VIDEO Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell clash on Teen Mom finale special preview

Dalis Connell Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout on Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew

After catching up with Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham in part one of the Teen Mom Finale Special, next week fans will see Dr. Drew sit down with Gary Shirley (Amber Portwood was unable to attend the reunion due to personal and legal issues) as well as Maci Bookout as we find out what all has happened since the MTV cameras stopped rolling on the fourth and final season of the show.

In addition to apparently dropping a cheating bomb, Maci Bookout will also confront her ex Ryan Edwards and his current girlfriend, Dalis Connell. Although there was very little on-camera interaction between Maci and Dalis on the show, their drama behind the scenes (and apparently mostly via text messaging) was a major part of Maci’s story line on the show and since. Check out this preview clip from next week’s Teen Mom Finale Special with Dr. Drew in which Maci and Dalis finally confront one another on camera, as Ryan (for the most part) sits quietly shaking his head and squirming uncomfortably:

The clip starts off with Dalis referencing a text message from Maci to Ryan in which Maci allegedly stated that she and Ryan would be better without Dalis (or something along those lines) to which Maci responded by saying, “I don’t think you want to go there because then I’m going to tell you something you really don’t want to hear.”

Dr. Drew then asks Maci, “What does that mean?” to which Maci responds with, “You can ask him,” as she gestures toward Ryan.

Dr. Drew then asks Ryan, “What’s she talking about?” and Ryan answers with, “I don’t have a clue other than trying to start drama right here on this stage.” (My favorite moment in the clip.)

Teen Mom Maci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards

Maci then reveals that Ryan texted her one night stating he had just had a fight with Dalis and wanted to come over and party with Maci, and it was after that when Maci wrote the text back stating it would be better if Dalis wasn’t there. (Ryan was shaking his head, seeming to indicate he never sent the text.)

Dalis then said, “I respect Maci. I’ve made it clear to everyone that I respect her as a mother, and I always will.” She continues by saying she has always been polite to Maci, but she can’t be the mother of Ryan’s child and then also do “ex-girlfriend” things.

From there it became a she said/she said affair with accusations of texting and behind-the-back trash talking, all while Ryan fidgeted uncomfortably on the couch.

So essentially, it all boils down to that fundamental question that has followed Maci ever since her initial appearance on 16 and Pregnant: is she really over Ryan? Is Dalis picking up on some real, lingering feelings, or is she over-reacting? What do you think?

  • Jayla

    Wow, maci just can’t let ryan be happy can she? Dalis comings into Ryan’s life has brought out a new side of her…

    • Kelly

      Better watch out, her fans are probably going to come at you now lol

      • Jayla

        Looooool, can’t deny the facts guys…

    • lisa

      more than a year has passed ..
      I don’t think she give a fu*k anymore

  • pat

    Maci is extremely immature, even though she wants to appear to be reasonable and grown up, she is anything but. She still has very strong feelings for Ryan, and probably always will!

    • leah

      and so what? she’s only 20 and ryan is the father of her child … i don’t blame her..its a difficult situation

  • hohoho Merry Christmas

    Team Dalis all the way. Maci doesn’t even look like she’s telling the truth with her big bad revelation, and even if it was the truth, Dalis didn’t even seem to care. (why would she? i wouldn’t either). Dalis was being nice and calm and Maci kept being bitchy for no reason at all. And i agree with Dalis 100%, Maci you CANNOT say that Dalis needs to view you as the mother and not an ex when you pull all this ex girlfriend crap!

    • truth

      hello Dalis stop defending yourself it is pathetic girl, move on !

