Breaking Amish’s Abe and Rebecca lived in a friend’s camper while she was pregnant in 2010

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler and Abe Schmucker and their daughter

We’ve got another small addition to the “Faking Amish Files” thanks to former friends of Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler who reveal in this week’s National Enquirer that they allowed Rebecca and Abe to live on their property for a few months back in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant.

“Rebecca and Abe are not two kids who fall in love as the show is being filmed,” Shannon Edwards of Co­lumbia, Kentucky, told The Enquirer. “They’ve been out of the Amish com­munity for some time, and they’ve been a couple for years. They stayed in a camper behind our home for sev­eral months in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant with their baby girl.”

So what about their unfamiliarity with modern wonders of technology, such as appliances, or Rebecca’s aversion to wearing revealing swimwear? “Rebecca used our washer and dryer and other appliances all the time,” Shannon said. “She’d hang out by the pool in a little bitty bikini, and Abe liked to drink alcohol.”

And Shannon isn’t just talking, she is the same person that first shared the infamous poolside Rebecca Byler bikini photo:

Breaking Amish Rebecca Byler bikini photo from 2010

(That’s Shannon Edwards standing beside Rebecca Byler in the photo. Originally I pixelated her, but now that she has gone “on record” with her story, I figured she would be OK with putting her face on that hot bikini bod.)

“Abe worked for my land­scaping company, and the last time I saw them, they were riding around in a fancy new pickup truck,” Shannon’s husband Adrian Edwards reveals, “We figured he’d gotten a new job. Now we know what that job was – working on that phony TV show!”

UPDATE – Shannon Edwards has commented on a link to The National Enquirer article posted on the Breaking Amish the Exposé Facebook page:

I wanna comment to this i know both abe and rebecca they lived behind me for quite sumtimes i was just as anxouse as you all to watch them on tv but was very disgusted when i saw it i though how in the worl for one leave their daughter which i know for a fact they have cuz i remember her taken the test and how excited abe was and to hid her like she doesnt exsist is worse i was disgusted also i think they are going back and re writing the lies into the story as they happen to cover up as well rebecca’s family has shunned her for running off in 2010 with abe her and her first husband left the amish together then she met abe and they stayed here in ky for months this is how i looked at it THEY GOT PAID TO LIE I GOT PAID TO TELL THE TRUTH

(Also leaving a comment was the “Lone Rider” Facebook profile, which evidence suggests is in fact Jeremiah Raber. In response to Shannon, he wrote, “@shannon marie. thanks for putting that story in there, it will help the ratings again lol”)

UPDATE – Shannon has added some more comments! HEre you go:

play the part abe omg this is the craziest thing on t.v being they ran off from her husband in 2010 to ky and abe knew y bcuz she was messing with abe for gods sake abe lived with rebecca and her husband

i never said they where friends of mine when you cuss out my kids and leave without paying your rent thats a problem for me so i so nothing wrong with cashin in also i wanted to watch them go to new york i just didnt excpect the lies i was shocked and i do wish them well….

With Breaking Amish TLC has perhaps its most successful series ever, despite the fact that just a few weeks in there was more than enough evidence online to suggest the premise was pretty much entirely not true. Now, weeks later, with only one more episode to go, I’m beginning to wonder if the show wouldn’t have been even MORE popular if producers had just presented the cast members truthfully! Sort of a former Amish Real World New York City.

You’ve got a divorced father of three with a history of legal troubles stemming from domestic abuse accusations, a former teen bride who ran off and left her husband for another former Amish man who soon after fathered her child, a super sexy wannabe model with a booze problem, and another cocktail-loving adoptee and former Mennonite divorcee looking for her real parents in the Big Apple. Maybe it could have just been called Broken Amish. I damn sure woulda watched that train horse and buggy wreck!

  • Really? It gets better ratings than Honey Boo Boo? And I agree, if the show was about the real stories, I’d watch it. As it stands, I don’t watch it knowing how fake it is.

  • Katie

    I am sorry that girl doesn’t even look like Rebecca

  • kellyc.

    i thought she had no teeth? and who would want to be away from their baby that long?!

    • kbram229

      She said her teeth were pulled when she was 19. If this pic was taken 2 years ago she was 18

  • sonja

    Really Shannon I need to let you know that alot of us think that you are so upset that you wasnt written in the show I think that you are jealous. Plus you really need to learn how to spell maybe Rebecca and Abe could learn you or their two year old.

