PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Courtland Rogers and daughter “JaJa” Jordan

Jenelle Evans and new boyfriend Courtland Rogers at the fair

After a very brief (and surprisingly undramatic) hiatus, it appears Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Courtland Rogers are back on! The two have gotten a place together and have already begun putting their relationship to the test by painting all the interior walls. (I’m sure you will see it all go down on MTV some time in 2014)

In addition to their familiarity with the Brunswick County court system, Jenelle and Courtland also have something else in common — they’re each parents! Courtland has a one-year-old daughter named Jordan Ashlee Nikole Lewis, and according to Jenelle, her mother won’t allow Courtland to see her. Jenelle wrote briefly about the situation on her blog after fans began asking her what Courtland’s “JaJa” neck tattoo meant:

Courtland does have many tattoos. One of them is on his neck and it says “JaJa”. This is of course a nickname for his daughter who is only 1 year old and her name is Jordan. He isn’t a deadbeat father and actually wants to see his daughter but the mother won’t let him. It’s a complicated situation but he wanted to pay child support on his own and tells everyone “Your daddy will be here in the future when you need me.” I think this is very sweet of him and still wish Andrew would step up as a father! :/ Oh well!

Courtland Rogers with his daughter "JaJa" Jordan Lewis

Jenelle didn’t explain why Jordan’s mother (Taylor Lewis) won’t allow Courtland to see his daughter. But, as you can tell from these photographs, he has been allowed to see Jordan in the past:

Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Courtland Rogers with his daughter Jordan Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Courtland Rogers with his daughter JaJa Jordan Lewis photo 1  Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Courtland Rogers with his daughter JaJa Jordan Lewis photo 2 Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Courtland Rogers with his daughter JaJa Jordan Lewis photo 3  Jenelle Evans' new boyfriend Courtland Rogers with his daughter JaJa Jordan Lewis photo 4

So what about Kieffer Delp and Gary Head? Is Jenelle really over these two? In a blog entry on October 9 Jenelle was talking fondly of her new relationship with Courtland and wrote, “I think I have broken the “Gary/Kieffer” Spell I was under! YES! :]” And apparently she is still fending off occasional advances from them both, to which she tweeted the response, “@Gary_Head @Confidence117k yr right, u guys are nothing compared to Courtland 🙂 I’m doing much better without u two.”

  • It’s a shame when parents use children like pawns.

  • Ginelle

    I’m so happy to see that she picked a winner this time!

    • Nathan

      Are you being sarcastic?

      • Bri

        I HOPE?

        • Ginelle

          Of course I’m being sarcastic guys!

  • Katie

    I pray Jenelle never, ever gets Jace. She has absolutely NO sense of what’s right and wrong. Oh and by the way Starcasm, these two are not “parents”. In order to deserve that title you have to actually be there for your children physically, emotionally, and even financially. These two are nothing but sperm and egg donors.

  • Im sorry but that is a poor excuse a mother does not have a choice if the father of her baby can see that baby Unless there is a court order that says he is unfit to see her he can go to court and get rights He just sounds lazy and like a dead beat That poor little girl doesnt have a dad in her life

    • Nathan

      True. If he wants to see his kid, all he has to do is file a petition for visitation. Unless he is found to be unfit, he would most likely get every other weekend visitation. Although, it is almost a given that when a father files for visitation, the mother will counterclaim for child support. This is probably the real reason he is not seeing his kid – he wants to see her, just not enough to have to pay money to support her in order to enjoy that right.

      • Katie

        Couldn’t have said it better, Nathan!

      • Bre

        Visitation filing can get expensive. When my husband’s ex decided to change her number and move without telling him he had no way of doing anything about it for two months because of child support payments and other bills. Luckily the lawyer who drew up the papers did it for free but the actual filing was over one hundred dollars. Which may not sound like a lot but when you’ve barely got enough to pay your own bills it might as well be a million.
        Not saying anything FOR this guy because he looks like a dead beat, just something to think about.

        • Mhop1210

          The point of the matter is that you will do anything to see your child. I’d sell my body if I didn’t have the funds necessary to file visitation before abandoning them.

        • Sunshine234

          Good point. Not everybody is a dirt bag.

  • Nathan

    “This is of course a nickname for his daughter who is only 1 year old and her name is Jordan.”

    Of course! Who didn’t already just magically know that? I think this girl has difficulties grasping the subtleties of the English language.

    “It’s a complicated situation but he wanted to pay child support on his own”

    So I take this to mean he doesn’t pay child support?

  • Jenn

    I love how Janelle says she wishes Andrew would step up and be a father….um, how about she step up and be a mother???

    • Bri

      I know right

    • micro OP

      Seriously. Furthermore why should Andrew step up and be a father if she even admitted he isn’t the biological father?

      • noname

        Exactlly!! I said the same thing but Starcasm put my comment in moderation for whatever reason.

  • B

    I’m sure there must be a good reason he isn’t allowed to see his daughter, or he was like Jenelle & couldn’t be bothered spending much time with her and is now claiming he cares. I can’t imagine a mother stopping a father seeing their child if they were actually a good one from the beginning, and I’m pretty sure legally they couldn’t then either.

  • Andrea

    a REAL father or mother would move heaven and earth to be in the life of there child and would’nt let ANYONE stand in the way.

  • micro OP

    I suppose if he doesn’t beat her up, sell naked photos of her, or get arrested multiple times he’s an improvement. The standards are high here people!

  • Ashley

    I just pray that Jenelle is on birth control (being used correctly) and she and Courtland are taking EVERY precaution they can against pregnancy. These two definitely do not need to be bringing anymore children into the world that they can’t/won’t take care of. Sad.

  • Mhop1210

    He wanted to pay child support on his own= doesn’t want to involve courts because they will strictly enforce him to pay when he chooses not to and pay a higher amount than what he believes he should pay to support his child.

    Funny thing is visitation and child support aren’t the same. Once you file for child support they’ll draw up a standard agreement over support and visitation. Once you have that order it doesn’t matter if the mother/father is current on child support. They still have the right to see their child and can strictly enforce it with the document. In Texas you will even get fined for being an obstruction.

    So no, he is a deadbeat dad despite what Janelle thinks or knows about the law.

  • blahblahblah

    Photo . . .