  • teenwolffan

    I don’t believe Maci about this supposed text from Ryan I think she said that to hurt Dalis. And it backfired because Dalis is matured Maci is always going on and on about respect. But Maci does not show Dalis any respect as Ryan’s girlfriend. Respect is a two way street if Dalis has to respect Maci then Maci has to show respect for Dalis to and stop creating drama. Let Ryan and Dalis just be happy it is not Maci world she can’t control how Dalis feel and how she views things. I think deep down Maci is still in love with Ryan and she just won’t admit because she knows in her heart. That Ryan is never going to get back together with her so she created situation to cause drama so Ryan has no choice but to deal with her. She knows she was wrong for that text she send Ryan about him going on vacation with Dalis she knows she was wrong for that tweet. But maci can’t admit when she is wrong instead of admiting that she over step her boundaries. When it comes to Ryan and Dalis relationship she rather throw Ryan under the bus. And accuse him of cheating or trying to cheat on his girlfriend with her Maci needs to get over herself. No wonder Kyle broke up with her she is so obession with Ryan Team Dalis I just feel bad for Kyle because he is nice guy.

    • noname

      Exactly. Maci has NEVER gotten over Ryan and she has made that clear episode after episode. I’ve never seen a bigger smile on her face than when someone mentions to her that Ryan “still has feelings for her.” Ryan honestly looks happy with Dalis, he looks like he truly loves her. Everything from the way he talks to her to his body language around her. He NEVER looked like that with Maci, not in one single episode. Even if Ryan did text Maci when him and Dalis were fighting… so what? That isn’t cheating. I don’t know how many people have done spiteful things while in fights with their significant other, or people that have rebounded with their ex just because they know they’ll be there! I think Maci is an AWESOME mother but she has acted like such a little brat this whole season when it comes to Dalis. She needs to let go of Ryan. You can still have feelings for someone but learn to let go at the same time. I too feel so sorry for Kyle. I don’t know how he tolerates the constant Ryan talk.

      “Hey Kyle, don’t you think it would’ve been better for Bentley if Ryan and I stayed together?

      No, it probably wouldn’t have been better, Maci. Your relationship with Ryan was toxic. Don’t you remember that? Bentley has tons of love in his life AND lots of money. I think he’s going to be just fine growing up without his parents being together.

  • Paula

    I’m gonna have to agree with Maci on this one. I don’t think she would make up a blatant lie like that. The way that Ryan was squirming kinda says it all.

    • lulu

      yep he texted his ex behind his official girlfriend..ah Ryan you are a coward and such ‘a guy’..drama drama

  • Rebelred

    Ryan is the one who told Dalis about the text fueling the jealousy between them. maci is Ryan’s first love and he has never gotten over her. finally he met Dalis and has fallen for her too. And for the first time Maci has to dell with seeing Ryan happy with someone else, it’s bringing out the worst in her and probably bringing up feelings she didn’t know she even had. Ryan is finally growing up and being a good man and it was Dalis that he was able to do it for and that is hard to swallow. maci has always been the one in the better situation and now the tables have turned and things are finally working out for Ryan.

    • bpl21

      omg well said.. that is so true

    • tab

      if growing up and being a good man means you still live at home with your parents and don’t have a job, then yes, he’s totally good….

    • Mackenzie

      Last I checked neither Maci or Kyle are working either.

  • spb86

    Team Dalis allllll the way. Maci needs to grow up and stop being so full of herself.

    • hally

      dalis need to grow up and stop put her nose into the wrong place where its not supposed to be

      • jen

        I’m sure Dalis only hears whatever Ryan says she doesn’t know the whole story bout him and Maci and their history together so I think Dalis made her opinion about Maci before she met her than she probably got more upset because even though Maci is the ex her and Ryan have a son and will forever have an attatchment to one another. Dalis needs to grow up and stay out of their parenting relationship.

    • Mela

      they’re arguing on national television over a text that doesn’t mean a single thing… i don’t think maturity exists in this situation, on everyone’s part.

  • Sloane

    Dalis is so stuck on herself isn’t she? “Oh, my precious boyfriend would NEVER do that to me, even though we’ve broken up a thousand times.” God, when she opens her mouth, I seriously want to strangle her. Dalis: You are the girlfriend, NOT Bentley’s mother. Get over yourself.

