How fake is Breaking Amish? Jeremiah Raber is divorced with three kids; Does Abe have a baby with Rebecca?

Breaking Amish is a fun new TLC reality show (I say fun because it has an unexpected and captivating Real Housewives-type drama brewing between the girls,) but there are murmurs online that the truth of the show doesn’t exactly line up with the “reality” television they’re presenting. This is par for the course, but in this case it’s a little more intriguing because these young people are supposed to be leaving their insulated Amish (and in one case, Menonite) communities and discovering the outside world for the first time.

The first indication that this may not necessarily be the case is pretty straight forward on the show, Kate was busted for a DUI, so she obviously drives and drinks, unfortunately she did both at the same time. She apparently also entered an online modeling contest in 2010! But the curiosities go a little further with Jeremiah.

An ex-Amish blogger has outed Jeremiah Raber as having left the Amish communities many years ago, and claims that he is also divorced with three kids!

UPDATE – Jeremiah’s ex Naomi Stutzman spoke with a television station and revealed all sorts of juicy stuff, which can essentially be summed up by her blunt statement, “This show is fake.” Click the link for more from her interview! ***Now there is a Star magazine article with quotes and photos from Naomi with more juicy details of Jeremiah’s life pre-Breaking Amish including his driving skills, familiarity with cell phones, and admiration for… casinos and strip clubs?!?

UPDATE – It seems Naomi didn’t reveal everything about Jeremiah to Star! Check out Jeremiah Raber’s mug shot photo from a 2005 domestic violence arrest stemming from an altercation with her, as well as information on 17 other police reports involving Jeremiah — eight of which were for domestic violence!

Click here to see a screenshot of Jeremiah’s cached 2007 MySpace page where he isn’t dressed in Amish clothes. Here’s another link to the cache itself, notice a child in the profile photo, and here are his photos.

Jeremiah married his ex-wife February 27, 2005, they had three kids, and she filed for divorce from him February 10, 2011.

The ex-Amish blogger says he met Jeremiah about five years ago, but a lot of commenters are claiming he left as long as 14 years ago.

On the third episode of Breaking Amish, Jeremiah gets a tattoo of a cross with the names Kannon, Tanika, and Justin. Could these be the names of his kids?

Jeremiah on his tattoo:

“The reason I got the tattoo that I did is because we always believe in The Bible, so that’s where the cross comes in, we always believe in close friends and family and all that, so that’s where the heart comes in. The three names on my tattoo are three people that are very close to me that have really impacted by life, so I want to keep them close to my heart.”

There are also rumors that Abe and Rebecca, who are portraying an innocent flirtation on the show, have been together for a while, and have a kid together — oh, and Sabrina is supposedly married too.

Here’s a comment left on a Breaking Amish photo on Yahoo!

TLC… You failed at this one! Abe and Rebecca left the Amish community years ago and have a baby together. Jeremiah Raber is divorced with children and hasn’t been Amish for years. Not sure he ever was… As for him wanting to drive a car, lmao… He drives a truck!!! Sabrina Lavon High is married.

Wow, this is so strange. Reality shows usually don’t go to these lengths to fake out the audience.

None of this answers the question of what happened to Rebecca’s teeth? Please comment if you know what happened to Rebecca’s teeth!

UPDATE: There are previews that show we will get to learn A LOT more about Rebecca’s teeth.

Also, TLC and Breaking Amish‘s production company Hot Snake released a joint statement about claims that the show is fake:

“There is a lot of information floating around about the group featured on ‘Breaking Amish.’ Much of it is not true, but some of it is — and is addressed in upcoming episodes.”

Hot Snakes said more:

“Our Amish and Mennonite producers that we hired introduced us to Amish and Mennonite men and women who were already determined to leave,” the company told Variety. “They had already made the decision to go out and see the world, with or without us. They courageously allowed us to follow them on this journey.”

More from the “Faking Amish” files:

Bikini photo of Rebecca from 2010
Rebecca was apparently married to someone else when she ran off with Abe!
Photo of Rebecca, Abe, and their daughter?
Abe’s mug shot photo from a 2008 arrest for public intoxication
Details on and photos from Sabrina’s marriage to Delmar Burkholder

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  • Kj

    Aw 🙁

  • Si

    Jeremiah and Rebecca do not have a baby.. ABE and Rebecca have a baby together.

