Kanye West cancels VMA appearance because Kim Kardashian couldn’t be there

Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Those anxiously awaiting another earth shatteringly awkward moment from rapper Kanye West at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are going to have to wait another year because he has cancelled his appearance at the event due to the fact that his girlfriend Kim Kardashian won’t be able to make it.

Kim Kardashian had a prior engagement in New York City tonight promoting her fragrance True Reflection at Lord & Taylor for Fashion’s Night Out. A source tells the Daily Mail: “Kim’s in New York for her fragrance launch and Kanye didn’t want to go to the VMAs if she couldn’t be there.”

(That slight sound of air releasing you hear is Taylor Swift relaxing.)

The announcement comes just hours before the hippest shindig on the planet is set to go live at 9/8c, and has to come as a huge surprise tot he network who used Kanye in their marketing campaign for the VMAs:

Kanye was not scheduled to perform at the VMAs this year, although his song “Mercy” featuring Pusha T, Big Sean & 2 Chainz is up for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Editing.

Maybe this is all just a publicity stunt for Kanye West’s new album VMA Dropout?

Kanye West College Dropout album cover with teddy bear
  • tab

    what a pu$$y. i’m sure it wasn’t his choice to cancel. sounds like she’s got a tight leash on her latest victim.

  • No complaints here.

  • Rachel

    I never thought I’d say this but…Thank you Kim Kardashian. The less I have to see that arrogant prick Kanye, the better off we’ll ALL be.

    Unfortunately this is just another way for the two biggest attention whores in the USA to get talked about. Why can’t we have a “special” island where we can “deport” all the unnecessary wastes of space to?

    Nobody can honestly tell me that Kim (or any Kardashian for that matter) contributes anything to society while taking as much as she can in return. Kanye…well I shutter to think that there are people that like his “music”. I for one, am not one of them. I actually have taste.

  • shyla

    If that is a Kris move then I don’t know what is… Anything for more publicity.

  • pat

    So he only knew today, that she would not be able to attend? Don’t buy that at all. She along with most celebrities have their appearenaces set far in advance!

  • Geminiallday

    Who really care but weren’t they both in the advertising…oh you Kris Jenner always double booking lol

  • Geminiallday

    Who really care but weren’t they both in the advertising…oh you Kris Jenner always double booking lol