  • i think Dalis is just into ryan because he is “famous” and needs to stay the f*** out of any situation that has to do with Maci, Ryan and their child. Dalis needs to understand that Maci will always be a part of Rysn’s life. This is not a typical “ex-girlfriend” situation. I really dont think she gets that. Maci has negitimate reasons for her tension with Dalis but Dalis really needs to just shut her mouth and leave things alone. She shouldn’t say anything bad about her because regardless, Maci is the mother of Bentley. If she is gonna be in Bentley’s life she needs to get over it.

  • Bullshit, I thik Ryan isn’t over Maci ad I think he starts the drama between the 2 girls to make it look like he is so great that every girl wants him!!!

  • Kelsey

    Dalis had always gotten on my nerves, mainly by the way she acts like she has some kind of God given right to be involved in Ryan and Maci’s co-parenting arrangements, nd Bentley’s life. She is not Bentley’s mom, she is not his step-mom. I think that Maci is extremely intelligent, which she shows by eloquently handling Dalis’s accusations as she stumbles through weak accusations. Ryan is just a coniving Southern brat who likes everything to revolve around him. I’m sorry, but I found his little comment about “starting drama right here on this stage” to be obnoxious.

    • Ashley

      I totally agree. If you see Kyle, he never butts in or says anything about Ryan. He trusts Maci so he never feels the need to get involved. Dalis is just being insecure and i think she needs to grow up in order to be in this kind of situation.

      • just saying

        Kyle does talk about Ryan, He called him a loser in the birthday episode over something that was Maci’s fault to begin with. And I have been step parent for 9 years and i think kyle over steps boundaries with Bentley he tries to act like he’s his real father. The best thing to do is to stay out of it and just let the parents talk.
        If you go back and watch earlier seasons kyle is annoying in them.

        • jen

          maybe kyle does that because hes more involved in bentleys life than his own father is. how many times did Maci get mad at Ryan because he would dump Bentley w/ his parents to go out after fighting to get shared custody.

          • Kelly S

            How would any of us know how ryan is as a father? We see a tiny fraction of his life. If you added up all of his teen mom appearances it would probably at most add up to a couple of hours if that.

        • Since when do we punish men for stepping up and being the daddy that isn’t there? Ryan is a loser.. he is correct. Kyle is a damn good man..

  • Jamz

    You know what… If Maci still has feelings for Ryan it is completely normal! She had a child with this guy!!!! I do believe Ryan texted her these things because no matter what Ryan shows on tv about “hating” Maci.. It’s bullshit. If they could work on their issues, they might be able to build a relationship again, and Dalis is over reacting. She needs to know that when you accept a child, you accept the mother and all the drama that comes with! So you guys have to shut your mouths because you don’t know what it feels to be in Maci’s shoes.

  • BabyMomma

    Idc what the texts were. I think that it should be about Bently and not about them. This whole team Dalis and team Maci is dumb, this isn’t twilight ppl this is real.

    • lulu

      ah ah i quite agree but the twilight comparison make me laugh with all the REAL drama coming from the medias and some pretty die-hard (quite nutty imo) twilight fans about Kristen Stewart and her ‘indiscretions’ in her real life as if Bella had cheated on ‘beloved perfect’ Edward..mouahaha so not o good comparison to make your point Baby Momma although i get what you meant..

  • BabyMamaDrama

    Ryan likes to fuel the fire and he knows it. At the same time, I don’t think Maci quite got over their break up. I’m not sure if she wants him back per say but you can tell there’s still something there.

    And Dalis just annoys the crap out of me.

  • MGirl

    Ryan is a piece of shit. That’s why he never has a clear answer for everything is because he lies.

  • penny

    Dalis stand your ground. Maci needs a man to lay down the law with her. I think that kind of man would really get her attention.

    • ashley

      i think Ryan love to ‘lay down the law’ and Dalis too.

