Breaking Amish Kate’s culture shock included a D.U.I. and Mug Shot

Mug Shot DUI Breaking Amish Kate
It’s hard for most of us to imagine having a reality show about our lives, but can you comprehend what it must be like to agree to do a reality show if you’ve never even watched television at all?

That’s exactly what four former Amish and Menonite young adults did when they signed onto the TLC reality show Breaking Amish. They immediately had a culture and sensory shock when they rode planes for the first time, used cell phones for the first time, and landed themselves in the noisy concrete jungle of NYC.

To top things off, 21-year-old Kate, a bishop’s daughter, learned one of the hardest lessons of the bunch when she got busted with a D.U.I. charge in the midst of filming the show.

Kate on her charge:

“I got charged with a D.U.I, so it was like the worse thing in my life. I’m pretty sure my dad’s gonna freak out. My mom’s gonna cry. It makes me feel like a horrible person.”

On The Today Show Savannah Guthrie asked Kate if her sheltered life might have had an impact on making the poor decision to drink and drive, but she skirted the question.

“It think it was just a really bad decision, and a huge mistake. Just me being stupid, and not thinking things clearly.”

If she drove while drunk that means that she must have already known how to drive a car, so maybe she had already had a few “worldly” experiences.

In addition to the shock of her D.U.I. charge, Kate was freaked out by the loud sounds, and struggled with technology. In one scene she gets frustrated at a hotel elevator because she didn’t know hot to insert her plastic card in order to get it to go up (I admit those hotel elevators CAN be annoying sometimes.)

She wanted to “Break Amish,” mostly because of modeling dreams and is seen in the promo posing confidently in a bikini. The Amish are wary of any picture taking, so this must really raise some eyebrows in their community.

Breaking Amish airs 10 EST on TLC

  • Sbrynaa

    I have to say I’m a little disturbed by the typos in this post, you guys rarely have any! There is also no link to the bikini photo.

    • starcasmnet

      Thanks for the comment. It’s been looked over. There was no promise of a link to the bikini photo.

      • tab

        still says “hot to” instead of “how to”.
        check again.

        • SouthOfEg

          And still says “It think” instead of “I think”

  • Piper

    My heart goes to these young adults.they appear so eager and a innocent naïveté towards the english life ..but I wonder if the program is taking place during their rum springer so that way they can still return home w/out bringing shame upon the family? .. I can’t lie I don’t know if I could do it.I’m from a small town from rural Florida the simple country life is my perfect world for my family .

    • Ali

      Dry your eyes. The whole show is fake.

  • Lindsey

    Amish are allowed to have drivers licenses, they just can not own a car, they would have to drive someone else’s. I think it’s pretty common practice for them to have DLs.

    • Weottababyistaboy

      in what community is that ok? They can have a non-photo ID card but no DL once they are members of a church!They are not allowed to drive cars!

  • what does it matter about typos you probably wont even read this article again, you get the point of what they were trying to say.

  • pat

    How did they communicate with TLC to sign up for this show? The producers showed up at their front door? Went to their small towns where they lived and followed them around and approached them? How did this happen exactly?

    • I have wondered this as well… I watched the show last night though and I do like it. I’ve always been really interested in the Amish lifestyle… Not for myself lol.

  • SouthOfEg

    I saw the first episode. It sounds awfully fake. How did TLC approach them? How did they float the NYC idea? How were the 2 who were caught being filmed conveniantly forced to leave the community?
    Kate seems sweet, but it sounds fake every time she discusses modelling. It sounds as if she has done this before. I doubt they truly are Amish.

    • SouthOfEg

      Its a fake, see the show’s FB page for more info. Numerous pics have been posted there showing 2 of the cast with their toddler. They left the community years ago and this whole thing with TLC was staged.

  • :)

    Kate is from Lebanon, Pa. She worked for at least a year as a server at Ruby Tuesday. She had a tv in her apartment (which I’ve been to). She had a cell phone, we used to TEXT each other. She owned a Honda Civic (which she bought herself). LOL. I used to drink with her. She had plenty of pics in her bikini on Facebook before TLC made her take it down. This is SO FAKE. Go ask anyone that works at Ruby Tuesday Quentin Road, Lebanon Pa. Tv is just entertainment, people. She’s just trying to make some money, so who cares? I’d rather do that than serve food too.

    • You did not reveal any sordid information. She had a cell phone what is the big deal? She drove and owned a car who cares? She had a job instead of going on welfare good for her. She has drinks with you I am still awaiting some breaking news. Prior to going to New York she admits to a DUI. No bikini pictures have surfaced but she wore a bikini for her modeling shoots, so what. Can’t dig up dirt nothing to find. Looking forward to a spin off show with Kate and I would like to see how her modeling career takes off.

  • bigfeeler

    i wanna meet Kate