Nicki Minaj shares what her real hair looks like

Nicki Minaj loves to rock a colorful wig, but she’s recently let us get a glimpse of what’s underneath all that blond and neon.

About a week ago Nicki tweeted a picture of her real, long hair being held out (sorry, no cute, straightforward pictures of Nicki.) She tweeted that the straight, shiny hair was all natural, no perms or chemicals. (Nicki’s part Trinidadian and part Indian, which explains her hair’s texture.)

Nicki should really shock everyone by attending an event in a low-key outfit and her real hair.

Nicki Minaj real hair perm chemicals

Here’s a the music video for “Warning” from a few years ago where she did just that:

Another old-school photo of Nicki:


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  • Goldie Treasure

    Oh please. That’s not anything but a weave or she would have posted a whole pic.

  • alexstorm

    That could be anyone hair, not necessarily hers

  • Xtina

    I love how you guys added in how her being part trinidadian and part indian contribute to her hair texture. As if she was ‘just black’ she wouldn’t have a nice hair texture.

    • starcasmnet

      If she were only black, her hair texture would be different. Not better or worse. Talking about her heritage explains why her hair looks the way it does.

      • notreally

        Dear Black people. No one is 100% black. If you are mostly of west African decent ofcourse your hair is going to be coily or z pattern.. that is… unless you’re mixed with Indian, Asian, or Caucasian. I love how most black people will point to an east African with loose waves as to say “seeee?” we come with all different hair types. Yes, East Africans do have a looser texture, and most east Africans have some type of mixture whether Italian, Arab, like that of Eritreans, or Jewish like Ethiopians. I still have yet to see West Africans with hair down their hips. Not wrong with afro textured hair. Most black people HAVE afro textured hair. Get over it. Stop using Ethiopians and Eritreans and blacks mixed with Indians (who are originally dark skin) as a means to show blacks HAVE straight wavy hair tooooo. Speaking of which xtina you’re just projecting.

    • Jessie

      Ask any hairdresser – each race has a different average type of hair. For instance, Asain hair (thick, black, smooth) is excellent for hair-ups and creative cuts due to the thickness and natural straightness. However it’s terrible to colour and almost impossible to get truly blonde without completely destroying it. Of course this is a generalization but nine out of ten times, an Asain person coming into the salon will have that kind of hair, with some variation.

      Honestly some people are just far too keen to shout “THATS RASCIST OMG”. Sometimes it really is just an honest explanation.

      • D

        There is biologically no such thing as race. Race is a culturally created term. 😉

  • trill

    In the warning video by nicki minaj ..her hair is the same
    no wigs idk why people hating so much damn

  • Ugh

    Why is her nose a different color from the rest of her face in that top photo? She looks like Mrs. Potatohead.

  • sif

    Am kenyan with long hair, completely african with no mixture. If you take care of your hair then nikki’s hair wont come as a shock

  • NYCity Ben

    must be awful being enslaved to crazy wigs, absurd hats and bizarre attention craving outfits, but since hearing her opinions, insights and genuine remarks on Idol, I like her when I did not expect to. I now know that behind all that flash, media drama and facial surgery is a person with a heart and in the end, that’s all that really matters. Idol’s audiences are falling in love with this unexpected and most welcome surprise. you GO, Miss Minaj !

  • kyra

    i’m her biggest fan and i think everyone is made just the way god wanted them to be so don’t judge others by the way they look you never know how that can hurt someone so badly she is the way she is and everyone who talks about her should accept her for who she is! i’m 10 yrs old and i’m saying this so think bfor u speak!

  • breanna

    I like that her she be turning up but u do not like to turn down lol I loveu nick minja u she boom