  • Vanessa

    I personally can’t stand dalis she thinks she’s all that . I believe Macy . Ryan is an ass he isn’t a father at all he needs to grow up and stop living with his parents an start providing for his son Macy is a great mom. F dalis

  • bpl21

    like i said i dk what happen but i dont think maci as innocent as ppl make her out to be..i she wants everything her way she seems very selfish and it’s pretty obvious she still has feelings for ryan

  • Kelly

    Maci has no respect for Ryan or his relationships. How would anyone really know what kind of father Ryan is? We see like 2 minutes of him on teen mom per episode? It seems to me like maci plays victim so everyone will be on her side. She is constantly putting him down about his living situation and job situation, but is perfectly content to allow Kyle to foot the bill for the house. Plus she doesn’t work and only takes school part time while Bentley is in preschool. The only one lazier than her is amber!

    • well duh

      Ryan has never show respect for Maci and her relationship with Kyle, NEVER. And at least she’s taking care of her son. He’s to busy laying IN his girlfriend to find a job.

      • Kelly

        And maci is what? Busy dropping all of her courses to get a job?

        • brandi nicole

          Being a mother is a job! Going to school is a job!

          • Kelly

            Oh please. She takes school part time. Bentley goes to preschool part time and is with Ryan a couple days a week. You’re telling me she can’t get a part time job? I take care of four children all day Monday through Friday, work another part time job, AND go to school FULL TIME. If she doesnt want to work then whatever, but she has no room to talk about anyone else’s work situation, even ryans.

    • Guest

      umm..Kyle isn’t working. They pay for the house with her TM money

      • Kelly

        On the episode where they were buying a house they said Kyle was paying. Idk if they have since moved but according to the recent episodes Kyle paid. And I personally don’t believe that filming a reality tv show counts as a job.

  • tab

    the reunion show is stupid. filmed so long ago, i don’t even know why anyone bothers to watch it.

  • Ashley

    They’re kids having kids.

  • mary

    Ryan starts the drama between Maci an Dalis. Something fishy happened, Ryan look guilty and give it away that he did something.

  • anna

    Oh Ryan …here are a few symptoms of a pathological liar.


    i reakon it was ryan edwards she was talking about who cheated! JUST SAYIN!

  • dalis is just trying to get fame off ryan.

  • hhutcher

    All these comments are do one sided, i think Macis a list she’s lied at LEAST once on this season that we seen, I think she wants Ryan back


    • Ally

      STFU… Let’s see how you would handle having a baby at 16 and your whole world changing and on top of that the trauma of the guy who is supposed to be there for you leaves you and the baby and proceeds to verbally and emotionally tear you apart. You judgemental insensitive ahole. Karma is real, be careful.

  • Amber

    I think its a hard pill for Maci to swallow seeing Ryan be the boyfriend she wanted him to be all along. It seemed like she thought he would never change, never be serious about being a dad and boyfriend, and it seems like he is now being everything she wanted from that first episode we saw.

  • Gemma

    I can’t stand Dalis.

    • MaHoney

      I thought I was the only one!!! For multiple reasons, (BUT they are just MY opinions) I want to punch her square in the face every time she opens her mouth about Maci, Bentley, their situation in general. Your not a teen mom, YOU actually PUT YOURSELF into the drama by dating a guy that had a kid at a young age and we have all seen (some of) the horrible ways he has acted. I know we don’t know what goes on when the cameras are off, but i would never want a man like he was when they were on or someone who is like that EVER. She just wants wants to be in the spot light. Next she’ll wind up pregnant and wel see her on the show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” or something along those lines. Just to continue her 5 pathetic min of fame. just my opinion tho. Glad I don’t know her in person. 🙂

    • Naw, she talks like she is having a hard time lol.

  • Avabrooklynn

    Maci will never be over Ryan. It’s clear that Ryan has been WAY over her for a while. I think Maci is a great mom but I find her kind of stuck up and a know-it-all & it’s totally clear that if Ryan wanted to get back together she’d do it in a hearbet.

  • Avabrooklynn

    Maci will never be over Ryan. It’s clear that Ryan has been WAY over her for a while. I think Maci is a great mom but I find her kind of stuck up and a know-it-all & it’s totally clear that if Ryan wanted to get back together she’d do it in a hearbet.

