Kris Jenner tweets nip slip photo of herself in a Wonder Woman costume

Kris Jenner Wonder Woman costume nip slip wardrobe malfunction photo

Everybody knows how much reality show matriarch Kris Jenner loves sharing her girls with the world, but usually that just means her daughters! The 56-year-old mother of six took to instagram and Twitter last night to share a captionless photo of herself in a Wonder Woman Halloween costume, apparently not realizing the top of the costume was not “Keeping up with the Kardashians” so to speak.

The double nip slip wardrobe malfunction photo was soon deleted by Kris Jenner, but daughter Khloe reposted it along with the words, “Hi nips. That’s my mom”

To Kris Jenner’s credit, it is REALLY hard to get noticed wearing any sort of sexy costume thanks to her daughter Kim – who previously wore a similar Wonder Woman Halloween costume a few years ago.

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  • Joy

    Gross. Time to hang it up old lady.

  • Mickey

    -.- I know if I can feel my nips slipping out, she could. It’s not that difficult. She posted that crap for attention. So disgusting and degrading to herself.

    • NikkieMarie

      I always said I would know till I was going through security at the airport and my son who was 9 months old at the time pulled my shirt down. Guess he was wanted to nurse since he was breastfeed. I didn’t know till the male TSA agent told me and yes I was very embarassed. Although I think if it was a different circumstance where my hands weren’t full I would have definitely noticed. but all the kardashians are attention driven so I agree she knew and posted it on purpose.

  • Jenn

    The woman would have either felt them exposed or seen them exposed before posting the picture. She just wanted some attention since her name has been out of the media for a quick second.

  • lala

    I had one nip slip when I was 16,it took awhile for me to notice after feeling a light breeze, but by that time the guys I was playing volleyball with had seen n of course failed to let me know, how couldu not notice before posting the pic though..

  • Piper

    Bullshit!, nothing these people do is a accident or a oops.

  • Soncie22

    Come on Kris, it’s time to act your age. This need to be seen, as something other than a reasonably attractive, successful 50+ yr old grandmother, is really quite sad. Go away, gracefully…

  • Mia

    I almost feel bad for calling Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton fame-whores back in the day. The Kardashian’s are their own breed of unlikable, disgusting fame-whores. I would literally have to refrain from punching any of them in the head if I ever saw them in person.