VIDEO Nicki Minaj curses out “her (bleeping) highness” Mariah Carey during AI auditions

There’s been a lot of reports and speculation that there’s no love loss between new American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. While the show doesn’t mind the press, they’ve also tried to tamp down the flames.

Well… Minaj is all f-dat in the following video from yesterday’s auditions in which she straight up curses out Mariah Carey. Check it out!

I love how Keith Urban is in the middle of that mess. Here’s what was said:

Nicki  Get this s**t in self control.  Get in control.  Get in control.
Randy  Settle down, settle down.
Nicki  Don’t lose your head.  Don’t lose your head (inaudible).  Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.
Nicki  (inaudible) every 5 minutes.  So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it.
Nicki  I told them I’m not f**kin’ putting up with her f**king highness over there.  Figure it the f**k out.  Figure it out.
Nicki I’m not gonna sit here every f**king minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.

Producers had to cut the auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina short so the girls could cool off. Sources claim that Nicki later threatened to “knock out” Carey. Yikes.

Ryan “The Peacemaker” Seacrest told Today last month that everything was cool with Nicki and Mariah:

“There are not too many dull moments between the two of them, but at the end of the day, we all hug and laugh and go home and get ready for another day. They get along fine, but they’re strong and candid in their opinion.”

So what to make of all this? The only conclusion I have for sure is that American Idol is now more about the celebrity judges than the contestants.

Image: Dan Jackman / Curtis Sabir | WENN


    Mariah is such a bitch and a diva. i support nicki!! TEAMINAJ

  • Nick

    mariah is shameless

  • Pooba

    I don’t like Mariah’s diva attitude AT ALL but Nicki needs to handle things with dignity and not resort to cursing and threats of violence. THAT is why people call you a gangster, Nicki. You bring this stuff on yourself… mmmkay!??

  • cryingwolf

    Mariah may be a diva, yes. But she also has had many hits over the years that are not about giving head or thinking its cool to dress and act like a hooker like Nicki does. I would rather have my daughter listen and follow behind Mariah Carey than anything Nicki Minaj puts her name on.

    And for Nicki to act like that, AT HER JOB might I remind you, is complete crap. If you did that in the real world you would be fired immediately. Mariah calmly responded to Nickis outrageous b*tch fit. If Nicki really had a problem with people calling her a ghetto black girl or what not, she shouldnt act like a ghetto black girl all the time.

    She gets what she deserves, obviously.

  • Me

    Nicki is absolute TRASH in the way she represents herself. If walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..

  • notghetto

    People who support nicki minaj are most likely ghetto themselves js :p

  • Buzz

    Who is this clown? I thought American Idol panelist were professional & well known. Not some freakazoid rap-crap idiot.

  • Mariah IS a diva and she earned that title! She got rich and famous with her unquestionable talent. She didn’t have to make a fool of herself with stupid attention seeking outfits and by pumping her butt full of who knows what. Nicki Minaj grosses me out on so many levels and I probably won’t watch American Idol anymore because of her. =