REPORT Maci Bookout starts filming spin-off

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout with Kyle and Bentley

Good news, Teen Mom fans. It looks like one of our favorite young mommies is already getting ready to make her return to television. Rumor has it that Maci Bookout has not only been in talks with MTV for her own show, she’s already begun filming it.

According to All The Teen Moms, “MTV started filming Maci for a spin off a few weeks ago, around the time of her 21st Birthday.” The show will likely feature her life as a mommy as Teen Mom did, but also focus on her life when Bentley isn’t around such as the time she spends with boyfriend Kyle King and her friends.

Maci had one heck of a party for her 21st. She traveled from Charolotte, North Carolina to Hermosa Beach, California and even Real World: Las Vegas star Adam Royer got in on the action.

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and her friend Katie Rohden

Fans are going to love getting to see a more fun Maci on her new show. We’re used to seeing her focused on her mommy duties so it’ll be interesting to see the side of her we get glimpses of from her Twitter feed. She’s been known to do a little partying and now that she is 21, she’s doing it legally. Plus, we’ll love to see more of her relationship with Kyle King who she recently got back with after breaking up in February.

Although Maci hasn’t addressed the rumors yet, she did re-tweet a fan who said,”Sad to see Teen Mom and Maci Bookout go, but something tells me it’s not the last you’ll be seeing of her and Bentley.” What a tease!

Here’s a photo a fan sent in of what is believed to be Maci filming something at school:

Don’t forget to catch Maci Bookout in to the two-part Teen Mom reunion special which starts tomorrow night at 10/9c on MTV.

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  • tab

    i’m so glad she’ll still be getting money from mtv so she can continue fake tanning, coloring her hair, getting her nails done, getting more cupcake tattoos and drinking. i was so worried she’d have to get a real job!

  • Nicole

    I used to like Maci, in fact she was my favorite Teen Mom. However, I feel as if she is using her “fame” as an excuse not to finish her TWO YEAR Associates Degree that has taken her 5+ years. How ridiculous! Role model? She’s basically telling teens partying it more important than a college education.

    • Tracie Wood

      I agree. I think it’s pathetic that she’s not done yet. Heck she could have gotten a bachelor’s in this time. SHE DOESN’T EVEN WORK! She earns money by filming.

  • Why Maci? out of all the girls on TM she has the least going on i could see Farrah or even Catelynn but Maci? she does nothing!!

    • Katie

      I would rather watch Maci than Farrah by faaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Farrah makes Amber look sane in my opinion. But I agree with you on the Catelynn and Tyler spinoff. They’re the most mature people on the show.

      • Miss Lisa

        No I actually got bored with Cate & Tyler. But none of them deserved a spin off.

    • lulu

      Actually the one who would be the best for ‘good tv’ with great ratings for MTV would be Amber by far, there is always going on Amber’s life and public want to know and watch it..Amber : the Jersey Shore version for teen mom and Jersey Shore was MTV biggest hit in years, if we talk business and entertainment for public (yep in a trainwreck way but it is real tv, it is trainwreck by essence) Amber would be jackpot !!

      • Kellie

        Ummmm, no. I would pass on watching that. She’s in the tabloids enough to know what is going on in her life already.

    • Kellie

      Do you REALLY want to see more of Farrah??? Seriously?? The way she rolls her eyes and yells at her mother constantly….the way she fusses at Sophia for acting the way children act….the way she takes advantage of her parents…the way she talks to Sophia as if she is an adult….I mean what exactly is it you want to see more of??

      • lisa

        well Farrah is quite boring, that is what will be her ‘problem’ to get a now tv show and draw audience but i disagree about one point with you : i CAN’T STAND baby talk !! I just can’t, talking to babies like they are dumb no thanks it is annoying as hell and quite offensive imho.

  • jenn

    She needs to get over Ryan. She thinks her sh!t doesn’t stink.

    • Kellie

      Get over Ryan??? She’s with Kyle and co-parenting with Ryan. Ryan needs to get a job and move out of mommy and daddy’s house.