  • Punxsyphil

    That is correct. Abe and Rebecca are said to have had a child last year.

  • Mia

    He seemed a little too douchy for someone who had apparently never been exposed to the “real world” with dumb TV and trashy advertisements.

    • theREALkk

      Thats exactly what I thought!! It He seemed too scripted, and the whole preview of the shows to come seems a bit… well… more like MTV’s the Real World than a TLC show…

    • SouthOfEg

      And he swears like a sailor.

    • JustAGirl

      I do agree that this show is fake, but the Amish do interact with the English. Some Amish families own stores etc so they do pick up on things. They have small communities so when new “slang” is brought in it picks up like wildfire, just like it does out here. Most Amish are respectful but some are not good souls as I see Jeremiah that way, hell he says he was adopted into the Amish too so maybe his attitude and mouth come from his birth parents lol

  • Karen

    Yep, Jeremiah is divorced with three children. Abe and Rebecca have a child( a girl I think). Rebecca was also married before she meet Abe. Abe’s brother is also rumored to not be amish and hasn’t been for a long time. This show is so fake.

    • JustAGirl

      Yes, an ex-amish blog has the facebook I believe for the brother, clearly not Amish, all English clothes and sunglasses lol

  • Katie

    Amish people normally don’t take care of their teeth. Most have a full set of false teeth in their 20s it’s not uncommon

  • micro OP

    wow. thats weird. you’d think TLC would want to actually stick to young people leaving the community because the realness would make better television.

    • JustAGirl

      The Amish don’t believe in being filmed, and most wouldn’t risk it in the first place bc when they are leaving there is already much fear of what would happen if you return so to have the extra part of the whole vanity issue with them may be more of a reason for them to not be accepted back into the community. I do agree though, it is more interesting when it is real and we see what these people face. Amish: Out Of Order was great at catching what the ex-amish face. When you watch that show and see how the ones who have recently left (Jonah, Chris, etc.) They tend to speak english a little slower as it is generally not the first language used by the Amish. They show more of the challenges faced then what this show ever will with the fake set-ups. Sure they may have never been to nyc but being in other societies would prepare them for it, also I’m sure they have all watched tv and seen something of nyc on tv so they would know how crazy the world can be there.

  • Pat

    I didn’t bother watching the show, because I figured it had to be fake. How would producers find these people if they hadn’t left yet? They just went up to their front doors and knocked? My hunch was correct, the whole thing is contrived, all of these shows, housewives, teen mom, are all scripted and fake. In teen mom, did you ever see anyone come up to them and ask them for an autograph? If it were really real, you would see that, You never see them talk about MTV the money they make, what will happen when the show is over, and they aren’t making the money anymore, their fame, that they obviously have, they never talk about any of that, even with their parents? Sure they don’t. Right, they never mention it, and no one ever approaches about anything, of course not!

  • i clicked on the link those are not the same pictures of jeremiah raber so stop lying

  • OhMyGeez

    WHAT?! A reality show that isn’t real? For shame!

  • Jamie

    I watched about 15 minutes of this. One “Amish” girl spoke like a valley girl…like you know um like you know? I’ve spent time in Amish country (my family is from a small town full of Amish families). This show is total BS.

    • MsLittefeather

      LOL, I caught that to.. ” Like” I thought wait a minute, that’s not a word you hear them say every other word. Dead giveaway right there.

    • crystal

      Not to mention the one girl Is bright orange! I didn’t know the Amish we’re into fake tans! I can’t even stand to watch it it’s So fake!

      • You mean the Mennonite? You need to adjust your tv set. So what if she has darker skin?

      • JustAGirl

        She did say that she was adopted…I was curious on the different race when I thought she was Amish. I’m not sure but I didn’t think there were other races of Amish people. Never knew much about mennonites but she did say in the show that she wanted to learn about her heritage (puerto rican) and try to find her birth parents to learn more.

  • CAT

    This show is totally FALSE. Any person who knows how a real Amish society works knows this. It actually disturbs me they would create such a fake show and go against the actual Amish culture. They won’t even pose for a portrait let alone film a show!? Mennonites (form of Amish) is more realistic to what this show portrays.

