Jessica Simpson sparks controversy over bikini photo of baby daughter Maxwell

Jessica Simpson shows off post baby weight loss on Katie Couric show

Jessica Simpson made an appearance on Katie Couric’s talk show Katie earlier this week to show off the fact that she has lost 40 pounds since the birth of her and husband Eric Johnson’s daughter Maxwell in May. Although Jessica looked great as she modeled her slimmer, trimmer frame in a long-sleeved black top and matching skirt, it was a photo she shared of newborn daughter Maxwell that has the internet abuzz this week.

In the photo (seen below), four-month-old Maxwell is seen wearing a yellow bikini, which has a number of people and organizations upset.

Jessica Simpson's baby daughter Maxwell in a bikini photo from Katie Couric show

Claude Knights, the director of British child welfare charity Kidscape, said Monday: “It is very disturbing to see a young baby presented to the world wearing a bikini. Celebrity choices carry great influence, as can be seen by the manner in which their accessories and behaviours are copied widely. It is to be hoped that parents will understand that ‘baby bikinis’ are totally inappropriate, and that they contribute to the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood. We should not be compromising the sanctity of our children’s early years.”

And as you would imagine, the image created a backlash firestorm on Twitter as well.

So what do you think? Is dressing a baby in a bikini inappropriate or are folks just overreacting?

  • Katie

    People get offended way too easily nowadays. Personally, my 2 year old daughter has about 10 different bathing suits and a few of them are bikinis. I see nothing wrong with it what-so-ever.

  • Amanda

    um, well.. I put my 6 month old in a 2 piece bathing suit from gymboree? only difference was it had a little skirt on the bottoms.. really people? i don’t know how you sexualize an infant, but whatever.

  • Tara

    Oh my god, seriously? Baby bikinis are the cutest things! Shut up, all anyone ever wants to do is have something to bitch about. STFU

  • Jamie

    this is ridiculous! is adorable and anyones who mind goes in a sexual way is sick!!!

  • Jamie

    Being a mother of a little girl, I chose not to put my little girl in a bikini. I don’t feel it is appropriate. However, I won’t tell someone else not to do it. People parent differently.

  • Christine

    Its a freakin bathing suit!! Both my daughters wore bikinis right away. They’re adorable. If someone sees that as sexual then I think the problem lays with the person viewing it as such.

  • When i had my little girl i had her in a 2 piece bathing suit when she was 1month old bc she was born in july & it didnt take long for that the belly botton to fall of…it crazy what people think….Who Cares…..

  • GingerAnn1212

    If the Maxwell only had a diaper on (which she has on under her bikini bottom) nobody would care. Yet the fact that she has on a bikini is somehow shocking? My daughter wore two piece bathing suits until she was about 4 years old. So much easier when potty training and they look cute with their little chubby toddler tummies.

  • Nikki

    Oh my goodness…some people really need to get a life. Seriously? I could understand if the baby is in a freaking thing bikini or something that would be sexy on an adult, but this bikini is cute. I would be concerned about anyone that would look at this picture and think that there is anything sexual about it. My daughter, now almost 3, has several bikinis…all ruffly and girly and cute. Good Lord, I’d hate to see what some people have to say about parents who take pictures of their babies without clothes on. Gasp! Playboy centerfold, here you come!

    • Nikki

      *thong* that is, not thing.

  • Nette

    OMG…my daughter wore a bikini and was just as adorable as maxwell, give it a rest people!

  • OMG!!! you people are over reacting, i think she looks cute!

  • Alicia

    I don’t see the difference between this or just a diaper!It’s not like she’s nude under the bikini bottom!Anyone who thinks this is sexual is a sicko to begin with and shouldn’t be looking at children fully dressed!Stfu!

  • Kara

    They make bikinis for babies for a reason, Get over yourselves, My daughter has one, does that make me a bad mom ? No, it’s the style now and Maxwell is too cute !!

  • Lindsey R.

    I’ve got a lot of experience advocating for children and I don’t think it’s so much a bikini that’s the problem because there are very cute ruffled, kid appropriate bikinis out there that don’t deserve to earn the term “contribute to the sexualization and commercialisation” however, there are plenty of weirdo’s and sick individuals that would pay to have this photo because of the pose, the cut of the bikini, and the fact that a man (who I’m assuming is her daddy) is posing her. Unfortunately, we are in corrupt times where we have to be particularly careful not to allow our children to be victims of such horrible people. I’m sure JS had no intention of her picture being interpreted as inappropriate and was innocent in putting a picture of her daughter in a bikini up. However, imagine the devastation JP would have if she discovered that the picture was being used for other purposes to promote child pornography. It’s really sad though and I feel bad for Jessica that she is going through such criticism.

    • Ashley

      I love your response! It’s not necessarily the bikini, but the sick people who will sexualize the baby. I personally make sure my daughter does not wear anything that a pedophile could/would be attracted to. This day and age you HAVE to understand that there are sick people out there watching our children and as parents it is our job to protect them!