  • Bre

    They both make money from Teen Mom. They said they were buying the house in Kyle’s name because he had better credit. But neither of them work.
    Ryan does work. Also recently got his own place.

  • jen

    why is everyone bashing Maci when Dalis needs to realize that Maci and Ryan have to have a co parenting relationship and if Dalis is jealous bout them talking than she needs to get over it. I think Maci and Ryan still have feelings for eachother and just because Maci says “things would be better if they were together doesn’t mean she wants him back it just means if they were together Ryan wouldn’t be putting her through so much bs or fighting for custody although you do notice its his parents pushing it. and if it wasnt true bout calling her why didnt he do more than just sit there and let them aruge while he was in the middle? and btw Kyle and Maci are back together ppl!

  • amber

    First of all! Maci and Kyle broke up then got back together after she dated another Kyle. They sold that house and she moved her and Bentley AGAIN into a house with her friends! Not a place for a child to be living but whatever. Second Ryan has a Job and moved out of his parents months ago! According to both maci and dalis they get along fine now since this was all taped nearly a yr ago! Third maci obviously still loves Ryan and I think she is jealous of dalis BC she wants that relationship with him and never had it. Now about the video … obviously Ryan texted maci saying something for sure BC of the wway he was getting nervous ect I do not believe what maci said was true she probably made some of that up. I do think it was completely wrong of maci to text Ryan and say he would have a better time wwith her than dalis that clearly proves she wants him and I feel bad for Kyle BC of that. Dalis is not trying to help parent Bentley she’s doing just as much as Kyle is just not so embarrassed and shy. Also we do not see their full lives we do not know what all was said as most everything has been edited out. Ryan loves dalis. Maci likes Kyle and wants that relationship but wont get it. I am positive Kyle has said numerous of things abt Ryan and MTV plays it out as maci is the victim and Ryan is a dead beat. I also think Ryan has more to do with Bentley than we see on TV he probably acts odd in front of cameras BC its reacted and awkward. MTV plays him out bad so why play dalis good? Maci is “perfect” and she needs to stop complaining about Ryan not having a job BC if I do recall does she work? No! Does Kyle work? No! Other than MTV! And maci can’t use that oh I go to school and its so hard BC I’m a teen mom blah blah that BS! I am a teen mom I finished school and many other teen moms graduate college too and don’t complain or suit nearly as much as she does but wait that’s because they’re not out partying all the time! She accused Ryan of partying and now look who the hypocrite is! She saw Bentley maybe 10 times last month BC she turned 21 and was legal to drink therefore had about 4 to 5 parties that month if not more getting wasted not to mention all those other partying nights before she turned 21! She’s fake as ever! And no no one start that oh but its good to get out once and a while cause first of all I’m with my son 24/7 and do just fine second she goes out almost all week long how do I know? BC she tweets it! And when she finally is alone with Bentley she’s tweeting her girlfriends come home me and Benny are lonely ect that child rarely gets to be alone with his mother! MTV should’ve shown her real side not what people wanted to see! Also don’t set there and say she only parties when Benny’s away BC that ain’t true either! She even tweets abt leaving him with her mom so she can go clubbing she’s a liar and she’s in love with Ryan and extremely jealous!

    • Lacey

      They have joint custody. If she wants to go out when Ryan has Bentley she has every right to do so. I seriously doubt she only saw her son 10 times all month. None of us really know what happens when they aren’t being recorded and you’re crazy if you think reading her tweets lets you know everything about her life either.

  • Nicole

    I think Dalis should keep her nose out of it, like Kyle does, and worry about what is best for Bentley. You can’t say you respect someone as a mother but then cause more drama between Maci and Ryan, where it conflicts with their co-parenting. Time to grow up. Bentley is only 4 and Maci isn’t going to go away for a looooong time.

  • Kayla

    We all know Maci isnt a goodie goodie but really what does she have to lose??? I believe her, ryan looks like a cheater and on this clip look how nervous and uncomfortable is he..and Dalis is so damn stupid and tv hungry she doesnt even see what a piece of shit Ryan is he’s 24, cant hold a job, lives with his parents and races atv’s all day yea perfect boyfriend material (sarcasm).

