Gary Shirley and Farrah Abraham get in Twitter feud during Teen Mom finale

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Gary Shirley Twitter feud graphic with angry bird

Last night was the series finale of Teen Mom and many of the cast members were online tweeting about the event and the episode. Most of the tweets were sentimental about the show coming to an end after four seasons, but for two of the cast members. the viewing party turned into an all-out Twitter brawl!

The whole thing started when Farrah Abraham responded to an early scene in which Gary Shirley was rather short with Amber Portwood because she was seeing someone new:

To be honest Gary is so negative and I don’t see how he is better to raise Leah then amber, get the point Gary! Learn to focus on Leah

(We think Farrah quickness to judge Gary may have had something to do with his poking a little fun at her last week for her musical endeavors, but that’s purely speculation.)

Farrah then got even nastier, going so far as to call Gary a pig!

Farrah Abraham calls Gary Shirley a pig on Twitter

Gary responded to Farrah’s tweet with:

@F1abraham go make another hit single or treat your parents like shit. Always stuck up for you not anymore.

Farrah responded to that with a rather odd plug for her new book:

Gary Shirley Farrah Abraham Twitter feud

And then Gary unleashed with:

Seriously Farrah. I don’t care 4 u 1 bit. Ur cry face sucks & so does your cookies. Unless you change your gonna die lonely.

Holy smokes!

Later, much as he did in the finale episode, Gary felt a little remorse for his angry outbursts, and he squeezed in an apology to Farrah in between a lengthy tweet to his fans about his actions on the show over the years:

Here goes I get mad just as much as the next person. I regret a lot of things I’ve done to Amber and things I’ve said sometimes I feel backed into a corner and only weapon I have is my voice. It’s wrong. I’ve always apologized but sometimes it’s not enough. I care for amber and I wish I could have been a better example to all of you who watch and follow me.

Sorry Farrah. But you need to be nice to people sorry for my tweets not who I am. @F1abraham

I’m not perfect I don’t try to be. But I know right and wrong and I know what’s important. I’m helping Amber still I put money on her books. I pay her car payment were not together if I didn’t care I wouldn’t do this

What a crazy way to end things for Gary and Farrah!

  • Jayla

    Farrah’s so rude and judgemental. Just a sh!t person all round. Gary isn’t perfect but he’s doing a great job under his circumstances

  • The thing I don’t like about Gary is he thinks he’s all that since he’s been on TV; nice to see the gravy train ending for these people. Time to go out and get a real job to provide for the kids! Let’s see how soon it is before we read stories about repo cars & homes. As for Farrah, she’s just clueless! Her daughter is going to grow up and resent the fact that she didn’t allow Derek’s family to be in her life. My God woman, let Derek’s family share that piece of him by allowing them to be a part of Sophia’s life! I wonder how she would feel if the tables were turned.

  • Nikki

    I just checked out her Twitter and she also was talking about Tyler: “Gz Tyler should watch his mouth, break the cycle , keep positive”. Seriously?! Oh, this chick…I can’t even.

  • nancy

    Farrah is the biggest “arse” in the world. End of that nonsense and GOD help any guy that crossess her path. Daniel was sooo smart to dump her conceited, self centered, butt! RUN DANIEL RUN!!!! Gary is a great guy and should have and could have dumped Amber’s lazy, uneducated, demeaning ugly pierced face a long long time ago. He is 10 times the father to Farrah being a mother. and enough with the pacifiers dammit!!!!!

    • tab

      she and daniel aren’t together anymore. he ditched her on that trip to austin that was filmed. he is smart!

      • laideec

        uh, nancy already stated that he dumped her. read slower next time.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Does anyone like Farrah? She is a straight up B****! She is ugly & nasty to everyone she comes int contact with. If anyone dates her it is b/c they want $$ or to get on TV. Farrah not only show’s her true colors on the show but also with twitter. She is living back in NE, she couldn’t do it in FL by herself. She NEEDS her parent’s even though she acts like she is a big girl & can do it all…she can’t. Farrah is ugly inside and out. Gary might push Amber’s buttons but Amber has addiction and anger issues that go beyond Gary.

  • tab

    farrah has no room to talk to anyone about who needs mental help. she’s such a beeyotch! i think what gary did was awful, but it’s none of farrah’s business. and she knows better than anyone that those shows were filmed over a year ago! why even bring it up to him now?
    farrah, you’re the pig-how does your book have anything to do with gary and amber?? your teenage dream? dream of what, being in an abusive, unhealthy relationship with derek? being the captain of the cheer squad?

    • Isabel0486

      LMAO @ captain of the cheer squad lol you killed it!

  • Becca

    iam not a big fan of either of them. but then again i don’t know them personally. but farrah does seem rude and short tempered. i know she went through hard stuff. but there is different ways to handle it. and gary seems like a good guy but iam pretty sure shit with amber is hard and confusing. but he has a big mouth on him. he needs to just learn when not to say anything. but is anyone else worried about his weight. iam not judging but he is pretty big and i am sure its not good for his health. does he have a weight problem or does he just not do anything about it. iam not about looks but maybe if he lost some weight amber might want to be with him. look at the guys she has been dating since gary. all thin guys. just saying.