    • tab

      maybe you shouldn’t comment about people learning how to spell when you can’t even use correct grammar.

    • Log

      Maybe you should learn how to spell, I had better grammar than that when I was 3 years old. A lot is two words not one. Wasnt also is not a word.

      • George Downs

        I think that you and many others missed Sonja’s sarcasm.

  • Boo

    That DOES look like Rebecca. Keep in mind this was when she was younger and she didn’t have the dentures that she has now. This girl has nothing to be jealous of. TLC has known to lie. If you think ANY “reality” show isn’t the least bit scripted, think again.

    • jack

      Those dentures were ill fitting on purpose.

  • classylass

    So, where was the baby while they were on the show?

  • eek

    This is horrible…I was so into the show. Now I’m contemplating wheather to keep watching, I hate promoting liars. And YES that is Rebbeca…her hair was dyed previous to the show and is growing out…cant you tell by watching the fake ass show?

    • attempting2

      Look at the girl’s teeth. There is no gap & their quite different than Rebecca’s.

      • Nattie

        To be far, it’s hard to tell the difference between teeth in the two pictures. Plus, teeth can move around in change. Especially if you start dealing with crowding or more room. I never had a gap until my wisdom teeth were removed, now I have a small one. Facially, it’s the same girl

      • Pam

        You would have to be blind to not see that that is Rebecca!! BUT, who cares!!!! It’s a great show!!

    • Maria

      Exactly howw I Feel

  • Katie

    So happy I didn’t start watching this show.

  • Connor

    The show is entertaining. That is all it is meant to do. Entertain! I never really believed it anyway, but it is still so captivating! No show is fully honest. Period

  • HLS

    My daughter made a good point. When was it filmed? If it was done in 2010 then Rebecca and Abe really were just breaking Amish.

    • log

      it clearly wasn’t done in 2012, Rebecca looks like 16 in that picture, she’s 20 something now and looks atleast 6 years older.

    • It was filmed this year.


    anybody that feels tlc is a lieing batch of bitches dont watch the show together we can stop the nonsince i hate fake people and they were my faviorite on the show

  • da OR DDA

    it was my faviorite show but now you need to put shame on tlc they a lieing fakes and they should have to appoligize

  • So sad that the show as fake, but I have Plain family, so I had picked up on some of it as possibly being fake.

  • diana

    Everyone is cashing in on this show and talking about them but one thing that sticks in my mind is were was the child and the girl said rebecca had. Her false teeth with her why would rebecca have false teeth if she had her own and it takes nine months to have a baby and it was taken in june which means the baby would have been born in 2011 not 2010 like she said and those two talk about wearing english clothes and bowling when they were younger who is to say they didn’t go to pool party and wear a bathing suit that suit is ill fitting and the one she wears in show fits and did anyone ever think abe has 3 sisters so his brother having his niece picture could belong to one of them also. Never said abes daughter he just said beautiful niece on his facebook. So people I don’t believe everything on the show but I will never believe someone selling a story to a tabloid they have always paid big money for fake stories and her ex husband I don’t believe at all paper looks fake anyone could get that paper on the internet check people I do feel they were the most honest out of them all

  • I thought she had her teeth pulled when she was a little girl.

    • Pam

      No, when she was a teenager I think

  • Lau

    So they’re just rednecks….

  • Pam

    Who cares if the knew each other, were together, or whatever!! It is a good show and the things they talk about do happen in real life so why the big deal?? This isn’t the only reality show that is fake, they probably all are at some point but WHO CARES!!????? It makes good TV and we all watch it so either watch it or make it click!!!

  • JPv

    I think the babe is photo shopped in. I can tell by those large pixels.

    • KP

      he baby isn’t photo shopped in. The pixels are from covering the babys face

  • Patti

    I wonder whats the real story on the dentures. Rebecca said they held her head down and pulled all her teeth out, well obviously that was after she was with Abe and had the baby so why would she let that happen to her. Also did anyone know that the amish men screw their animals.

    • Shooshoo3o3

      They have puppy mills, which are really mean places.

  • Nicole

    Omg u r a really good actor about how you were getting married but your already married I love your showwwww

  • Maria

    Great show so disappointed that show wasn’t real

  • I hate when people leave facebook comments in an english/idiot hybrid language. Can’t you just type using real words and punctuations! Damn you, trashy people! On another note, it was foolish to think they could get away with these lies on a cable tv reality show, in this day and age. Everyone will get aired out, quit the lying!