      • amber

        Ryan does have a job and does have his own place.

    • zazz

      She needs to get over someone she broke up w/TWICE???? Get real. She doesn’t want that umeployed, high maintenance dumb ass. His retarded fans want her to. GTFO her being in love w/him.


    They should title her new show “Look what having unprotected sex did for me!” With the tag line reading “But don’t do this girls, it’s hard to be rich and popular.”

    • lulu

      lol don’t be jealous because you don’t have real tv show on MTV, life is too short come on, you can always try the casting for Bachelor, American Idol and other The, ah the happiness of real tv..

  • Honestly, I’m surprised to hear it would/could be Maci out of all the girls. Hell, I’d expect it from Farrah….even a series watching Gary try to communicate with Amber in prison would be interesting. And I think everyone adores Catelynn……but Maci? She’s not as well liked as she used to be and she’s gone way downhill from being described as the “over achiever” prior to getting pregnant. How many episodes of “why is Ryan being mean, I swear I don’t provoke him….” and “Gosh, school is hard” does one really need?

    • Nicole

      I love the “Gosh, school is hard” part. Haha!

    • Kellie

      Farrah and Catelynn are on Teen Mom 2 which is still in production so they won’t have the option for spinoffs yet. I would sooner gouge out my eyes than to watch Gary and Amber ever again.

      • lisa

        Disagree a Gary/Amber show would be interesting and with lot’s of drama (hey real tv is made of that)

  • lulu

    Come on people i am sure you will watch, if not to see the drama between Maci, her baby daddy Ryan and her flavour of the month Kyle or another and gossip and bash about it in your confortable couch..a little soap opera with lovely Bentley in the middle, lol ! Well at least even if she has a new show and make too much money from it she will continue some college degrees, after tv she will need it ! Enjoy your life Maci but try to get a degree, it is always more secure no matter what happened to you in life, i talk by experience.

    • Kellie

      I believe you mean Ryan’s flavor of the month.

      • lisa

        well whatever Maci and Ryan are the ‘lead’ characters with Bentley and the supporting cast is flavour of the months, ha !

    • lalaloopsy

      i totally agree w u!! if any of the ladies get a spin off all these people that are bashing the idea will be watching. Just like dude saying its trash but he’d bang dalis, if its such trash why watch it? Hes obviously watching if he knows who dalis is! People are so sad!

  • Jennie

    I would be surprised if Maci gets a spin off… not that I don’t like her it’s just that her story line isn’t all that interesting. Catelynn and Tyler are getting married next year, I can see a spin off of them getting ready for their wedding.. or even Gary, and showing the struggle of being a single father with the mother in Jail. both of those I would watch… but Maci and Farrah just don’t have interesting story lines.

    • tab

      struggle of being a single father? except that his mom takes care of leah more than he does.

      • Miss Lisa

        and all he does is party any ways. Another one with no JOB!

  • Ashley

    I’m excited. I still like Maci and I think Bentley is the cutest kid ever.

  • Honeybear

    I never thought I would say this, but I’m sick of reality tv.

  • Ashley

    She just tweeted:
    DO NOT believe everything u read, well actually anything unless its coming from me. #fakestories #spinoff#parenting #life

    So, maybe it’s not true…

  • Maci
    tweeted: DO NOT believe everything u read, well actually anything
    unless its coming from me. #fakestories #spinoff #parenting #life So sheez either covering for herself because she can’t discuss it or it’s a lie. I hope it isn’t honestly I love Maci & Benny HAunna(: But if it is real I hope they BAN Ryan and his parents and DALIS.

  • Jae

    Who’s the old lady in the picture with Bentley and Kyle?

  • Pat

    total lies! Lindsay don’t you fact check anything? Obviously not, there is no way MTV will give any of the teen mom girls their own show. You know why? They have been refuting arguments for the last 4 plus years, that the network is not glamoring teen pregnancy, and they are trying to show the struggles blah blah, blah, We all know that’s classic PR BS, but still, with a show, there will be no denying that there is big money in teen pregnancy, and only riches and fame, they would never be able to recover from the backlash, there is no way MTV will ever give any of them a show of their own. What are they going to show anyway, Maci, having sex all over the place drinking drugging, she’s just average average, nothing interesting about her at all, none of them are interesting, anyone down the street is just as or more interesting.

