Alleged Adrienne Maloof abuse photos posted by her personal chef

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Adrienne Maloof alleged abuse photos

Adrienne Maloof and her estranged husband Dr. Paul Nassif are in the middle of a bitter divorce battle and while accusations of physical abuse have been made by both parties, there has been no physical evidence presented to the public — until now. Adrienne’s personal chef Bernie Guzman took to his Facebook page and uploaded several photos of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star with apparent bruising, along with some shocking accusations about Paul.

“Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. It’s a secret I have kept….he must be stopped,” Bernie wrote today on his personal Facebook page. “Adrienne did not put me up to this…..I feel everyone needs to know. I’m sure she will be relieved everyone knows.”

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Adrienne Maloof abuse photo

The photos he posted showed his famous boss topless and facing away from the camera, showing her wounds from an alleged altercation she had with Paul. The photos appear to have been taken by Adrienne herself using a mirror.

If Adrienne really didn’t put Bernie up to it, it seems to beg the question why he was in possession of the photos. Perhaps Adrienne gave him copies out of fear that something could have happened to her? Bernie posted the photos to Facebook which means he didn’t sell them, so it’s not like the guy was just trying to make a quick buck.

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Adrienne Maloof's alleged abuse photos

Bernie’s rant continued later in the day when he wrote, “Now you know who and what he really is. Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground. Punched and beaten. He is a beast.” After a few of his Facebook friends questioned why Adrienne never went to police, he stated, “Adrienne would not press charges.. She was worried about her children and the custody battle..what would happen to her children when they were out of her site. A mothers worry.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Nassif maintains his innocence and has released a statement to TMZ via his lawyer which reads, “Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication. No physical assault ever occurred.” As for how the injuries occured, he adds, “I can’t speculate how these marks occurred.  I know the woman does martial arts.”

Here are the rest of the photos, which are similar to the ones above, but slightly different:

Photo of Adrienne Maloof's bruises shared by her chef  Adrienne Maloof abuse photo showing bruises allegedly caused by her husband  Alleged photo of battered ADrienne Maloof shared by chef Bernie Guzman

  • SmartMommy

    It’s sad if she was beaten. Those marks look painful… but more like a rash or shingles than beaten. I would think they would look more black and blue if she was punched, but everyone bruises differently.
    On a side note, Adrienne looks so healthy, tight and fit. But these pics make her look blubbery and out of shape. Definitely not the petite person she appears to be with all the makeup, fancy clothes, lights and cameras.

    • PommyP

      God, what a shallow person you are! American stupidity at its best. Never mind her injuries – check out her “flab” (and I wonder if you would look so good at her age – doubt it).

      • SUCKIT

        Non Americans are so bitter and jealous. *Rides away in my SUV blasting Metallica with my gun strapped to my side, singing “IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAAAAAAAAAN”*

      • Polk8dot

        The point was totally valid – the body we are used to seeing on Adrienne, on RHOBH and in the papparazzi pics IS TINY!!! These pics show a body of a standard sized woman, at least size 8-10, not the 2 Ad is. Conclussion? The body most likely is not Adrienne’s at all, but is skillfully photoshopped to her head to make the pics usefull in this tawdry matter.
        Also, the bruising does look like a fresh heat rush after a martial arts fight/beating. That’s how the fighters look after the fight is over, and all the blows to the body are visible. But since they are mostly done using flat body surfaces like the palm of a hand or a foot, they do not leave the standard black and blue, yellowish/greenish punching bruises, they leave red looking slapping rash.
        I will NEVER believe that Paul is a violent man, just like I will ALWAYS find it possible that Adrienne herself is. She has the temper and temperament that make her completely volatile and since she does martial arts, she already knows her first response is going to be physical.
        It is disgusting that the f-ing chef is posting the pics. Is he obsessed with her, and will require a restraining order soon? Or is she using his obsession to do her dirty work, so she can claim to the kids to never have said anything bad about daddy? SHE IS DESPEAKABLE. Selfish, spoiled, entitled, lying, nasty, controlling, OCD cow.

  • Skeptical

    Why wouldn’t she call the police and have them take the pictures? She’s a rich (born rich) well-educated woman so she has to know that’s what she needs to have credibility in court.

  • Sweet Venom

    Her personal chef has copies of the photos? That seems weird…unless it’s completely normal for a rich woman to be close to her cook. Seems to me like there is something fishy going on. I am just speculating but maybe the chef and Maloof are having an affair?

  • kate_middleton

    IMO, those pics look Photoshopped. Her head looks WAY too small for her body.

    • You know I was thinking the same thing. PHOTOSHOP at its best. And if he knew about it why didnt he call the police, that in my book mkes him just as bad. But I don’t believe any of it! TEAM BRANDI ALL THE WAY


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