  • lorraine

    It looks like the pic of rebecca was photo shopped in.and who cares.if they broke amish now or what happens & the different life style.and gives us a understanding of the amish.

    • Shooshoo3o3

      I feel if they lie about one thing whats to keep they from saying anything truthful ? You really think they are going to tell the truth about there childhood and how the Amish really live.?

  • seabass3

    knew they were the biggest hypocrites on the show. Rebecca is a true bitc* and Abe is an as*hole. They truly deserve one another. Noticed on the reunion show ole Abe is fine and dandy until you ask a direct question that he would rather not respond to and the skank is just as bad, turns on a dime. Glad there are no Amish around my town.

  • Jillian

    Show is a show, it is supposed to be entertaining, who even believes in any shows. It is how it is in shows, if it was all that negative no one would have watched it, the directors have to make it somehow funny, interesting and dramatic.

  • Nicolette Hess

    You people are so gullible. If she had a 19 month old baby inthe summer of 2011, how could she have a hot bod in summer of 2010? Haha. She doesn’t even have stretch marks in that photo… yet it was supposed to be 2010. This is just another journalist making things up for the moolah. Just as they claim the show to be doing. Do a bit more research, people.

    • kizzy

      She didnt have stretch marks on the show either. Not every person that has a kid gets stretch marks. Some people, especially young, women, jump back to their original bodies pretty quickly after giving birth actually so thats a bad argument.

  • Mar-Genie

    wow soo all this time the show was fake.. they should just kept truthful like other shows

    • George Downs

      yeh! Like Jersey shore

  • NIkki from Lancaster PA

    I am confused by her teeth. She stated on the show that she was forced to have her teeth pulled by an amish dentist before she left the Amish. Yet in the picture of her and Abe, she clearly still had her own teeth, not dentures, so she had to have them pulled after she left the Amish. Just tell the truth and the show would be so much more interesting!

  • Jessie

    People are completely ridiculous and cruel. NEVER judge another person unless you would like to experience the same situation later on in life, in order to be taught a lesson for judging in the first place. I was really impressed with Abe and Rebecca. They are incredibly good people with good hearts and they just want to live their life together in peace. Let them! All of these cruel statements not only hurt this stand up couple- they hurt the little girl too. I’d love to see those with the nasty comments on display with all of their dirty laundry aired out for everyone to see. You have no idea what it is like to live their life and experience parenthood and divorce at such a young age. How horrible for them. Abe and Rebecca- never let this affect you. Have faith in your love and have faith in yourselves! As for everyone else: STOP THE NEGATIVITY! Live your life with love. It’s the only way to be happy.

  • heyYou

    Let them have there 15 minutes of fame. They were Amish and for now they no longer wish to live the Amish lifestyle. I learn some things about the Amish community. Wheter they lett 2 years ago or a week ago, it doesn’t matter. Maybe TLC could have put a notice that each had left some time ago. This is a story of young kids try to find there way. If they make a few bucks fine. It was a good show that I found interesting. We could watch rich housewives, celebrities, more wives of famous people, mob wives who threaten to kill each other. None of it is real. The producers have to have a storyline to make the show cohesive. Most of TV is fake and half truths except maybe the animal channel. Those puppies are so darn cute. You can’t fake that.

  • bearlover20

    This outfit had an awful lot of money to do what they did..penthouse suites?? Really?First time to NY and she gets a modeling job…yeah right! Phony!

  • Reality TV is ALL staged, every single show that is supposed ‘reality’ is made for TV and is staged. People who are telling the truth don’t get defensive, rude, and obnoxious. If one is being truthful there is no need to get all up in someones face about it. The brunette model is probably the only person on the show that was honest and real. Everyone else was hand picked because they had an opportunity to make some money BUT not a one of them will ever make it any further than they are now, except possibly the model. Their personalities and lack of education are atrocious.

  • Ember Leigh

    I think people should keep in mind that the cast members – whose upbringings give them a disadvantage in matters of televised and internet media – each went on the show for their own reasons….and really it’s no one’s business but their own. We have ALL done things we regret; we ALL want to hide our personal secrets, and NONE OF US know what we would or wouldn’t do if put in the same positions as them. They were presented with the opportunity of a life time and who wouldn’t have taken it? That being said, quite honestly I don’t give a damn about the dirt that people are digging up or allegations against them. Those people who are consumed with trying to dig shit up for speculation are pathetic low-lifers who’d do anything for a quick buck. Worse, they do it at the expense of others and are malicious.