    • JustAGirl

      There have been Amish filmed before, most that do agree to be filmed know what can come of it, but the ones I have seen have already made the full choice to never return back to the Amish way of life. There are other communities though that allow more things to go on, more interactions with the English etc. Amish out of order wasn’t fake, full of ex-amish, some fresh off the farms too and you can tell that they were by their demeanor. Its not something they do often but when it has happened and they actually do it right, unlike this train wreck and embarassment to the amish community. I hate it when they portray the culture as a cult. Thats the image I get from the way this show is depicted. Sure not exactly cult-ish BUT I hate to know there are people out there just now learning about the Amish from this show alone. They are getting a horrible example of their faith and way of life.

  • a fan of these young adults

    A little research on Amish sense of domestic and religious discipline will reveal they often take their kids to a local “dentist” and have all their teeth extracted as punishment for talking to outsiders. This may have something to do with the sad “revelation” by rebecca in episode 1 about her rejection by an outworlder father who was already married with kids and that she received a spanking from her mother surrounding that attempt to connect with him. If this indeed happened to her, I am most sympathetic and regardless of Rebecca’ s teeth, I wish all the cast well should they transition or return to their community. I respect them all for trying to see what life is about beyond the sect.

    • I don’t know where you do your research or come up with this BS. I was born and raised Amish and have never heard of anything like that.

      • ramsey

        just because all of you opted to not get a epidural doesn’t mean your more woman than those of us who chose. quite frankly i think its pretty stupid of you all to opt on why go through pain when you don’t have to anymore? so u can have bragging rights in front of women who choose to get a epi? you all sound like old farm maidens

  • Jimmy

    I’m guessing she lost her teeth in a blowjob accident.

  • punxsy kid

    Im from Punxsutawney where Abe and Rebecca are from. I’ve seen them at Walmart recently. They do have a baby together, but its a newborn. Rumor in this area is Rebecca got knocked up in New York so got married right after the show ended.

    • Chelley

      The show didnt start filming until May so that cant be the case.

    • SomeGuy

      The pics of Rebecca with the baby show her pre-false teeth; it had to be before filming started!

    • courtney

      yea, that’s bull. if she got pregnant during filming, she would STILL BE PREGNANT, as pregnancy lasts 9 months. Also, her teeth are a clear indication that that is also false. You are sticking up for a sinking ship, give up.

  • qwert qwee

    rebecca’s teeth… if you google amish children sexually abused. rebecca was raped by her father and brothers and when she tried to escape and tell…. her mother had all her teeth pulled for talking to outsiders

    • Not sure what happend to her teeth but in a photo with her baby she has her real teeth. Perhaps TLC is faking her fake teeth! If this is the case then shame on TLC for making a story for profit out of abuse. I hope what you said is not true as that is horrendous.

  • Fight2park

    In the tattoo episode, the tattoo was obviously pre existing, and the artist was just trying to fix it/clean it up while adding the names

    • JustAGirl

      I noticed that too. I found it odd that there would be as much black surrounding the cross too but then realize it may have been a banner around it with the wifes name. It looked silly to me and you could tell parts of it were older lol

    • dmarinemom

      I have three fairly small tattoos and I bled a little with every single one, and the pain and soreness last a couple days, so I immediately suspected his tattoo was already there, too, because there was no real redness and bleeding for a tattoo that size, and afterwards he just ran around like nothing happened. I’m sorry, but a tattoo that big is going to be sore and tender for a few days no matter who you are.

  • Rebecca has teeth in her photo with the baby! Perhaps TLC is faking her fake teeth as well!

  • Cindy

    Rebecca had her teeth pulled out when she was younger. Apparently it’s an common(?) practice in the Amish community, in order to save money and pain on dealing with tooth problems.

  • Blaaaaag

    Like everyone else I noticed how the one girl kept saying “like” all the time. Also Kate and the other girls When they are in their hotel sleeping they wore regular PJ’s Like Sweats and T-shirts. Wouldn’t REAL Amish people wear homemade night gowns or something? Why only wear English cloths to bed?

  • ted409

    totally bummed to find out this has all been a lie. the only saving grace of the whole deal is that at least the cast have at one time or another left the amish way of life . i suppose in the previews where the blonde woman returns home to find out that all her stuff has been stolen is true. after reading about the bunch who took it upon themselves to cut the amish hair and beards im more likely to believe the woman being ripped off.

    making someone who returns an outcast is dumb

  • Ibelieve this is fake. I live near Lancaster, and used to visit there all the time. They rarely talk to the outside world, which leads me to wonder how the one girl is half Puerto Rican, wouldn’t her mother have been outcast? Too much B.S.