PHOTOS Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson without a beard with Willie and Jase as kids

Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty

You never know what you’re going to find under a Robertson’s beard. Willie’s got great dimples. Jase has a baby face and a little bit of smolder. Jep looks a lot like Willie, and Alan . . . well he looks like Alan.

Duck Dynasty Si Robertson Willie Robertson Jase Robertson beardless baby pictures

What Phil and Si look like these days behind their bushy facial hair is still a mystery, but we can turn back the clock with the photo above and get a glimpse of beardless Si Robertson hanging out with two of his young nephews: baby Jase (lounging on the stoop) and baby Willie (no doubt shooting that pistol to try to get Jase off his tail and back to work!). Also notice Uncle Si stirring things up by giving Jase a little tickle. Some things . . . a lot of things . . . never change.

And here’s another pic of Si from a little earlier, I think, but about the same time. That clean cut military guy couldn’t possibly have known what a wild man he was bound to become could he? And, hey, where’s the tea?

Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson without a beard and in his military uniform as a young man

And just in case you had your doubts about whether or not that’s actually Si, we ran the photo through our Robertsonificationator:

Duck Dynasty Si Robertson without a beard with beard added

Yup! That’s Si alright!

UPDATE – We found a couple of Si Robertson’s old (old old) high school yearbooks! Click here to see Uncle Si as a fresh-faced freshman and junior, including photos of him in his… football uniform?!?

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  • Anna Dupont

    The little one is Willie and Jase is the one with the gun. Jase is older than Willie. The order is Alan(who we haven’t seen yet) Jase, Willie and Jep.

  • Duck Dynasty lover

    I thought the little one”Willie” was a girl OMG he is hot but not hotter than Jase

    • Duck Dynasty lover

      Is anyone there?

  • stplyn79

    Anybody know why 1 half of Si’s beard is longer than the other?

    • Marus

      its because he fires his gun and in the side that he puts his shotgun it burns. Jase told me that.

  • what was Sis job in the milita

    what was Sis job in the military

  • i love si

    woah si was hott

  • i love si

    anyone there???

  • Tvol

    its photo shopped the beard that is.

    • Brice Truitt

      Wow, nothing gets by you.