  • Mickey

    So because some sick pedophile is going to touch themselves to this photo, I know should watch what my daughter wears? I don’t think so. It’s not my daughter’s fault that there are sickos in this world. And if anyone finds that bikini sexual in ANY way, they should get their heads checked cuz chances are THEY are the pedo with their hand down their pants.

  • Johanna

    ok for all of you saying the bikini is cute, adorable, and that people are over reacting…think about this….why would I as a mother pick this particular picture to share with the whole world… that is my problem with it… this a kind of pic u share w/family & friends…not on TV… just saying.

  • I agree that if she was only in a diaper people would have just said ‘oh
    that’s cuute!’ But because she’s wearing a bikini people are freaking
    out. Honestly everything that should be covered is covered, is it a crime to be able to see a toddlers tummy?

  • klh

    There is no way that picture is inappropriate. It’s cute. My niece has tons of bikinis and she’s about to be two. The sad thing is that if Jessica Simpson wasn’t a celebrity & posted this on her facebook or twitter, nobody would have said a word.

  • Jenn

    It’s a baby! Who cares what she wears?? She doesn’t even need to be wearing a top, it doesn’t matter! She’s a cutie!

  • Karen

    I don’t understand what is so scandalous about the picture. The disturbing part is that someone actually thinks the bikini is sexualizing a BABY! Really?! I have four daughters and they all wore bikinis as babies and still do. Big deal! In Europe babies walk the beaches naked and no one bats an eyelash. In the States that is more taboo, but a baby with a diaper AND a swimsuit on is considered sexual? Some people are WACKOS!

  • KP

    I see two year olds in bikinis so wtf is the difference? It’s not like she has B cup boobs shes only a couple months old…ppl need to get over themselves. GO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT REALLY MATTERS! LIKE JOBS, GAS, WELFARE, ETC!!

  • KP

    I see two year olds in bikinis so wtf is the difference? It’s not like she has B cup boobs shes only a couple months old…ppl need to get over themselves. GO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING THAT REALLY MATTERS! LIKE JOBS, GAS, WELFARE, ETC!!

  • Gemma

    People really need to get a life. It’s a swim suit and she looks adorable in it. Lots of people don’t even bother with a suit when taking their babies swimming. It’s sad that this is even considered newsworthy!!

  • Gemma

    People really need to get a life. It’s a swim suit and she looks adorable in it. Lots of people don’t even bother with a suit when taking their babies swimming. It’s sad that this is even considered newsworthy!!

  • Sarah

    SERIOUSLY??? It’s not like baby bikinis are a new thing…whoever this guy going after her is…maybe he should go after the baby bikini makers…if he’s got that much of an issue with it….This is absurd!

  • D

    Here’s the thing about the diaper vs the bikini thing… A bikini has adult, sexual connotations. A diaper does not. It’s not the amount of skin that’s showing that’s the problem. It’s the fact that it’s something that was originally designed to be sexy and alluring and it’s been compressed down for infants. It has nothing to do with what you see physically. It has everything to do with the connotations. You put a baby in a bikini, it’s okay. Then you let your little girls gyrate and shimmy in dance, it’s fun and good exercise. Etc, etc, etc. Some adults think it’s “cute” and “funny” to see children acting like little adults, but it seems to force them to grow up too fast. It’s like how some adults talk about “boyfriends” and “girlfriends” when the kids are still in elementary school, to the point of encouraging. It pushes kids into romance too fast and then before you know it, they’re 16 and having sex. I’m not saying that putting your infant in a bikini is going to lead to that AT ALL. It’s just that mindset that has caused a lot of issues that we have going on now. Some people take it too far. That’s where people who are upset about it are coming from.

    That being said, while as a mother I will choose NOT to put my daughter (if she comes) in a bikini, I will not tell anyone else how to parent. That’s their territory. Everyone has their own way.

    • Kt

      This! X200.

    • Checkmate

      To the person who said bikini have sexual connotations and diapers don’t, what about people who have diaper fetishes? Anything can be sexual. I think the bikini is adorable, people need to chill, pedophiles have ruined cute baby pictures, personally all pesos should be in jail forever.

  • XxPoMao

    People start this huge controversy over a 4 month old cute baby wearing a baby bikini, yet we allow our society to be disrespectful with each other. We allow bullying, doublt standards, and disrespect towards others… makes perfect sense.

  • whocares

    That’s her child. She can do as she pleases. Raise yours how you want to raise yours. That baby is not being abused and is being very well cared for, obviously. People need to get over themselves. Worried about this woman’s baby, meanwhile your 16 year old is pregnant and unsure of who the father is!

  • Guest

    Oh my .. Some people should really get a life.. I think little ones in bikini swim suites are adorable !!!! There is so much more out there to be talking about and wouldnt be wasting your time on…

  • rothrock1616

    OMG really people .. You have nothing else better to put your time into then this … Little ones look so adoriable in bikini swim suites..

  • that is so adorable! i don’t find anything wrong with it.

  • Becca

    Really? It’s adorable! When I have a daughter, you better believe she will be in bikinis with her little chub belly hanging out!