EXCLUSIVE Jenelle Evans is moving to New Jersey with Kieffer Delp

'Teen Mom 2' couple Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans and her current boyfriend Kieffer Delp have embarked on a road trip to New Jersey, and while rumors have surfaced that Jenelle and Kieffer are living out of her car after running out of money and getting evicted, the Teen Mom 2 star says that’s a bunch of B.S. She even claims she has photographic evidence to prove that she’s not broke.

Since there has been so much speculation about the reason behind Jenelle’s trip we decided to reach out to Jenelle, who reveals exclusively to Starcasm, “We were here to visits kieffers family.” And that’s not all! Jenelle also announced, “We decided to move here :)” That’s right, New Jersey, a Teen Mom 2 star is coming your way!

'Teen Mom 2' couple Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp

Regarding the homeless claims, Jenelle knows exactly who is responsible. She explains, “Lmao Duffy is telling everyone we r homeless but really we moved up north.” As for the screen cap of a text message that seemed to be her requesting help from her former boss James Duffy, she states, “That wasn’t a conversation from me. I would never ask for duffys help. He’s broke as f**k, and not to mention about to be arrested because my manager Leo is taking legal action against him.”

Jenelle also added that she is “very happy I got out of North Carolina. It hurts really bad to be leaving Jace behind with my mom but he is safe as of now and starting out fresh is the best step I have taken so far to get my son back.”

Prior to finding their apartment in Jersey, Jenelle and her man had been staying at hotels — “not in my car or on the street,” Jenelle says jokingly.

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans shows off her new Jimmy Choo bag

In addition to her statement to Starcasm, Jenelle also debunked the rumors on Twitter by posting a photo of herself with a new Jimmy Choo purse along with the caption, “Broke and homeless huh new jimmy choo purse Kieffer got me and no not off the streets in ny.” To top that off, Kieffer also recently bought her a new laptop.

Jenelle Evans is currently filming an upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, so if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see the move go down on an upcoming episode.

  • AC

    Wow great ‘mother’, leaving her kid behind. Who does she think she’s fooling, Jace is 3 and she still doesn’t have him. If she really wanted custody back, she could have got it by now. She just doesn’t want him back, she wants to look after him occasionally and do fun things with him, then hand him back to her mother to do the hard work. No ‘real’ mother would say leaving their child behind was the best thing.

    • Nikki

      Sadly, you are very correct. She has had multiple chances to get her son back and it is always an excuse. She is more worried about the drugs, the drama, and the private parts of her man of the week than her own son. Sad, really.

  • Ashley

    I also think that if she was a decent mom, she would know that he’s now attached to his grandmother. She’s been raising him for 3 years. To take him away from her, and his home, adn move him to New Jersey would be awful.

    Not to mention they broke up just the other day. I would hate to think she’d bring him into a toxic on/off relationship like that.

    • Erin Mac

      I just posted the same thing. If she really changed and really wanted him back the court would give him back but not the way she thinks. They would slowly transition him.
      They wont just let jenelle take him out of the home and state he has known since birth away

      • Erin Mac

        From the woman who has been caring for him since birth.

  • AH

    In the picture with the purse it looks like she is wearing a hospital bracelet.. or at least thats what the bracelets look like at the hospitals around where i live.

    • Courtney

      I saw that too! A hospital bracelet and tape all up her right arm!

  • Mrs.bags

    Cause Jimmy Choo purses come with plastic wrapped handles… Canal St! Idiot. Ha

    • so true! I was just thinking that!

    • Ashley

      Also, and I know it’s just a matter of taste, but it’s a really tacky purse too.

    • destiny444

      you took the words right out of my mouth lol

    • Mia

      A Jimmy Choo bag with plastic wrap on the handles or any hardware on the purse is a dead giveaway that it’s not authentic. I bet it came with a tan dust bag and “authentic leather” tags, too. Jenelle is seriously so stupid……

    • YeaSure

      No doubt, that bag is as fake as her b00bs.

    • I hope that someone on her twitter calls her out on that lol.

  • Erin Mac

    She is going to move out of state? Then try to get jace back? How in the world does she expect the court to allow her to take jace away from his primary caregiver and move him far far away?
    Thats not how it works, he would be traumatized if it did. If she really wanted him back and wanted to see him she wouldn’t move

    Im a single young mother and i would never behave like her

  • Ashton

    Sayonara, loser.

  • CiCi

    Oh, Jenelle, honey, stop. Just….. Stop.

