acting as if u know her. Could she have said it differently? Yes, and she apologized for that, let’s pretend like your perfect and never offended anyone.

      • Phoebe

        That was NOT her original point. Her original point was that it shouldn’t exist, at all. She was retweeting people with really negative opinions, bashing those who need it. Then, quite rightly, she received a backlash and she backtracked and told everyone she only meant she didn’t support those who abuse it. Seriously – look at her twitter feed. Her husband said he didn’t want to support ‘worthless people who got government assistance’ and was telling people to ‘eat shit and die’. They are total trash. Let’s hope she doesn’t let this baby eat cheese puffs off the floor..

      • christee

        And I bet she also believes all homeless people just need to find jobs, and then they wouldn’t all be homeless. The ignorance of people who complain that they “work to pay for those who don’t” is insane. Leah needs to take a long, hard look at herself. And realize if it weren’t for the fact she’s married (currently, anyway), she is the picture of “welfare queen.” I’m so glad someone who can’t be bothered to keep her house clean enough to prevent her spawn from eating cheez doodles off the floor can call other people useless! Must be nice.

  • kayla

    There is no way she got pregnant “accidentally” this time like she claimed last time. She is what, maybe 21 and is pregnant for the third time with her fourth child? This is crazy. She needs to be more careful.

    • Not that it makes much difference but its her 3rd she miscarried nine months ago

      • Kayla

        I know she miscarried but that is still considered a baby in my book. Just because the baby didn’t make it doesn’t mean anything. She will have three live babies and one in heaven. Same difference.

  • Ashley

    Well, congrats to her I guess if she/they have the resources to care for another child and feel ready for it. But 20 years old, without a college education or job and pregnant with your third child by your second husband?? Not exactly the life that should be exemplified on MTV.

    • Tay tay

      Simple she bleeds Corey dry in child support. She scooped up the new guy cause he has a lot of money. They were probably having problems so she needed to have a baby to seal the deal.

  • enjoythesilence

    Good LORD, Leah lay OFF the tanning bed!

    So by the time we get this pregnancy news on Teen Mom 2, it’ll be 2014.

  • Courtney

    I don’t understand why Leah feels the need to have another child so soon. She has no education, she financially relies on her husband and MTV so she can be a stay at home mom. If her relationship doesn’t work out and when the MTV fame and money are gone she is going to be struggling! So of course she says she doesn’t believe in government assistance but I don’t understand how she can afford ALL these medical bills, twins, and still feel financially comfortable to jump into having a third child!?!?

    • Hello

      You basically took the words out of my mouth… except FYI her husband makes good money too that’s why they are okay financially. For now anyway

  • Brandi

    Actually, I doubt she’s doing it for the money. She also wouldn’t be on government assistance. Her husband makes $19k a month! Not EVERYONE does things solely because of money

    • Ace

      Please enlighten us as to what other reason she would announce to a magazine she’s pregnant? Or did she go to them for free you reckon? lol

  • Yrahueah793$&3

    Ugh she’s not even twenty one and has three kids calm it down Leah I hope she stays with Jeremy but with Leah to never know?

  • Ace

    I like how they went to a magazine to announce the news. Money hungry much? I bet Leah was dialling them the second the pregnancy test showed up positive.

  • Phoxee

    Those girls need some cute swimsuits……..wtf leah? Too worried about your own swimsuit to get your adorable daughters one?

  • Phoxee

    IDK. My husband and I took the long route. Married 5 years before getting pregnant, and we dated 3 years to the day before getting married. Even spent a year of dating apart for military reasons. We now have a 1 year old and it’s still effing hard. I keep telling him…….why didn’t we have kids at the start when we were younger and dumber. LOL.