  • Kayla

    We all know Maci isnt a goodie goodie but really what does she have to lose??? I believe her, ryan looks like a cheater and on this clip look how nervous and uncomfortable is he..and Dalis is so damn stupid and tv hungry she doesnt even see what a piece of shit Ryan is he’s 24, cant hold a job, lives with his parents and races atv’s all day yea perfect boyfriend material (sarcasm).

  • Megan

    I can’t stand Dalis I remember the episode where for Bentley’s 3rd bday she invited Dalis & Ryan & the decided not to go the Ryan called Maci stupid for the millionth time then Maci said ok fine then I won’t talk to you then Dalis chimed in “Good” I wanted to jump through my tv & slap her ass. Ugh I wish she would just stay out of it. As far as Maci goes I really hope she doesn’t still have feelings for Ryan because not only is he a jobless mama’s boy but he’s also really mean to her

  • Megan

    I can’t stand Dalis I remember the episode where for Bentley’s 3rd bday she invited Dalis & Ryan & the decided not to go the Ryan called Maci stupid for the millionth time then Maci said ok fine then I won’t talk to you then Dalis chimed in “Good” I wanted to jump through my tv & slap her ass. Ugh I wish she would just stay out of it. As far as Maci goes I really hope she doesn’t still have feelings for Ryan because not only is he a jobless mama’s boy but he’s also really mean to her

  • A

    I’ve become quite a face reader these past few months,that means I can tell if someones lying or not. And the fact that Ryan averts his eyes and his mouth draws down when he says he doesnt know what Maci is talking about, that is a CLEAR indication that in fact he DOES know what she is talking about. And he just doesnt want to face the fact that Maci called him out on it.

  • Jordan

    Honestly, I think they both look like they’re lying. Ryan is all fidgety and Maci never once makes eye contact with anyone throughout that entire story. Her eyes are constantly moving around and circling the room. That’s one of the most obvious body signals a person isn’t tellin the truth. Especially because every single other question she answers, her eyes are focused on something whether that be the audience or the person she’s talking to. The difference for me lies in that I think Ryan ALWAYS looks uncomfortable and fidgety, regardless of if he’s on a reunion show or just having a conversation in front of the camera during the regular show. So Maci’s behavior is more abnormal to me.

    And please stop with the “Dalis should learn from Kyle and not butt in” comments. Kyle is the KING of butting into Ryan-Maci drama. That same episode where Dalis said “good”, Kyle called Ryan a loser right in front of Bentley and nobody said a thing about it. And that was just one time of the countless we’ve seen him and Maci bash Ryan in front of Bentley. Dalis comes from a broken home. She probably knows more about what she’s talking about than Maci would like to admit. I’m not saying Dalis knows more than Maci, just that she probably could help Bentley more than Maci would like Bentley’s other mother-figure to be able to.

    Dalis and Ryan are obviously not phased by Maci’s story. They start giggling and smiling half way through it, almost as to sarcastically say “Okayyyyy, whatever you say Maci!”

    • I do not recall kyle saying any such thing in front of bentley. but you must remember Ryan calling Maci and idiot thousands of times in front of Bentley. theres no excuse for that

      • anonymous

        @Alexandra watch again. He says it.

  • Maci <3 Dalis shouldnt even be on that stage.. Its not even about her but of course it is now that shes there… I want to hear about benny! no stupid dalis and her insecurity's and ryans bs.

  • Stephanie

    Dalis shouldnt even be featured on Teen Mom! I think its ridiculous she has her own “Fan Page” on Fb. Why does she have fans? Because shes the girlfriend to a teen dad? Doesnt make sense.

    • lulu

      MTV added her because it makes more ‘tv drama’..the teen parents with their girlfriends/boyfriends make a quadrangle and tv is almost like a teen soap with a little boy in the middle..the ‘real’ secret life of the american

  • Jess25

    I dont like dallis at all! She is so insecure and chidish! Bently is none of her buisness! Dallis is jealous of maci! Which she should be!Dallis is going to have to get over the fact that maci is always going to be appart of ryans life!Ryan is an idiot Period!He needs to grow up!