    • so he should lose weight to be with amber? uh.. no. if she saw a problem with his weight, i don’t think they’d have a child together.

      • akitawolf1

        They were both overweight when they were dating. She just happened to lose the weight using drugs.

  • Tracie Wood

    Team Gary!

  • Pat

    It will be very interesting to see how these people fair in life now, that they are no longer getting those crazy paychecks. Farrah could turn things around, she loves her daughter, no one is perfect, if that was a rule no one would be allowed to have children. This show seems very staged and fake to me. All done for the benefit of the camera. What’s the real story on Tyler’s mother Kim? You never saw much about that, how come if Butch was such a horrible person, Tyler has his last name? His older sister Amber, is also Butch’s daughter, so Kim had two kids with Butch, and they were never married, and they seem to still be friends? What’s the back story there? I also think the display of baby Carly for the benefit of ratings was extremely disgusting. Her adoptive parents also got a big fat pay check everytime they appeared on the show. What about the fact that to adopt a little white baby is very expensive, could be 40 thousand. The adoption industry is a billion dollar one in this country, I didn’t appreciate that being slammed down everyone’s throat every week either. I think the show did more harm then good,but great for MTV and all the money they made, really horrible all the way around, Poor Amber, in prision for what? People that kill don’t do as much time. MTV didn’t have to air that, they did it for ratings, they had a huge part in destroying her. She tried very hard to be a good mother, but she was painted as the villian, and being as mentally fragile as she was she had no chance of sucess with the backlash of the country at her front door. It’s so horrible, MTV even filmed her in rehab. How could she have afforded passages in Malibu?That’s what 2 3 hundred thousand, MTV paid for it so they could film her, MTV is really disgusting, they should be boycotted. Really disgracful!

    • Rachel

      I adopted a “little white baby” and it did not cost 40 thousand. There are ways to adopt children that do not cost a whole lot. Also, I highly doubt that Amber’s rehab cost 2-3 hundred thousand. Maybe you should check your facts a little before you spew at the mouth. It makes you look stupid!

      • pat

        call Mailbu Passages, and find it what it cost you dope. It’s rehab for the rich and famous, I live in Southern California, you should see what it looks like in there. You can only go to a place like that in your dreams, that’s what it cost, she was there two months. It’s a billion dollar industry in this country and if you adopted, then you know that. It’s all disgusting. MTV made millions of dollars on the heartache of others I find it all very disturbing.

    • Amber chose prison over rehab, hopefully it will do her lazy pathetic ass some good, she needs to grow up! Thank God she doesn’t have custody of that baby anymore; your a product of your environment, maybe Leah won’t grow up to be a abusive drug addict ho like her mother.
      And for someone who rags about most of the storylines you made sure to still tune in didn’t you.

  • Mickey

    Gary IS a P.O.S. Amber went to rehab and did everything she was supposed to do to get better and what did Gary do? He used their daughter as a tool against her. Repeatedly told her she could see Leah and then would change his mind. Acted like a d*ck and treated her like dirt. It’s no wonder Amber started using again! With a crap ass baby daddy like that I’d wanna get high too!

    • while gary definitely pushes amber’s buttons, amber still clearly has a drug problem and anger issues herself. SHE is to blame for her drug problem, that’s why she’s in prison right now.. NOT because of gary.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        go girl…..go girl…..I agree 1000000%

    • Gary has shown to be just as detrimental to Amber as any substance she’s abused. The way that he treated her in the finale was just wrong, period.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        Amber is detrimental to Amber. It was Ambers drug & anger problems that led to her getting her daughter taken away. NOT her relationship w/ Gary. She has been abusing drugs since she was 13!! That was b/4 Gary & b/4 MTV. In the finale he apologized. Amber is a ho, she had a new bf?? This is after she tells Gary in rehab that she wants to go steady? Can’t wait for the after show &hear Gary tell us how AMber treated rehab like a vacation!

    • cued2win

      Yes Amber went to jail and rehab but she’s the one assaulting and using drugs. If she had not done either of those two things, she would not have gotten into trouble.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        well thank God she got in trouble. She is a drug addict! Admits she was since she was 13. The she tried to blamed MTV for it. How can Amber be a good Mom when she is high on prescription drugs???

    • TheAverIn

      AMEN 🙂 fainly some one sees clearly

  • Allie

    Funny how she said that GARY was the negative one/needed to focus on Leah when she is the most negative person ever, and how exactly does she focus on her own daughter Sophia when she’s constantly ignoring her/partying/letting her spend a whole month with her mom thousands of miles away in her hometown while she’s kickin’ it in Florida. I know she said it was for school, but seriously? A whole entire month without seeing your child? Millions of moms go to school and work and still manage to keep their kids by their side. She is the ultimate hypocrite. Gary is a great dad to Leah. A hell of a lot better than Amber was. Farrah is delusional.

