David Lowell confirms spin-off for daughter Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's Bethany Christian Services commercial

Celebuzz is confirming the celebrity buzz surrounding Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. According to their source, Catelynn’s dad David, the two are filming a spin-off show for MTV.

David Lowell said that the two were “filming last weekend” and that this new show will feature “all of their wedding planning leading up to the big day.” He added that:

“We’ll share the all-important father-daughter dance and I’ll have the honor of walking her down the aisle.”

As we previously reported, the rumors were swirling that this may very well have been happening when Catelynn and fiancé Tyler sent out some tweets that would lead one to believe a show was in the works. MTV told Celebuzz that, “We haven’t greenlit any spin-offs with the original Teen Mom cast.”

David Lowell stated that the two have been filming “non-stop” for the past month.

It seemed like if there was any loose end that demanded more coverage from the long-running show it was the payoff happy-ending wedding for Catelynn and Tyler. Here’s to hoping that this report is accurate!

  • ChaCha

    Did you post the pictures of Catelynn hitting a bong? Just wondering, cuz I notice that you like to not post certain things…

    • Herp

      They like to not add to the negativity. Good for them. I Iike that. I much prefer the Teen Mom news sites that focus on the positive and treat the girls respectfully. That’s why this site is one of my faves.

  • Harper

    Of course they are going to try and hold onto their 15 minutes. MTV’s also milking it for all it’s worth, it’s a perfect deal for both sides. I can’t wait to see April drinking her Twisted Teas in a dress on the big day.

  • JJ

    Yay.. we get to watch one In the closet Pothead, get married to an ugly loser pothead. I would rather watch the show after they get married… ya know… so we can watch Tyler cheat with a guy and Catelynn start using heavy drugs like her mother.

    • emjay

      sorry bout your life.

  • Herp

    MTV may not have “greenlit” anything yet, but they’re certainly filming. There’s a difference! Sounds like her dad is assuming it will air, which really I don’t see why it wouldn’t. They’re lucky their wedding is timing out with this right after Teen Mom. Because people love that kind of thing… seeing people get married. If that weren’t happening they probably wouldn’t have much of a draw for their own show right now.

  • Oh lord. Get ready for A LOT of talking. The wedding is a long ways away…. why would they start filming so soon? I’m secretly still hoping for a Farrah show. I LIVE for the eye rolls and the ugly cry face.

  • Mrs.bags

    These kids must need money but why don’t the go on with their lives drama free? Would love to see them succeed but not a good start….

  • Jenn

    I LOVE these two…..but after their wedding, THIS NEEDS TO STOP! hahaha

  • Ashley

    Sounds boring.

  • Jenn

    These two were boring. Sure they seemed like nice people but ever episode was the same crap over and over again. Instead of getting their education like they were going to they are hoping to milk their 15 minutes from even more money.

  • Mia

    I’d probably watch if it was a 1 hour special, but there is no way in hell I could follow solely these 2 for an entire season. Their segments are sooooooo boring. It’s the same thing over and over and over and over. If they really loved Carly they’d stop all this hooplah because it’s obvious that Brandon and Theresa don’t want Carly in any sort of public limelight (and I agree with them) yet C and T continue to connect everything from what they’re eating for dinner to taking a crap on the toilet to why they are/aren’t doing college this semester to Carly. Regardless of what anyone thinks, that’s not healthy. They don’t need to be doing a reality show to spread the word about adoption. That can just as easily be done with speaking engagements and websites and stuff. The reality show just makes it harder for B and T to let Carly be around them/share stuff about Carly because they don’t know who will be hearing it/what Carly will see when she’s older/how it will impact her/etc.

  • pat

    MTV told E news that they have no plans for any spin offs of any of the teen moms. The reason for that is extremely obvious. I highly doubt we will see any spin offs. These people were paraded around as teens that took a wrong turn, blah blah, and they quickly became rich and famous as a result of the show. MTV constantly denied they were exploiting them or paying any of them handsomely, A spin off? They wouldn’t be able to deny the obvious anymore would they? Cate’s ‘father’ talks with a lisp and only came around when she started to have money. He seems like a really bad loser with horrible skin. Word on the curb is that he doesn’t work, and moved his invalid son in to Ty and Cate’s house, and sits there all day doing nothing. Quite the role model.

  • SanJoseMama

    I’m sorry but these two are the most boring couple I’ve ever seen! And when they talk about each other and their life it never really sounds sincere, sounds more like they’re reading out of a book.
    Thank goodness for the ffw on my remote!