    I’d like to see how some of you haters would act if the tables we’re turned. My guess is people would be digging up dirt on you all too. Unless you’re perfect. Which clearly you aren’t. Nor are you doing anyone but yourselves any favors. “Disgusted…by lies,” says that Shannon chick? Is she disgusted by lies or one with a greedy flare for the dramatic? My guess is greed. Regardless, her actions and those of people who think like her disgust me more than learning that former Amish/Mennonites happen to be imperfect.

    That all being said, regardless of what information (likely some facts and probably significantly more rumors) may be floating around out there, I have a hard time believing the show was fake. It was quite clear…and I mean no disrespect here…in the naive nature/behavior they all displayed…that they truly didn’t have a clue what they’d do with themselves when that far out of their elements.

    • Shooshoo3o3

      They lied and then got angry when confronted about it, I could care less who the father is, They put everything out there and then got angry because the world saw them for what they were. If the child is Abe’s I hope he feels good about denying her, things always come out into the lite. Rebecca has a lot of anger and needs help.

  • Ember Leigh

    Oh…and for the Hell of it, let me reveal some of my own ‘dirt:’ I’m divorced, I’m a single mother, and I’ve told more than one lie in my lifetime. Oooh…..shame on me!!

  • Mike

    All of you people puttin negative crap on here are jus flat out crazy. It may be a reality tv show but do u think the network would really put these people on their own show without doin research and finding out who they really are and finding out their pasts? Yeah, its not likely that the network would destroy their reputation jus to put some people on tv without knowing their backround. Would u watch a reality tv show about some boring a** people? I know I wouldnt. People love to watch drama and conflict. The ratings probably went thru the roof as soon as the dirty laundry started comin out. Who cares about their past? The show is about people leaving their amish life behind and thats what they did regardless of when they did it. And if I was offered money to tell my story I would definitely take it and u know the producers are coaching them on what to say and how to act. So get real people either watch it or dont but you shouldnt talk down about people u dont know. And you all act like you havent hid things from anyone in your life. And as for where her baby was during the show, I for sure wouldnt put my baby thru hell of all that craziness of filming the series and did anyone think that maybe the father would not sign consent papers for the girl to be on the show? Grow up and get lives people cause its apparent u dont like yours otherwise you wouldnt be hatin on theirs.

  • ok,this pic was not taken that long ago,yet she “just” said (watching the show now) she was a teen when she had all her teeth yanked in her family home! ummmm……. ya, one lie to cover up another only snowballs

  • The people on this show are extremely frustrating. They are the most closed minded people I’ve ever seen! It’s weird the way the Amish friends and family literally run away from them if they show up at their own home! How pathetic! No wonder the youth are realizing there is more to see and experience in the world than just a farm and farm clothes. It blows my mind that Abe’s mom is more concerned with his attire than anything else. My GOD he is wearing normal clothing that is not promiscuous or in poor taste. Talk about racism, I definitely have a problem with Amish people. They are just breeding stupidity! I can’t stand it!

  • kizzy

    Anyone notice that in one of the later episodes, Jeremiah returns back to Ohio to visit his “amish girlfriend” Ivy. As he is walking up to her door, he passes by a window fitted with an air conditioner. Well, since amish dont have conventional electricity, how did they run this AC. Staged definitely. Very disappointing. Ive been to Lancaster a few times and am very intrigued by the amish lifestyle. These exaggerations and staged scenarios were disappointing as i really hoped to learn more real stuff about amish people.

  • Lawka

    Omg chick. Get a damn dictionary with the money you made. Or better yet, get some English lessons. Your kids HAVE to be iliterate at this point. I fear for our future.

  • BellasMommy

    WOW-I feel like an idiot believing the whole premiss of the show and all the blatant lies that were played out!? Now what should I do – continue to watch the new season of lies and just PRETEND it’s a regular TV show drama? Or just stop watching like I did with the stupid Kardashians?? HMMMM?

  • jpc

    her spelling is proof enough they need more than a 8th grade

  • Dorléa Esteves

    why Rebecca took the teeth??

  • Dorléa Esteves

    why Rebecca took the teeth?? I am Brazilian and I am assitindo, but I can not understand.

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