  • Iwatchteenmom

    Off topic, but I sobbed like a baby during the last 5 minutes of the finale.

  • Em

    Can I just say how happy I am that this show has finally ended? It was the same thing every week – Farrah crying and being a b****, Amber & Gary fighting, Maci complaining about Ryan, and Catelynn & Tyler’s family woes and missing Carly. That’s all it was EVER about! I stopped watching it about a month ago when I finally pulled my head outta my arse and realized that it was completely idiotic. It’s funny how they drive all of those nice cars, have nice houses and other nice things now when they used to drive P.O.S. cars and live in run-down apartments or with their parents. It isn’t realistic because of their huge paychecks from Mtv. Gary sure does have a nice house doesn’t he? Nice car, Leah goes to an $800 a month preschool…WTF?! Amber has equally nice things, beautiful house, brand new car, Tyler drives a nice Cadillac complete with nice rims and he also drives an old school souped up car. Catelynn was driving a nice SUV… Farrah lives in a nice condo and drives a Mini Cooper… it’s just like WTF, you know?

    • Demona

      3 years later they relink this article and guess what the show is about?
      Farrah crying and being a b. Amber & Gary fighting over Leah whilst he has another girl pregnant. Maci complaining about Ryan and finally just quitting the show because Farrah’s on it. Ryan’s dad nit picking at him every week because Ryan is still a sullen teenage boy rather than mature adult. Catelynn & Tyler’s family woes, being pregant again, and Tyler’s immaturity about dealing with Carly’s parents.
      Oh and Gary’s payments he was referencing in THIS article? Yeah, he was paying those with Amber’s money. This show is still about the same things. None of these young people have really grown or matured beyond where they ended the show at 3 years ago. It is almost like life was on a pause button. Sure Amber cleaned up and there’s new men for most ….but real change for ther kids? Not yet.

  • sammi

    Both Gary and Farrah have no room to talk about anyone. While they both SEEM to want to do what is best for their kids, they both have growing up to do. Farrah is by all accounts rude, selfish, disrespectful, and mean spirited. She moved back home to Iowa cause she couldnt make it on her own and needed help from the very ppl she treated like sh!t. I thought that was terrible what Gary did last night. He was not wrong for changing his mind about having a party for Leah but it was surely done out of spite. All cause Amber moved on with another guy. Its wrong for him to dangle Leah in front of Amber and then when he chooses, he snatches her back to hurt Amber. Amber knew that if she signed away her rights she would be at the mercy of Gary anytime she wanted to see her daughter. She isnt perfect by no means but neither is Gary. It was kinda sad to see her beg every week to see her daughter only to be stood up by Gary. Leah isnt in primary school, she doesnt have a job, so why is it that Amber couldnt see her a few times a week or even every day? Gary jerked Amber around regarding seeing Leah every chance he got. Clearly, he is the more mentally sound one but he has got some stuff with him too. I hope Leah will be happy in the long run and this wont affect her.

  • enjoythesilence

    Farrah is such an idiot.

  • quirkygenius12

    Farrah was being a bitch?! I’m so surprised… [sarcasm]

  • Stephanie

    I was so surprised to read she moved back to her hometown, i guess she needed her parents in the end.

    I am sad teen mom finished, I hope in the future they will show us how the ended up after teen mom. I was 19 when I became a mother and when my son was a few weeks old I watched the first episode of 16 and pregnant. I could relate to many of them, also because they have children around the same age as mine, I will miss the girls!!


    It’s hard to forgive/understand Gary for what he was doing to Amber with that party. I try to understand Amber and not hate on her. She is usually hurt that’s why she acts out in anger. But it’s always in the heat of the moment. Gary planned the party without Amber because he was hurt… but it’s so much WORSE than what Amber does. Because what he did was calculated. It was so calculated. You don’t plan and decorate an entire party in the heat of the moment. He even openly admitted while planning it that he was doing it because Amber was dating someone else. It’s so hard not to just hate him forever. Yes it’s terrible how calculated and malicious this action was, but another thing I try to remember with Amber is that it’s not fair to judge her entire life by some of the actions we see on a tv show. So I’m going to have to remember the same thing with Gary. It’s so hard not to be mad ugh.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      Maybe is Amber wasn’t a drug addict, hot headed HO she would have custody of Leah & wouldn’t have to go through this.

  • Kara

    Farrah is a bitch ! No one likes her, she thinks she can model but she is straight up ugly ! I can’t stand Gary, he dangles the fact that he can take Leah away from amber, meaning past tense, in her face, that’s just wrong, im sorry but he is a POS ! He always tries to portray to good helpless boyfriend or baby daddy, he aint fooling me

  • akitawolf1

    WOW. She is the LAST person to judge anyone. She is still a nasty, vile little girl, who has no respect for anyone. She treats her parents HORRIBLY, she chased off that poor young man Daniel. She doesn’t appear to have any friends. She is selfish, self-centered, self absorbed, egotistical and condescending.

  • akitawolf1

    Bentley was the highlight of that show for me.

  • Jo’s Rap Career

    Only Gary mentions the taste of cookies.