Breaking Amish mystery: Why did Rebecca lose all her teeth at 19?

So, it’s getting hard to trust most of the storylines of Breaking Amish, but one thing you can’t fake is the fact that Rebecca has no teeth. (click here for bikini pictures, and to learn about her baby with and marriage to Abe.)

In the second episode the other girls giggle over Rebeca’s dentures over a glass of wine, but Rebecca doesn’t address the issue herself until a few episodes later. She vists an NYC dentist, who gives her a few set of new dentures after she hears Rebecca’s horror story of having her teeth literally pulled out of her head with pliers by an Amish dentist when she was only 19 years old, a practice she claims is common in the Amish community.

Not sure how often 19 year-old-girls lose all their teeth in Amish communities, but it is documented that Amish communities are reluctant to seek modern dental and medical care.

In the photo on the left, pre-dentures (but still post baby with Abe, proving that Rebecca and Abe had a child well before this show started filming) Rebecca has a gap in her teeth, but they don’t look like they’re rotting out of her head.


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  • Pooba

    I think it is very cruel to yank someone’s teeth out under such ignorant circumstances. These Amish “denstists” are practicing dentistry without any sort of medical traianing or degree. So just because of their religious views malpractice is acceptable? These people are US citizens before anything else and should have to adhere to the same rules and regulations that non-Amish dentists abide by. Yanking teeth out haphazerdly like that could result in serious longterm inuries, infections and even death. If I were Rebecca I would be looking into a lawsuit! This absolutely breaks my heart for her to have no teeth at such a young age 🙁

    • Pooba

      *dentists; *training; *injuries… sorry I was typing fast!

  • ashley

    I read somewhere that the Amish yank children’s teeth out as a form of punishment. This is America! How is that not child abuse????

    • carrie

      If that is true, I wonder if it happened because she got pregnant with Abe’s baby????

    • Superabound

      This IS America. The country where you can do whatever horrible or evil things you want as long as you yell “freedom of religion!” and claim your favorite cult leader says its ok.

  • Its so horrible… IDC if your religion is protected by the constitution no one deserves that punishment even if they did get pregnant. That is so wrong on so many occasions!!!!!

    • Bette Webbe

      There is zero proof this was done as punishment. Rebecca never said that. Your comment is based on fantasy assumptions … inventions of another. And WTH does “so wrong on so many occasions” mean exactly? Total nonsense.

  • Maggie

    All of these “Reality” shows are mostly fake. i don”t understand why they call them Reality.

  • tlc did lie about the show, i thought this was about kids who never been off the farm or away from there families and there value’s i thought it might be cool for abe and rebecca to fall in love but now that i know the whole story i dont care anymore its all a lie,i dont know what i think of the show now. i wish they would have been honest at the beginning i was looking forward to see how the amish would love our world something different from theres and we could also learn how there world works for them and there values,well i dont care now. they should call this show the amish breaking bad or something it has nothing to do with the headlines here, im upset tlc.

    • lk English Teacher

      *their…*their values…don’t…it’s. *beginning. I…*seeing…
      Wow…some of the worst grammar I’ve seen.

      • Bette Webbe

        One of the most boring posts I’ve seen. Get a life.

      • Diane Sower

        Bad grammar—They were schooled until what, the 6th grade? They probably talk like their parents. Some of the worst english I hear is from lawyers and judges on t.v.

  • missy

    If she left the community to have Abe’s baby wouldn’t she have been shunned and therefore why would they take her back into the community just to.pull her teeth? This doesn’t make sense

  • Here2do

    You people are 8up. The article is about how FAKE this whole storyline is. How in the world do you know how she lost her teeth? We didn’t know that she was married or had a baby until it broke here. After reading this crap, I won’t believe anything they have to say about the Amish or Mennonites.

  • Shell

    she could have had her teeth go bad from pregnancy. that does happen and with the amish diet it may very well have happened.

    • cas

      …or meth!

  • KryssyJ

    i still believe that her daughter was fathered by her ex husband. Which in my opinion makes Abe a better man considering yeah thats not his kid but he is willing to step up and be a dad. I dont think they were pulled as a form of punishment. But if most of what she said is true why havent they showed varies other members of her family and friends with crappy dentures?

  • just because her teeth don’t appear to be rotten, that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be pulled. I know from experience.

  • pablo

    Ei pessoal, essa tradição tem uma vantagem. Ela tem uma vantagem sobre as outras garotas, imaginem só o chupisco.

  • Diane Sower

    It seems as though just about everyone Amish on t.v. has some sort of denture, whether partial or full. I’m shocked that the state in which these people live don’t have CPS working full time to see the abuse of pulling children’s teeth, rather than taking them to a dentist. I would hope that someone would tell Abe and Rebecca that their oldest child should start seeing a dentist at the age of 3, like mine did. They are now 38 and 36, and neither has a cavity. I think also the lack of modern pre-natal care feeds into bad teeth for the Amish. Again, just shock at how the state’s agencies overlook the needs of these helpless children.