    • Jess

      Military and you dated 3 years? Nice! Most will marry the girl after 2 weeks of knowing her. Then the cheating and divorce follow shortly after. Wish you the best in your marriage! 🙂

      • Phoxee

        Thank you!! My name is Jess too!! =)

  • Angie

    3 kids at 20/21. Momma Dawn must be SO proud.
    Leah is pathetic and the only reason SHE isn’t on gov’t assistance herself is because she makes bank for exploiting her stupid decisions and mooches off her husbands. I hope reality slaps her in the face when her show ends.

    • Angie

      and by “stupid decisions” I mean unprotected sex with a guy she knew for a month, rushing into marriage (twice!), cheating on Corey (twice!), getting pregnant by a guy she had known for 2-3 months (Jeremy).

  • hahaha

    Her husband does not make $19k a month… I’m pretty sure he is a pipe fitter… my hubby has been a pipe fitter (union) for many years and doesn’t make that much

  • These girls are such a mess. She will have 10 kids by 6 different fathers by the time she is 25. That teen mom money will not last forever and then what,welfare?

  • shane talfoa

    Nasty ass rachet hoe…. Birth control bitch.. stupid hoe … Mitt rommey supported bitch… I feel so sad for her…I’m not even from the states… New Zealand born breed kiwi … Bloody stupid..

  • Ally

    I really wish her and Corey would get back together. He was such a good father and a good husband, I can understand why won’t take her back, most guys won’t put up with the stuff women are willing to but it still seems like they had a good family unit.

    • Sara

      Do you hate Corey or something? Poor guy, he’s better off alone if you ask me. He’s too good for her, in my honest opinion.

  • Fatima

    I do have a question for whomever can answer…What are the chances (percentage, probability) of getting pregnant twice within a 3 to 4 month period while on birth control? I believe she said she was on birth control (Mirena, maybe) when she was pregnant in January. Is it an issue of effectiveness?

    • I’m thinking they actually tried for this one… The timing of getting pregnant this time is too close to the last time she miscarried… She said she’s due this winter, she miscarried nine months ago…. I guarantee they tried to get pregnant.

    • Sara

      If she really did have the Mirena, her chances were pretty slim : about 1 women in 1000 in a year will get pregnant on Mirena. So trust me, it was no accident..because if it was…she’s really unlucky (or lucky, depending on how you see it)

  • darla

    At least she’s married this time. You can give her that lol.

  • Sara

    Wow. So much for the hardships of being a young parent! I hope she gets kicked out of Teen Mom. It’s so hard to sit on your behind all day while your husband brings home the bacon. It’s soooo hard doing nothing while MTV checks come in. It’s sooooo hard that she’s now pregnant again on purpose! This is completely ridiculous. After that, she has the guts to tell people to get jobs. Oh sure, you’re such a good role model. B*tch, please!

  • Sara

    Isn’t this her 4th pregnancy? She needs to learn about birth control.

  • Courtney

    MTV should have never continued filming ANY of these girls (except maybe Catelynn) past their 16 & Pregnant episode. The more the fans got to see of their life the more it messed with “Reality”! I believe these girls would NEVER have had the money to pay for surgeries and they would be in their “normal” situation struggling! Leah is VERY naive and blinded by exactly just how fame has changed her and given her!

  • Emmalee

    Let’s hope it’s not twins again.

  • Gatubella

    she is promoting TEEN pregnancy and that is so wrong. She already has 2 children, and one who needs special care. She didn’t need to bring another child into this world, specially because she is so young, and really didn’t date much, she didn’t know Cory more than 2 months I think and she got pregnant…..and she doesn’t know Jeremy either…recipe for disaster….sorry. Just my opinion.

  • Laura

    That does say something about you and it definitely isn’t positive…

  • Nicole

    It is sad to see Leah in this situation. She needs to take a step back and realize she has her whole life ahead of her and there is no reason to rush things along. Rushing has already proved not to work for her, as she is already a teen mom and a divorcee. She should have just taken her time and concentrated on building her new relationship, focusing on her girls, and securing a financial future for her family, instead of getting married and pregnant so quick. One day the MTV paychecks will stop coming and she will find that with no education, she will be forced to support three children on a minimum wage job.