  • micro OP

    Honestly this might be best for Jace. Now Barbara can be removed from the stress of Jenelle and focus entirely on him.

  • Firemanwife1313

    Umm Jimmy Choo and all other high end and medium end purse makers Do NOT have plastic wrapped on the handles. Next time remove the plastic honey before you make a stupid comment like that.

    • Licia

      Lol, I know. Even Coach bags don’t come with plastic on the handles.

  • Barbara is probably going to try and go for full custody now. I feel so sorry for Jace. How is he going to feel when he gets older, seeing how his mom did all these things instead of trying to take care of him? SMH.

  • Julia

    Plastic wrap on the handles, a bag that is not even in the Jimmy Choo collection. Way to go!

  • Mia

    I have no other way to describe this but to just shake my head and say she is the most poor excuse for a mother I’ve ever seen. Amber, while incarcerated, is more of a mother to her child then Jenelle is.

  • “To top that off, Kieffer also recently bought her a new laptop.”
    From her twitter – “Thank u @confidence117k for convincing me to do something for myself. I love my new laptop!!! 😀 needed a new one. Other one is 4 years old!”
    It clearly says he convinced her to buy it for herself. Probably so he can use it or steal it and sell it…

    • AC

      Yea I saw that on twitter too, but I let it go lol

  • Bahaha

    Maybe Jimmy Choo has a Wal-Mart line..

  • Courtney

    I’m surPrised that Starcasm hasn’t mention the pic circulating showing Catelynn (sp?) smoking out of a bong!

  • noname

    What’s crazy to me is that she thinks crap like this matters. People think she’s broke so she has to show off her ugly purse. People call her fat so she has to prove she isn’t fat by posting half naked pictures. Everyone has been telling her she is a terrible mother since day one but I don’t see her doing anything to prove everyone wrong on that. She doesn’t want her son back but it makes her look better if she just says she does. Well, actions speak louder than words, Jenelle. I hope Barbara gives Jace the amazing life that he truly deserves. Growing up and realizing your mom and dad brought you into the world and didn’t give a single shit about you can really mess people up sometimes, I hope that doesn’t happen to him.

  • YeaSure

    Too bad Jersey isn’t in another country. Or on another planet. And how does MOVING AWAY from your kid help to get him back? Idiots.

  • Ashley

    So, this is about the 10th “best step” she’s taken to get Jace back then, based on what she’s been saying ever since she gave her mom custody?

  • Sunshine

    So… leaving her son is the “best step” in getting him back – it’s like every dumb move she makes she tries to justify it by saying it’s the right step in getting Jace back. I’m not one to down talk anyone but seriously – she couldn’t give two craps about her son or “getting him back” … ever.

  • None

    That little white dog she had is gone. Check her facebook she just said she only has brody. Kids and dogs and like clothing she donates when shes done with them

  • Jenn

    Give me a break…..she doesn’t care about her kid!

  • Judy

    If she really wants to get custody back of he son it is gonna take a lot of work on her part. It is possible if she gets started right away on turning her life around. The 1st step is prove your stable and drug free. 2nd step get a good Lawyer because she will be in and out of court for two years, moving away will make no difference, in whether or not it’s possible to regain custody. The only thing that moving away will cause is a longer process she will have to file first in nc to get it transferred to ny then her mom will have to come to ny to court when it reaches that point I know because I have two kids my mom wanted to take from me but I didn’t give up and I won them back after two years in court, because I moved away from my crazy mom. And in the state of ga there is no such thing as grandparents rights so lucky me it was a double win. I hope the same for jenelle.

  • meg

    i dont even know where to start with her, she thinks keiffer can afford a 3000$ purse after being homeless for so long? umm sure. and of corse he wasnt homeless when he was with jenelle because shes stupid enought to support her man of the hour. these guys are using her and she believes they care by buying a 30$ bag off the streets. please if they cared they would help you get your kid back, not help you gt in trouble and spend all your money. its only a matter of time untill she is infact broke or homeless. maybe both. but good thing for jace hes got Barbra.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Woah….i am not even really sure what to say. As a fan of the TV show Teen Mom, I will be VERY hard pressed to watch it in the new season due to this behavior from Janelle. Poor Jace does not have a Mom or Dad. Why didn’t she put him up for adoption like Barb suggested in her 16 & prego episiode. I really hope MTV does not glorify this wench & her disgusting behavior. This is one fan who is NOT tuning in next season.