    • Nico

      I agree, no one should receive a spin off show.

    • lisa

      oh you know Jersey Shore ?! come on..

  • Miss Lisa

    Must be nice to do all that partying! No Job on top of it!

  • Kev

    more Garbage. Direct TV did right by dropping MTV
    I’d bang Dalis though 🙂

  • Kellie

    Adam Royer? That boy is a waste of skin if ever there was one. Nothing but a drunk…and a bad drunk at that. Maci needs to steer clear of him.

  • Over “Teen Mom”

    Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelyn should all just move on with their lives. Amber shouldnt want anything to do with mtv seeing how well it worked out the first time. Cateln nd Tyler altough they are “mature”. Their plain and boring theyd et cancelled the first week. Farrah My lord that girl needs to realize how luckyshe is and learn how to say thank you and respect her parents. Cause honestly that girl is just trying to stay in the spot light! Maci shes just still a 16 year old girl in my opinion. Still fighting with her ex, struggling with school. They just alllll need to grow up and move on.

  • Allison

    I KNEW she would get some kind of spin-off. I’ve always felt like she was the “favorite” 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom girl. They’ll probably just call it “Maci” — watch.

  • Ainsley

    Look, Bentley has his mom’s smile, that fake nose-scrunching thing… gawd, she looks ridiculous when she does that.

  • Maci is kinda fake mtv always edit n shows.her.good sides never her.bad but she rly is kinda fake n still likes ryan

  • No farrah and amber need spin offs!drama sells theyre my faves n cate n ty r top boring!

  • Jae Maloney

    Okay, I shall be very honest. In my opinion, none of them deserve spin-offs.

    I like Maci’s attitude with Bentley, but I’ve lost admiration for her attitude towards the rest of her life because she’s done very little with her education and work – then has the nerve to slag Ryan off about living with his parents and not having a job. That said, the way Ryan would sit around paying more attention to Dalis or his phone than Bentley when at “Mimi’s” house. I find that ridiculous and he should NOT have 50/50 custody!

    Amber is a troubled young woman and needs to go back into rehab. She constantly blamed Gary. Don’t get me wrong, Gary is no shining example, but he wasn’t as bad as Amber portrayed him to be. He stepped up a lot from when she was pregnant. They shouldn’t be together, end of.

    Farrah is terrible. No, I don’t agree with baby talk when your child can talk with some ease, but she talks to Sophia about her boyfriends and what she wants, then punishes Sophia for acting her age! It’s awful. She is a child, let her be one or you will rob her of her childhood memories. I’ve also seen her meal videos…. Um, wow; quite underwhelming.
    Catelynn and Tyler are so strong for what they have endured from her mum and his dad. The relatively mature pair made an extremely wise decision to give up Carly because what kind of life would she have had growing up around April and Butch’s toxic relationship – the beating, the prison, the addictions. Instead, she gets a life with two adult parents who are able to give her everything she deserves. Do I think that, in a different situation, Catelynn and Tyler would have made good parents? I see the potential there, but at this moment, they have a lot more self-development to do and healing because their lives have been anything but encouraging.
    In conclusion, I believe that whilst all of them have issues to sort out, it should no longer be on tv. Being on tv does nothing but make Farrah’s ego inflate and I think she needs parenting lessons so she stops putting so much importance on having a boyfriend. Catelynn and Tyler need space to grow as a couple and individually whilst away from the cameras. Amber needs to focus on recovery and correcting her life – MTV filming won’t aid in any of that. There’s no real purpose for Gary to be on tv anymore. Maci needs to realise that she can’t live off of the money the episodes get her and she needs to get a job and move on from anything holding her back. Ryan just needs to devote more special time with his son.
    None of them deserve hate, but none of them have earned the limelight and their irresponsible mistake a few years ago should no longer be broadcast as a reality show.