Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s baby Kaitlyn enters first pageant, family has to address car seat police

It looks like baby Kaitlyn is following in the famous footsteps of her Aunt Honey Boo Boo! The above photo was posted to Alana Thompson’s official fan page with the following caption:

Aww look at GIGI’s baby! 5th runner up and people choice go Kaitlyn! now anna is hooked and we r having baby Kaitlyn a dress made look out Pageant world!

Kaitlyn is the daughter of Alana’s older sister Anna, or as fans of the show might know her, Chickadee. As we previously reported and was revealed on the show, Kaitlyn was born with an additional thumb. As for now, the doctors do not want to remove the additional digit for medical reasons (which you can read more about here).

Being that this was posted to a fan page one has to “like” via Facebook most of the comments were positive but there was one glaring exception, an entity that we here at starcasm are very familiar with in relation to our coverage of Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant, the car seat police.

Some peeps took offense to the photo because of the way Kaitlyn is not strapped all the way in. The argument went downhill with the vast majority of folks defending the family wondering why it had to become an issue in the first place. As was pointed out frequently, little Kaitlyn wasn’t in a car when the pic was snapped.

Not one to shy away from addressing folks, the family posted another picture just to assure followers that they knew how to go about securing that car seat.

SEE we know how to properly secure baby kaitlyn’s straps and stuff on her car seats, HERE she’s in a car.. sheeeez

It’s important to note that the photo was one from before they got “ticketed” by the car seat authorities.

And so it goes for the lives of reality peeps in the spotlight. As a parent myself I understand and fully appreciate the importance of car seat safety. I also appreciate when to step off when critiquing other parents – I got enough under my own roof to deal with.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way here’s a close up from Kaitlyn’s first pageant.

Cutie patootie!

For info on child seat safety you can check out the official site for The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration here.

  • B

    I love how this article is so snarky about people being concerned about children being strapped into car seats properly, like it’s such a terrible thing. I’ll happily be called the car seat police if it means someone changes how their child is strapped in to them being more safe. My son was strapped in terribly like the first photo until he was 1, until I did my research & became more educated about car seat safety. I’m sure if your child died because of your incompetence it would be a different tone. The point is it’s not your life you’re putting at risk, it’s a child’s. It’s not critiquing someones parenting rather than caring about a childs safety & saying hey, did you know that for your child to be safer you should do this? I would have appreciated someone educating me earlier, I hate to think if I had been in a crash.
    Btw, wheres the proof the second pic is from before the other one? And tbh in the second one you can still see the strap is twisted and the chest clip isn’t at armpit level. So yea, it could still be better.
    – Mother to 2 boys with correctly installed seats and strapped in properly 🙂

    • Darren O

      The second photo was originally posted on Sept 27th via the page. There are multiple comments about the pic that date well before the one that instigated the critique. I should have made the proof of the origination of the 2nd pic more clear. Thanks for the input B!

    • Kayla

      Yes! I’ve seen so many carseats with the straps barely on. It’s for the safety of your child! They apparently don’t care about that!

    • ashley


    • Katie

      You must be the most perfect mother in the world, then. The baby is in a BUILDING, not a CAR! When my daughter was a baby I would take the straps completely off if we went into a restaurant or something. I can’t stand people like you who are so judgemental. You’re a mom and you can’t spell worth sh*t. Shall I judge you?

  • OhPlease

    The car seat is obviously not in a car and has been loosened in that first pic – not uncommon. And who is to say she didn’t untwist the strap after the photo was taken? It’s so easy to judge and play perfect from behind a computer screen. *eye roll*

  • Shes not properly strapped in in the second photo either, but I guess people would prefer to risk their childs life then have someone offer information.

  • juststeph

    Well my daughter’s seat is properly strapped PLUS I’m not such a judgy b*, so guess I win…oh and my daughter too since she won’t witness me being so quick to look down on people and act holier than thou.
    Yes I realize I’m judging, but only so that people realize how awful they sound.