Jenelle Evans on her almost move to New Jersey with Kieffer Delp

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and son Jace

Jenelle Evans recently traveled north to New Jersey with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp. The two had just reconciled two months prior and although the trip seemed to be a great idea (Jenelle was even planning to move there,) once they arrived things went south. In the end, the Teen Mom 2 star left Kieffer behind and returned home to North Carolina, but what happened during their trip had remained a mystery, until earlier today when Jenelle took to her blog to tell all.

Jenelle had originally decided to go to New Jersey with Kieffer so that she could meet his family and hit up some great parties. According to her, Kieffer had told her about “all these different parties we would go to, the people we would hangout with would be awesome, and my family will “love” to meet you.” But none of that happened.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and son Jace

The two stayed at his mom’s house for their entire trip and after a few days had passed, Kieffer convinced Jenelle that the two should get an apartment there. “I’m from the north so I didn’t have a problem with that,” Jenelle stated. The two found an apartment and prepared to move in, but what happened next had Jenelle running for the hills.

After being admitted to the hospital for an ovarian cyst burst, Jenelle was left “all alone with no support” from her boyfriend. As if that weren’t enough to send her packing, she found out that Kieffer had been abusing drugs for their entire visit. “When I heard that I said f**k it and called my mother to fly out to me so she can drive back with me to NC,” Jenelle said.

“Once coming home to my moms house I felt like I was at home again and best of all I was reunited with my son who before this incident I haven’t spoken to in a month. I will never ever put myself in that horrible situation again especially if I want my son back. I can’t believe how blinded I was by these boys.” Amen.

  • Chelsea


    • I agree.

    • Everyone

      Jenelle and her “manager” lied and said she was going to NJ for MTV business. Everyone knew they were lying. Jenelle overdosed on heroin and THAT’S why she was in the hospital. Kiefer didn’t want to get busted so he took off. Kiefer is going to drop some bombs tomorrow.

  • She went there with the intentions of partying??? She will never change.
    Sadly,Jenelle cares only about having fun…she’s leaving her son AGAIN to partying in SC for Halloween instead.of being with Jace. GROW UP JENELLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • HippiesSales

      She’s just an idiot… her poor child.

      • CiCi

        And he’s such a darling child! Jace deserves better. I truly wish a happy life for him.

        • HippiesSales


  • LaDy

    I wonder how long it will be until she’s back with Kieffer.

  • ECHO


  • Lol I’m SURE she learned her lesson this time!

  • jeff

    I’m so… very tired of hearing about Jenelle’s newest drama.

  • HippiesSales

    Jenelle you’re a hopeless loser, please go away.

  • They’re both trash. But maybe this will make Jenelle flip her sh! t
    around. I’m so sick of hearing about her and her boyfriends. Wtf about
    Jace? She says she wants him back so f*cking bad every time and that it was a mistake. This chick makes me sick.

  • this doesn’t make much sense…all they did was sit around and do nothing (together), how did she NOT know he was abusing drugs? something doesn’t add up.

    • Ace

      And like she doesn’t do drugs either?

      • it clearly means she was doing them with him or was straight up lying all together. everyone knows she does drugs so it’s not too hard to figure out.

  • One month. Like I said, what a disgrace.

  • Pixie

    She is GROSS on every level. You cant tell me she did know he was doing drugs. Hell they were BOTH doing drugs when she was arrested last summer. She didnt talk to her own child for a MONTH then ran off to Jersey? What a scum bag.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      agreed! She is a total scum bag

  • micro OP

    ummmmm, there is definitely info being withheld. And why does she keep on bothering to pretend she wants full custody. Actions speak louder than words!

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Why is she posting pictures of herself with Jace? Like she is showing us what a good Mom she is? Look, see I am holding my son, I do care, I do love him. Please..this wench was off leaving him so she could shack up with a low life in NJ..give me a sicking already.

    • Ace

      Haha exactly! When she posted those pics on her FB, someone was like, “oh where are the haters comments now? They have nothing to say now.” I thought to myself, what would you like us to say? Congrats on seeing your child the first time in a month? Would you like a cookie? Wow, you’re so amazing spending a few hours with your son? Lol.

  • Rduckie

    & she’s already in another relationship. So much for putting jace first this time.

    • Ashley

      Unbelievable, yet totally predictable. I have never known anyone to bounce from guy to guy as much as she does….she is seriously incapable of being single. There’s no way a normal person could develop and cease romantic feelings for people as quickly as she does. Sad.

    • Ace

      Just saw that too. Wtf, one minute she’s posting how she’s gonna stay single and focus on Jace (not that anyone believed it) and then literally a few hours later she’s in a relationship. Can someone who lives by her punch her for me?

  • mummyof4

    hopefully this is a new fresh start and she will make some positive changes. i have faith in you jenelle 🙂

    • B

      You must be deluded.

  • Ace

    Oh yes, cause we really believe this. JUST ADMIT YOU DON’T WANT HIM BACK. Just the fact you hadn’t seen your son for a month, then left to go to another state to ‘party’, and planned to live far away from your son speaks volumes. It’s not because you’re ‘too young’ (people have parented from her age and done a good job), it’s not because ‘her mother won’t let her’ it’s because you can’t be bothered putting in the effort that comes with being a mother! Because it’s all about Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle, and she just loves attention, even if it’s negative. Obviously within a few weeks she will be back with Gary or Kieffer, or hey maybe even some other new loser. Can’t believe she went a month without seeing her son. SMH.

  • Rduckie

    My other comment never posted… On twitter last week she was saying they were staying at kieffer’s friends house. Now she’s saying they stayed at his mothers?

  • sammi

    So she was preparing to move hundreds of miles away from Jace had this fight not happened between Key-fah (in Janelle’s mom voice) lol. What a piece of shit. She doesnt deserve to be called or recognized as a mother, she’s just the little girl who carried him, Barbera is the real mother. Who does that? I had to leave my son with his dad for 5 days for a funeral in Memphis when my son was 2, and she just picks up and takes off on a whim. Then she has the nerve to say, Im so glad to be home with my son. Wow…

  • Jenelle keeps going through the same situations over and over again, and winds up back where she started. I don’t know what it’s going to take for her to finally stop and just focus on her priorities. No boys, no partying, just school, her home life, and above all, Jace.

  • Or so she SAYS…not saying she’s lying, but it’s not exactly big news that Kieffer is not Mr. Straight-Edge.
    Now, Kieffer claims it’s all a lie and he’s clean and sober, and I’m not sure I believe that, either. I’m just not sure don’t that I believe her decision not to move to Jersey had anything to do with Kieffer’s drug-use (even that is even the case that he did, in fact, secretly do drugs while there).
    I think Jenelle got bored, just like she said in her blog post, and by the time the week was up and they got approved to live in the apartment, she’d already had enough of sitting around and decided to leave. She was disappointed and bored on the trip, but Keiffer, being around his family again, was having fun and didn’t want to leave.
    So the two parted ways. That’s what I think happened, anyway.

  • Chelsea

    Anyone who still believes she gives a shit about that child is an idiot. She was mad because they never went to any parties?! ‘Im from the North so I didnt care’…. that you were moving HOURS away from the son you claim you love? Right. Cant wait for her to disappear.

  • J.

    The fact that she would move that far away from HER SON shows what kind of garbage this girl is. Selfish, vacant, self-centered, and dumb. Period. She should NEVER have a CHANCE of getting her kid back, who I don’t even consider to be HER son anymore. Let’s face it, this is her MOTHER’S child at this point.

  • Micky

    the only thing i believe out of everything she said was that she hadn’t talked to Jace in a month. Yeah, I find that sh*t pretty believable!