Ex-wife of Breaking Amish’s Jeremiah Raber speaks out

Breaking Amish star Jeremiah Raber old photos with cell phone, cigarette, and driving

It’s been almost three days since we’ve had any new information come out about how TLC has misrepresented the truth about the cast members of their new reality series Breaking Amish. But, thanks to the new issue of Star magazine, we’ve got more info on Jeremiah Raber straight from the best source possible — his ex-wife and mother of his three children, Naomi Stutzman!

Naomi, 27, reveals to the magazine that she and Jeremiah, 32, began dating in 2002 after they had both left the Amish sect and divorced in February, 2011. She says Jeremiah has owned a cell phone for as long as she’s known him and that he was the one who taught her how to drive. “He was always always known as the guy with the coolest cars, and he bragged to me that he had outrun the cops 19 times!” Of course, all of this is in stark contrast to the “Crocodile Dundee-esque” Jeremiah we see on the show, who is amazed by such magical things as cell phones and ATMs, and who takes his “first” driving lesson in hopes of eventually becoming a New York City cab driver.

Breaking Amish Jeremiah Raber from before the show

Speaking of ATMs, that seems to be a touchy subject for Naomi. “I used to have to sleep with my debit card,” she tells Star. “Otherwise, Jeremiah would take it to get money and head for the local casino.”

Another touchy subject for Naomi is the scene where Jeremiah gets a “new” tattoo. The scene from the third episode titled “Breaking All the Rules” shows Jeremiah in a tattoo parlor getting his “first tattoo.” Here’s the finished product:

Breaking Amish Jeremiah Raber tattoo with three names of his children

“He says it lists the names of ‘three people who have changed my life,'” she tells Star. Well, those are the names of our three children [Kannon, Tanika, and Justin] — and he’s had the tattoo since 2009. And the only thing new about that scene was that he was covering over my name, which was on the top. I can deal with Jeremiah trying to erase his past on the show, but erasing my name from a tribute to our children is hurtful. I didn’t expect that at all.”

Other interesting info about Jeremiah? According to Naomi, “he’s always loved rap and rock, including Guns N’ Roses. His favorite performer is Eminem!” And Jeremiah apparently loves something else too, which is the only thing mentione din the article that seems to jibe with what we have seen on Breaking Amish. We’re talking about chicks, man! “Jeremiah loved to go to the Tampa strip clubs,” Naomi says.

In a previous talk with Pennsylvania news station WPHTV CBS 21, Naomi stated simply, “This show is fake.” She was a bit more eloquent in saying the same thing about her ex-husband. “I think Jeremiah has pulled the wool over the viewers’ eyes — and maybe over the producers’ too.”

Yeah, maybe the producers didn’t notice the tattoo was already on his arm when he went in to shoot that scene. Ummmm…

Read the full article, including photos of Jeremiah, naomi and their kids, in the new issue of Star magazine on newsstands now!

UPDATE – It seems Naomi didn’t reveal everything about Jeremiah! Check out Jeremiah Raber’s mug shot photo from a 2005 domestic violence arrest stemming from an altercation with her, as well as information on 17 other police reports involving Jeremiah — eight of which were for domestic violence!


    • I agree, to find out the ENTIRE show was fabricated just pisses me off! I loved the show Amish out of Order, and thought id give this one a shot. You always know with “reality” TV its going to be scripted, but down right fake and made up?! WOW, Id of loved to see their real back story instead of this made up bologna! I couldnt understand why they kept bouncing around the fact that these were actually older “kids”. & That Jeremiah had been married before.. Now we know!

  • Lindsey

    Wow this just keeps getting more and more outlandish. It is shocking TLC hasn’t addressed any of this yet other than that dumb statement

  • tab

    the tlc producers have known all along that this would be fake reality. most “reality” shows are somewhat scripted or set up to create a good story line. true reality shows are kind of boring. 19 kids and counting, anyone? love that family, but their show is pretty boring because it’s just normal life.
    if anyone is truly shocked by this information, they’ve been living under a rock.

  • Bev

    Jeremiah never said he has NEVER driven. He clearly said in the last episode, that he has driven a car, but never in a place like New York.

  • tommco

    Even before I found out Jeremiah was a fake, I thought he was a douche.

    • lovebuzz2345

      He also seems mentally unbalanced…. the way he blackmailed Rebecca and Abe, and the way he reacted to Sabrina having a BF….. and according to his ex-wife that he hit her and obviously there is reason why he doesn’t see his kids! I’m sorry,but he is also very ugly!!!!

  • ET

    I’ll bet that he isn’t faking that ignorance. Ugh! And I’ll just bet he really is a drama queen.

    • lovebuzz2345

      Jeremiah definitely is a Drama Queen!!!

  • retrograve

    Remember when Jeremiah was shopping for ‘English’ clothes in Episode 3 or 4 and the weird guy was showing him all the different clothes like tight pants and included a reference to a top hat being like Slash’s and Jeremiah claiming he didn’t know who that was? Come to find out Guns ‘n’ Roses is his favorite group. C’mon now! Now that was a bald faced lie….

  • nowdisconnected

    Jeremiah is a POS and Rebecca is a total biitch!

  • Jess33

    HA HA HA… and they are all making money off of our viewing and questions and comments! Funny ain’t it! It’s television. People get paid to entertain us. And all of us hard working people just barely scraping by. Make a season of life in my shoes!