  • Jazzy

    Good thing Ryans hot because he’s as intelligent as a bag of bricks!

  • lulu

    well Dalis seems quite stupid too (i don’t say Maci is pretty smart either) but come on stop doing ‘ex-girlfriend’ stuff hello Dallis Maci is his ex-girlfriend even his ex-fiancee !! lol

  • Courtney

    I love how everyone loved Dalis from Twitter & Facebook before her episodes aired just cuz she is pretty and now everyone hates her after they see the way she effects Maci and Ryan’s co-parenting. Dalis needs to that, “my shit don’t stink” attitude and stay out of Ryan and Maci’s parenting decisions! Also it REALLY bugs me how much Ryan’s parents are always complaining about getting more time with Bentley!!! BENTLEY IS MACI’S CHILD NOT RYAN’S PARENT’S CHILD STOP TAKING BENTLEY AWAY FROM HIS REAL MOM AND ACT LIKE GRANDPARENTS NOT PARENTS!!! If Ryan’s mom didn’t get to see Ryan on his 3rd birthday she would have been devastated yet she’s totally fine with having Bentley the whole day on his birthday and not making sure Maci got to at least see Bentley! Maci handled that REALLY well! Some of the sh** that comes out of Ryan’s mouth makes me wonder if he really hears how mean, evil and dumb he sounds! Even when he knows he’s wrong he just plays dumb and thinks he’ll get away with it! His parents are seriously to blame for how immature Ryan is!!!

  • Let’s just be honest.. Ryan is a pos Dad as well as a boyfriend. Why would maci want him over kyle?
    Kyle a man who stepped up and took care of a child that he didn’t even have to.. Come on get real.. Dalis you scored a winner lmfao.

    • olivia

      you don’t controle who you love and are attracted to..

  • Gigi

    Just by watching Maci and Ryan the last two seasons, you can tell they are both still not over each other. It seems at times they both want to day it but they are in the childish mode where they don’t want to be the first to say I want you back. They both seem afraid of possible rejection and don’t want to feel stupid if rejected. You can see by the way he looks at her when he picks up the child that there is something there, he looks her up and down. I’m sure in both of their hearts and mind they want to be a family for Bentley’s sake.

  • Dalis eres tonta

  • Dalis’re dumb

  • Dalis’re dumb

  • Shelley

    I think Maci is telling the truth, although I do believe she still has some lingering feelings for Ryan. I think as the father of her child, she will always have some kind of feelings for him, she tried so hard to make their relationship work.

  • Diann


  • Demona

    This is all dumb and a typical game that two lovers play when they are still in love with one another. Maci hurt Ryan and chose Kyle when he was flitting around after the break up, at one point before Dalis he even acts a little love sick over her.
    So he gets Dalis to even the score. Dalis doesn’t understand she’s a weapon or maybe she does so she hopes to manipulate the situation and snag Ryan down the aisle FAST before things change. It’s bad enough Kyle and Maci already broke up.
    With no camera’s rolling Maci and Ryan will if nothing else have a better parenting relationship but I suspect as they both mature a few more years they may even reconcile down the line (not if Dalis has her way!)

    • lisa

      it is pretty maybe it is because of this ‘potential drama’ that MTV seem to give a new show to Maci..ha ha

  • Juss ayin

    Damn Dalis needs to STFU.

  • Kara

    Class? She’s so insecure and disrespectful! However, I’ve just read that her and Maci finally get along, so I guess it’s all good.

  • R

    This is irrelevant, but Maci has such bad skin (see the video still above). You would think with all of that MTV dough, she would be able to afford a dermatologist.

    • lisa

      wow..ok her ‘skin’ is really what is matters..seriously..eyeroll..

  • mummyof4

    I agree with maci, why would she make that up. And that dalis is so full of herself.