It’s official — ‘Jersey Shore’ has been cancelled after six seasons

'Jersey Shore' season 6 cast photo

Jersey Shore is officially over. MTV confirmed earlier this morning that Nicole, Jenni, Sammi, Deena, Mike, Pauly, Vinny, and Ronnie would not be returning to Seaside Heights, New Jersey to film a seventh season, as fans had hoped. They had a good run, and hey, we still have season 6 to look forward to.

During the show’s three year run, the gang visited such locations as Italy and Miami and although fans would love to see more of this wild bunch, it’s just not in the cards. There had been plenty of speculation about the show ending now that Snooki is a mom, but nothing had been confirmed — until now.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in 'Jersey Shore' season 6

On the upcoming sixth season of the show, fans will see a whole new side to the cast. Snooki is pregnant and shortly after the season begins, she moves to the house next door to get away from her wild roommates, Deena gets arrested after police found her wasted and directing traffic on the streets of Seaside, and Ronnie and a few other cast members get into a massive brawl at a local bar that leaves Jenni in crutches.

MTV has produced two spin-off shows of the hit show including The Pauly D Project which aired for one season and followed Pauly’s deejaying career, and Snooki & JWoww which is currently in production on season 2. Although no other spin-offs have been confirmed, MTV reality exec Chris Linn recently told Entertainment Weekly, “I would love to have a Snooki-Jionni wedding. That could be amazing.”

As part of the season 6 promotions, MTV will be airing a Jersey Shore marathon followed by a “Gym, Tan, Look Back” special to lead in to the MTV VMA’s on September 6.

The sixth and final season of Jersey Shore airs October 4 on MTV. Get your fill.

  • They should have a show following Ronnie and Sammi living together

    • Jayla

      No no no…
      It should be in Sammi’s last contract that she never appear on tv again. At all. EVER.

      • jessica

        I agree I’m so over Ronnie n sammi they should have been taken off tv after season 2 ughhh I WON’T miss them at all

    • i think that’s in the works, actually. pretty sure they’re living together? i could be wrong.

    • jess

      Ahh who cares I can’t stand them there obnoxious

    • aaliyah

      ronnie wud beat sammi

  • tab

    praise the lord! this show should have been cancelled after 1 season.

  • Mickey

    Ummmm…..haven’t you been posting on this sight that this was the last season? We’ve all KNOWN it was the last season.

  • downthesh*tter.

    America seems to love a freak show. Exit Jersey Shore, enter honey boo boo. Ugh.

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe it’s finally going to be over. I think I might cry….with happiness!!

  • micro OP

    i find it an interesting move on mtv’s part. I may be so outdated with the network at this point, but when they cancelled the hills it made sense bc jersey shore was bringing in way more viewers. Is there another series on mtv that is doing better then jersey?

  • micro OP

    also one thing I want to say about this show is, aside from the situation, none of the castmembers seem like selfish a-holes. they may be very stupid and obnoxious but they all seem like decent people at the end of the day, which is more then I can say for 90% of the housewives, hills, roadrules/realworlders, and kardashians.

  • jessica

    Sad to see it go but its time now just if paulyd and vinnie could get a show together called tru bromance lol that would be all good

  • Vanessa


  • Everything on MTV is set up and fake! The 1st season was as real as it will get. Now they have cops blocking people from talking to them on the shore and have people line up outside their “job” to get a chance to meet them. Even the stalker they had last season was SET UP!